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 Combat Rules

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PostSubject: Combat Rules   Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:45 pm

Here are all the rules for Combat situations. Here are the methods, procedures, and stipulations to virtually all forms of combat. Please follow these methods closely when in rp situations, and feel free to ask questions!


Calling a hit does not require staff approval. If a hit is called, and then validated, both rpers may continue the battle on their own with no mod involvement.
What does require staff approval if it the called shot is sent to the Conflict Resolution Center. There is a large difference between calling a hit, and having the hit stand. And a even larger difference between having a hit stand, and killing someone. We prescribe a step-by-step procedure.

1.Call a hit. You call a hit after the following happens:You write having attacked/done something to someone; they respond in a post; you read the post and determine they were not able to dodge your blow. You may want to write OOC a description of how they were hit, and why they were not able to dodge etc. As evidence. When calling a hit you are technically opening a small case. This, of course, only need take place if they disagree with the called hit. If they, in integrity, agree and confirm (preferably in a OOC post in the topic) then you two may proceed.
2. If/when the person and you disagree, the person who is defending the hit will take the case to the Conflict Resolution Center. You go to the center, fill out the template, contact a mod (the battle mod who makes rulings on battles; or another mod if he is not there), and then you wait for a ruling. If he rules that the blow landed, and how, he will confirm it via post, and the battle will resume; case closed.

If he rules against the pursuer, than the mod may decide to Void the post of the attack, and demand it be redone; or more likely, edited.

3.The person who landed the blow then may decide, and must do it according to the actual power of the technique and stamina of opponent etc. (include relative factors) how much damage the blow did. The battle resumes.

If the blow is said to not have landed and the hit invalid, than the post will be edited or redone, and the battle will presume.

Here are a few guidelines for the process:

  • If a member does not post within 48 hours they can be skipped..
  • If a member is skipped, they take the called hits.
  • Should those hits result in death, after 48 hours, the called hit stands.
  • If a hit is called, and stands, a member can not appeal the hit at a later time.
  • If a hit would not kill someone, they are simple not killed
  • Any posts found to have edited the hit to make it more lethal will have there post voided
  • A member has 48 hours after a called hit to send it to Conflict Resolution. If the member fails to send it to conflict resolution, the hit stands.

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PostSubject: Voided Posts   Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:02 pm


There are times when a post is to be voided. It can happen through the following ways:

  • Meta-gaming.
  • Meta-knowledge being used in a post.
  • Staff misunderstanding.
  • Punishment for breaking Ethical Rules.
  • Conflict Resolution Judgement.
  • Battle Mod Judgement.
  • Not following posting order.
  • Being caught dodging imossible things, or having a history of improper conduct in rp battle.

When a post is voided, it is to be redone, within 48 hours from the time of voiding. If it is not redone within that time, then that member is to be skipped. This may be cut in half in certain cases depending on Mod ruling.
If multiple posts are voided, each member has 48 hours from the last time someone posted.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Rules   Sun Jul 20, 2014 11:38 pm


Death and Afterwards:

The way that the plot of our site works, and the format of the time and era, death is going to be common. Because of that, we want to help you bounce back from it and move on to your next character if need be. Many have said (falsely) that we live life solely to learn and prepare for the "next life". There are many different meanings behind this that I won't go into, but the point is that that paradigm might suit you well when dealing with the dangerous world your characters will be thrust into.

We don't do the whole "restarting" your character. When you die, you die and that character is gone unless by rare miraculous interventions as will be mentioned below. Needless to say, death is very likely in the conditions we are presenting.  So, we've lessened the pain of death a little bit, and are going to give you some "credit" to go towards your next character:

  • When your died, you get 1/2 of your current (At time of death) EXP or  go towards your next character.

  • When you die, you lose all techniques, items, money, 1/2 of Reward points, your skills and any/all remaining skill/class points. None of this transfers
  • If you die a Sage or higher (have a total of over 1200 stat points, you can take 1/8th of your stats, and put them towards your next character. This can be substituted for half of your points(of any kind).


Rare Situations where one can be revived:

  • A rinnegan user uses Rinne Tensei within two weeks of your death.
  • Rare Life-Transfer techniques happens within ten days of your death
  • Your soul is somehow retrieved and placed back into a physical vessel (if not your own body, you lose attributes accordingly).
  • Rare Medical technique.

  • *Note: If you are not revived by either of the above options; you are dead. Dead means... start on your new character app.

Starting your new character after the death of the previous:

  • You are not allowed to start off in the same village as your previous (now dead) character
  • You are not allowed to be in the same clan as your previous (now dead) character
  • There are to be no copies of your previous (now dead) character. Meaning, make a new character. Not the same one in a different body. Also, your new character has no knowledge of the deceased one.
  • Your new character can not have the same history as the previous (now dead) character.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Rules   Tue Jul 22, 2014 12:00 am


Conflict. Here we go. Let me start off by saying that this is where most people begin to break ethical rules, and start to cause major issues that are not necessary. It breeds Arrogance, pride, boastfulness, disrespect, and just sore attitudes among members.

