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 A Fresh Wind is Blowing

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A Fresh Wind is Blowing Empty
PostSubject: A Fresh Wind is Blowing   A Fresh Wind is Blowing EmptyTue Sep 02, 2014 5:16 pm

August the 21st, 13:00

The wooden stage that had been set up in the village square was decorated with the very same posters that had been spread across the village itself, as well as the surrounding towns and popular traveling routes. Posters showing a band of shinobi, smiling as they showed the lookers their bronze rings. Text merely said “Hatsukaze – A fresh wind blows across the lands”, and, lower, in smaller letters: “Become enlightened on August the 21st, 13:00, Keisuki Town Square.” A reasonable crowd had gathered, the din of their mutterings and chattering being audible even from several blocks away. The din began to die down, however, as a figure began approaching the stage, and made his way to the top.  A dark-skinned individual, his hair falling behind his head in dreadlocks, standing at 5,9 he was of average height. Nothing about him really stood out enough to draw attention, yet those who did could see that he was quite dangerous as far as shinobi went. His entire build was athletic, lean and wiry, streamlined like a cat. His dark eyes were ambigious. The look with which he scanned the audience was, for a lack of better words, calculating.

”Ladies and gentlemen!” His loud, clear voice boomed over the crowd, drowning out any remaining din and leaving a silence in its wake.  ”Some among you might have travelled to this place specifically to witness his event, others among you might be here for different reasons entirely, only stopping to watch out of curiosity. Regardless of your circumstances, I, Shudan, humbly thank you for your time.” He took a courteous bow towards the audience, raising his head slightly to face them again after a just a few moments. ”I promise you all that I won’t waste it.”

”The times we live in, ladies and gentlemen, are dark indeed. The current status quo is so that only those within mighty clans have any real power. If not for their mighty Kekkai Genkai, then for their numbers.  Organized clans of powerful ninja fight for dominance, yet who are the ones getting caught in the crossfire?” His eyes narrowed as he looked over the crowd. ”You. The people. The average shinobi with no clan.” He waited for a few moments to let the words sink in. Then, he continued.

”Going back further to the years of the villages. Perhaps some of us have bothered to read up on the Fourth Shinobi War, where our entire world was threatened by none other than the Uchiha.” Shudan spat out that last word like the very name itself was something vile that had taken a physical shape in his mouth, and left a nasty taste. ”For as long as those few elites group together and fight their grudge wars for power, the common folk will always be caught in between. This is the word we live in, and have been living in for centuries.” A short silence once again. Several people in the crowd were muttering. Shudan, with his increased senses, could hear some of them. They ranged from positive encouragements and statements of agreements to angry mutters and curses. He smiled. Skepticism was a common enemy to those with great visions, but the time would come where Shudan would prove them all wrong.

”Until now.” The muttering grew louder, though all were silenced once again as Shudan resumed his speech. ”I speak on behalf of an organization known as the Hatsukaze, and we offer you an alternative. We are a mercenary group composed of only clanless shinobi. Our contracts and contacts are many, and our numbers are ever growing. But we are not just a band of money-loving fighters. The Hatsukaze has a vision.” Shudan raised an arm, opening his palm towards the sky as if trying to grab something invisible.  ”A vision of a country without clans, where every shinobi is born equal, and is free to explore and develop his own capabilities within the safety of an organized army. A country where civilians live safely, protected by our ninja. A country where no petty grudge between old families can cause wars and endanger the lives of others. A country where all of its ninja stand united.”  He lowered his arm, extending both his left and right one as if he was about to embrace the audience. ”This beautiful dream can be yours as well. While we are a powerful organization, as of now we are in need of funds and strong shinobi to realize our goals. Join us now, and we will make sure your contributions will lead to a glorious paradise where you, too, can become great. Join us, and be freed from the tirany of clans.” Silence as Shudan lowered his arms again, putting them behind his torso as he moved into another bow. ”Thank you.”





The crowd exploded.  From cheers to curses to insults, Shudan stood there, arms wide, accepting them all with a smile on his face. He had expected there to be disagreement among the crowd, but it didn’t matter. What mattered is that the word was spread. As long as it was, determined souls who liked what they saw would seek out the Hatsukaze themselves.
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A Fresh Wind is Blowing Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Fresh Wind is Blowing   A Fresh Wind is Blowing EmptyWed Sep 03, 2014 11:12 am

Fugetsu Amegai, that was the name of the newest Addition to Mashiro's Soul Puppets. It was also the man, or puppet, either title will do, which was headed towards Kumogakure's direction. You see, the deal between Mashiro and Fugetsu was simple. Since Fugetsu was obsessed with his sword Kubikiribocho, and the fact that he was just plain out relieved that Mashiro revived him and wants to continue living, Fugetsu had chosen to follow the orders of his General, Mashiro. It wasn't a hard choice at all considering this puppet had a will to live and loved that sword, and if it meant following the orders given by Mashiro then he'd do it. Mashiro knew Fugetsu wasn't lying when he said he was loyal to him. So he gave Fugetsu his will, and let him do his own thing. It was a simple task for Mashiro to have Fugetsu return to him when he needed him so letting Fugetsu run along and do some stuff meant nothing to Mashiro. Fugetsu did however have one simple order, if he saw or heard of anything Mashiro could possibly be interested in then he was to find out more of this and return to Mashiro.

Now as Fugetsu was on his way doing his own thing, he noticed one of the posters on his traveling route. It spiked his curiosity, so he went to this place on 13:00 August 21st. Standing in the crowd Fugetsu blended in perfectly. Soon enough the event was starting, with Shudan taking stage. Once Shudan got past the greetings slash introductions, Fugetsu's interests were immediately gained. Fugetsu himself was a clanless man and knew what it was like to live a life in this world without a clan to have your back, or a KKG to give you an edge over others. Once the Uchiha were mentioned with that tone, Fugetsu couldn't help but grin. He himself had a thing for Uchiha, many Uchiha have tried to get the sword from him before and failed. Fugetsu was hooked. Convincing Mashiro would take some strong words, though the key to convincing Mashiro would be peace and Fugetsu knew that from the few days he has spent along side Mashiro.

As the speech finished, the crowd exploded with their opinions. Cheers were made, insults shot out and a few boos here and there. With this crazy crowd, Fugetsu would turn around and walk away with a grin on his face. He headed towards one of the men standing behind the scenes, watching the crowd. They were probably there to keep Shudan out of harms way. "I'd like to talk to Shudan, you should know where he's heading right. I have information that he would be interested in." Fugetsu said. The man nodded and took him to a secluded place where Shudan would be.
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A Fresh Wind is Blowing
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