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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:14 pm


I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, and welcome to our forum! Some of you are old and experienced rpers, some are brand new. Wherever you are in your RP experience - we warmly welcome you.
I think it is important to get off on good standing with members and staff at the beginning. It will hopefully allow us to move forward with mutual understanding.

It is important we get to know one another in this forum to add some oil to our machine, and to make this forum hopefully like a "home" to all of us for RP.

Let me start off by introducing myself. I am the Founder of this very unique site and the concept creator. I would like to start off by thanking the Admin who helped make this idea a reality, as well as the mods who are keeping the "world go round" in this forum.
I am quite tolerant and diplomatic person, and open to ideas and communication. The things that bother me are few, but my tolerance for them is extremely low. I, like many of you, have had my good and bad experiences on sites and with forums. I have done my very best to orchestrate rules that make the things I have found to be most irritating and most unfruitful in forums, extinct on my site. I am always willing to hear feedback and even constructive criticism in order to make this forum a better place for everyone. The rules are set in stone; but if necessary we can get new stones and write new rules. Or maybe modify the current ones. My hope is that you become so involved in this forum that you become a part of it. That it becomes all of our project and series; we are all the writers.
This is, forgive me for the soft-soap, an rp family. There will be rough bumps and obstacles, but in the end it is of course worth it, and intend to make the best possible naruto forum.
We thank you for your help in making that possible.

The Founder

Here are some site rules/principles that I would like to lay down -


  • Respect - This is very big. Idk what it is about rping that makes people very arrogant, or at least tempted to be. When you have an environment of arrogant, cocky, and absolutely sociopathic people, the site will fail. And by arrogant, please understand I mean in the disrespectful way. In a way that is obviously irritating and blatantly condescending. There is humor of course, and pride for the hard work you put into your characters; but lets keep a mutual respect between all of us. Everyone here has room to improve; that is fine. This should be a place where people feel comfortable enough to ask questions, admit mistakes, and shortcomings. If the forum and chat become hostile to those things, we are doing something wrong.
    I believe here on this site, that we should all respect each other enough not to degrade, embarrass or purposely frustrate other members, staff and peers. Expect at some point for something to irritate you; it is likely for us all. What I do not like, or tolerate for that matter is members not respecting staff, or vice versa.
    Staff should not be treated like enemies, and members should not be treated like peasants. There will be accountability on both sides that is enforced. There will be no need for either to go against one another continually as I have set up civilized ways to handle disputes and just plain issues anyone may have with another person.
    Contentiousness is like a virus; it spreads and kills. So we want to nip it in the bud and be sterile. One of the best ways to prevent our site from catching this disease is to simply... respect one another as human beings.
  • Using Rules Properly - The rules are used for one reason: accountability. We are making it so that rpers can self-govern their way through the site, and make intelligent decisions in battle/plot/etc. We are always happy to answer questions, and this is not an attempt to eliminate them; but we want to equip everyone with independence, and the tools necessary to improve their rp abilities. They are also here so that everyone is comforted knowing that Staff and members alike are held accountable for behavior. We are not going to be the police, and our rules are quite transparent to the reason, but it is good to know that we don't simply let anything slide because of who someone is. Everyone is held to a standard; and that will not be removed because of personality, or preference. Read the first bullet point to understand what I am getting at.
  • Bad List- Don't get on our bad list. There is no reason really that anyone should every be getting in serious trouble. We are all responsible adults (as far as I know), and the rules are very obvious. So please obey them, and do not get on our bad list. Bad list simply means a list of people that consistently cause problems on the forum. I am going to be quite black and white. If you behave well, and have a history of good behavior, in a sense you will be given more "benefit of the doubt", more trust, and more tolerance. The more you intentionally break our rules, the more that lessens.
    And we will keep a list.
  • Accusation of Position Abuse or Bias - Here on our site, we take such claims very seriously, and take many measures to prevent such things from hppening.  However we aren't so naive to go look for the wolf every time the boy cries it.
    Abuse of position is a serious accusation, and so is being called biased. This is an attack on the integrity of a staff member, and our staff in general.  We strive to prevent things, but it inevitability happens; or is thought to have happened. Knowing this, we take them with serious nature, and hope members do as well.
    As such, any/all abuse claims will be forwarded to a Global moderator and admin duo, and they will handle the nature of the case. But be warned, abuse comes with punishments, especially so on members who scream abuse and don't have anything to back it up. I personally don't care what happened on another site this one time, or way back 8 years ago between two people. I am not concerned with feuds that have carried across sites; don't bring it here. Or better yet, handle it professionally (in IC).
    I am concerned about the atmosphere of my site, and the present state of it at any given time. If a member is going to say abuse, I'm going to make sure its followed up and that the party in the wrong is held accountable. If a member isn't going to follow up with it, they will please be asked to stop saying it, and if they continue they shall be docked/punished as staff sees fit. WEDO NOT take allegations of abuse/favoritism/corruption lightly.
    Our staff is held to a high standard, and more accountable than probably any site you have been to. Please know this ahead of time, and be cautious before you threaten their integrity. All cases against staff personally should be private messaged to an Admin or Global Moderator. Not a public thread.
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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Chat Box Rules   Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:31 pm