Ego's go head to head, mouths start to go off, and people do whatever necessary to survive or make sure the other person does not. We, as usual, are providing a method for members to use that avoids all that and gets down to the decision making faster. Skip the trash talk, skip the insults. If you are unable to decide it among yourself, simply open up a case in Conflict Resolution, and a mod will happily take a look and make a ruling.
We encourage that both parties talk issues out as much as possible, but according to our rules of ethics, and maintaing adherence to site rules in general. We hope all members can get to the maturity level where they can handle all disputes themselves and solve problems without mod intereference.
But until then, open cases in Conflict Resolution.

  • Limit it to one conflict topic per topic involved. This means, should multiple issues arise in a single topic, there will be only one topic in the resolution center. There, you may list all the issues, but make it one topic.
  • Only members involved in the conflict may post, this includes everyone present in the topic.
  • Two mods will review and make a uniform judgement.

Here is the step by step process that will take place after a case is placed in Conflict Resolution and a mod joins the topic:

  1. Member present there evidence. Each present their case in once NEAT and ORGANIZED post, explaining themselves, the situation, etc.
  2. One Mod responds with a post explaing their take on the post, any questions they may have, and their ruling if they have come to one.
  3. After that, the party whom the judgement is against may respond once with last objections to try and sway the moderator if they feel he does not address the issue properly. If the mod stands by his decision (they will) then the member may consult one more mod to see for a "second opinion", if they are still quite certain the ruling is unjust.
  4. The second mod reviews. If he agrees with the previous mod, the case is closed, the battle presumes accordingly. The mods will close the case with a stamp(s) of approval on the case in the Conflict Resolution Center.
  5. If the mod disagrees with the other mod, than a third mod or Admin is consulted. They choose which side for a tiebreaker, and their judgement is final. Case closed as done above.

Things to NOT do during this process:

  • Any/all personal attacks will NOT be tolerated, both on the site, in the chatbox or through pm's.
  • All discussion about it shall be limited to the conflict resolution center. Any words on the chatbox about it will result in a kick with/without warning.
  • Insulting/flaming and degrading staff based on the outcome or judgements results in  punishments of varying degrees. Extreme cases can see punishments of up to 100 chakra resources removed from your character permanently.

Special Note:
Often times conflicts occur because people are unwilling to take blows (dodge everything), unwilling to admit something harms them, or simply ignorant of the rules. We go into great detail in just about every important area of determining things in battle. You will know how strong you are, how fast, how durable, and how much chakra you have. This combined with a thorough idea of what that means in relation to your opponent should make rpng here quite easy. You should know whether or not you are fast enough to dodge an attack. Please read the rules to determine your posts, and your responses.

A mod has a right to deny your Conflict Resolution case if you have a history of this kind of behavior in battle. If we start seeing multiple topic's concerning you, and you having problems with people.. And we notice a strange trend of you not taking any damage, getting hit at all despite numerous claims, and just generally being "invincible".
We reserve the right to deny your claim based on that history. You can't dodge everything; and with the amount of information on this site, such things should be a rare occurrence.
Please understand that getting hit does not mean you are a bad character. Name one canon character that has never been hurt in battle.... Getting hit is not the end of your life (always). We guard not only against dodging everything, but against exaggerating the damage of one's hit; so don't worry about someone doing that to you.
It is rp nature to not want your char to ever "lose" or get hit. You may think that your ninja is fast, so they can never be hit. Durable, so never injured. But this is false. And you have ways to determine it using our rules. They tell you everything you need to know to determine things in battle. So just keep that in mind the next time you start a conflict resolution.
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PostSubject: Invasions   Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:18 pm


Invading another country or land is going to be one of the basics of our series. We have set it up so that war will be at a premium; so pay close attention because this is in your near future.

Invasions are an important process but are also quite tricky. You see, it will always be a matter of "go big or go home". Except in this case "home" will mean the afterlife or permanent slavery for yourself, your women and your children. That being said, Clan Leader's, who mainly lead their clans into war, need to understand what is at cost. There is power, prestige, territory, and slaves that you could gain. Or you could be someone else's next meal.
It is important to understand that invasion means that you are trying to destroy the clan and their camp; or take them hostage. You are fighting for their territory, resources, and possibly people. IF you are successful, you will own their land, and anything you loot from them.
If you lose... well, I would retreat. You get only what you are able to take (if anything), and maybe survive if you can retreat. Otherwise, you will likely become their slaves/hostages or be killed. Afterwards it is likely/possible they will then invade your land - hope you left some guards there.

If you are invading, the following things are guidelines:

  • All Invasion Topic's must must have the specific tag in the title [Invasion][Take Over][Razing]
  • Such topics will be monitored heavier than others, this is to prevent dastardly things from happening.
  • To seize an occupied camp, it requires a 5 day period, in which villages, ninja and such will send out forces in an effort to stop you.
  • When being invaded, all restoration, updates and completed missions are put on hold until the invasion is resolved.
  • When a major village is being invaded, new ninja are not allowed to join it, a lot of cheapness and meta-gaming happens during invasions, and we will step in to prevent it.
  • No updates are accepted for characters involved.
  • Posting order must be followed.
  • If more than six people total are in a topic, we may break it up into more than one location to make posting faster. Than after half the people die, you all can square off in a closed space again.
  • Battles get dirty. You better pay attention to each post because you can be killed in high-pressure situations if you are not paying attention; and there will be no waiting.
  • Clan Leaders RP for NPCs in their village unless they send shinobi with other people; in which they can rp the NPCs in their posts.
  • Looting of all forms is allowed, and if you are fully successful, you now take all the villages money.
  • Any monuments or places there can be claimed.
  • Once all actual characters are dead, NPC's, if any are left, will be rpd by mods likely. If they battle is long drawn, it will be considered game over after you assassinate the main characters.
  • If you are conquering unconquered or open territory, than you may officially claim it if no one stops in you three days.

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PostSubject: Take Overs   Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:40 pm


Take overs are step two to the Invasion. Taking over a place gets quite interesting, and is the true test of the overall might of an army. It is a a heavily involved process, and it doesn't simply end because you have overcome the main chars. It takes work and effort to capture a camp/territory. Then you have to subdue the people under your rule and enforce martial law(which costs troops). And we have not even started on stopping the people from thinking of rebellion...

The things you need to do to successfully get to this step are the following:

  • The words [Take Over] must be in the topic title
  • The kage and/or highest ranking members have been killed or captured, or have fled prior to the claim.
  • In order to take over a nation, you must have 5 days of uninterrupted claim. If villages from around come to the aid of the pillaged village, than you have another problem on your hands, and the territory is not quite yours. During those days you can "set up camp" and fortify the village.
  • If the Kage's and/or highest ranking member flee's, the village loses 3/4's of its funds. Should the Kage and/or highest ranking member be subsequently captured and killed, that number is lessened to 1/2. They can be chased and caught/killed btw.
  • While you are waiting to see if someone will come and try and stop you, do know that staff can NPC villagers to rebel. Yeah, you aren't getting off that easy.

If you succeed, the territory is yours, as are the people and they are free to loot. Congratulations if you make it this far. Wor for the wise... With great power comes great enemies. And displaying power and dominance on such a grand scale will breed interest...
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PostSubject: Razing   Tue Jul 22, 2014 11:53 pm


There are times when pure annihilation comes to mind. You want to be the next Itachi Uchiha, or come and simply destroy similar to Pein. Razing is the total destruction of a place. This can take place through techniques or pure front-line destruction. This is where you are going to wipe everyone and everything out. However we are not making it too easy. Pay attention to the following rules:

  • Razing Topic's must have the title [Raze] in them
  • Razing reduces the land to rubble and dust. It largely depends on the power of the attacks, extensiveness of the destruction; but the land is pretty much destroyed.
  • You must raze each district in order to completely raze a camp.
  • Razing takes 5 days of uninterrupted demolition. Each time you encounter enemies in a district, the razing is put on hold while you defeat those who wish to stop you from razing.
  • You cannot raze a place to which no one stopped you. This is a bit cheap and unrealistic. Someone, under just about any conditions, would stop you somehow, or at least attempt to.
  • To Raze a camp, the Kage and/or highest ranking members need to be killed/captured first. They may, like cowards, flee, and that will be fine too.
  • Once a place has been razed to the ground, to rebuild/repair it costs twice as much as that villages starting money.
  • After razing, you may claim the land for yourself if you choose.
  • As always, staff may NPC to stop you/challenge you. If you try to one-post a camp with some OP attack, please know that you will encounter opposition, and should you engage in battle you are liable to be killed. If you don't hold back, neither will we. The more aggressive and explosive the approach, such will be the response.
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PostSubject: Being Invaded/Attacked   Wed Jul 23, 2014 12:04 am


You must always be on your guard in such times as these. Invasion attempts will be common, and if not properly guarded against, successful to large degrees. There will come a time when someone, or a group of people, or maybe even a clan, attacks you and seeks to destroy your people. There will even come a time when someone tries to blow you up with one technique. Be.on.your.guard.

Here are some guidelines for responding:

  • If someone tries to invade, you have five days to start stopping them. If you do not do it within that time, than they will successfully invade and then move on to taking over or razing; whichever they had in planned for your women and children.
  • It is primarily the job of the Clan Leader to respond to such threats, and prepare the village for war. As well as protect bordrers and assimilate to defend.
  • Updating and joining a village during an invasion, battle or such isn't allowed.
  • When your attacking a village, you can not update during such a time.
  • Going on an absence, either when your attacking or defending will result in it being denied. Same for inactivity, or trying to store your character in our bank. If your char is simply standing around, they are liable to be killed, looted, or worse.
  • Please remember, that reactivating your character during an invasion also isn't allowed.
  • If they send some massive bomb your way, you have five days to respond to it. After that, it is counted as having landed. And whatever happens after that... happens. Be alert from such evil.

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Rules   

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Combat Rules
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