Here below is to show you what chat box symbols/signs next to names mean:

Crown/@ - Staff
Colored Name - Which clan they are from.
KKG - Person with rare KKG.
Clan Symbol - Clan Leader of the clan symbol you see.
Glowing Name - KKG or HIGH Rank

*You may see staff without a crown because they have another symbol; but that is staff. All clan leaders will have their clan symbol next to their name; we can only do one symbol, so if you have two or three of some things, they will not all show.

-Chat Rules

  • Keep the inapropriate talk for private chat. I know we all like to joke around and have fun, but please keep the more "adult" vernacular in a private place. Not everyone wants to hear it... If you have an especially sexual or risque thing to say, say it in private to someone whom you are talking to; especially if the chat is full. Thanks.
  • If trash talk gets too intense, mods have the right to end the conversation. When they do, drop it. Consequences will follow if you do not. Also, if you have an issue with someone, it is best you two handle it in private anyway. We are strongly against heavy gossip; so keep that to a minimum as well. Talking about other people is not bad, but it is if it is in a very directly hurtful and disrespectful way. When a person is not present, they cannot defend themselves; so staff will. Shut up if you have a lot of trash to say about someone. Or, be an adult and say it to them in private chat. Let us know how that works out (seriously).
  • No posting inapropriate pictures. I don't want to see it. No naked girls, no funny but disgusting emoticons etc. Don't do it. This includes links to things that are also lewd. IF you want to be inapropriate, do it in private.
  • Mouthing off to staff is a no-no. And you will be accountable for what you say in chat. Disrespecting staff or other members can mean being rude in the wrong way in chat. Joking is fine, but the minute it starts getting too personal and out of hand, we will step in. It is just too much drama.
  • Do not spoil things going on IC in the chat. This is bad sportsmanship. Everyone figure out how to fight your own battles; winning everything OOC with the help of everyone is not only cheap, it is against the progress of the rper. Figure stuff out. And just FYI everyone, you are liable to be lied to if you ask your opponent about their post in chat. Though you are required to be clear in your posts, you are not required to explain EVERYTHING you write. In other words, don't go asking people, in most cases, to tell you everything they did in their post. They are not required to tell you; or even tell you the truth. We as staff will judge by what their posts says, not what they told you in chat.
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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:56 pm


  • Post Time -  48 hours is your time for posting. If you don't post within that time when it's your turn then you CAN be skipped.
  • Post Order - Post order should be followed. You post after the person who posted before you. If new people join the topic they'll posted after the person who posted before them. The order isn't ever disrupted unless everybody in the topic agrees for it to be.
  • Short Posts - No one liners or ugly posts if you can. There's no specific word count for a reason. If people use one liners or ugly posts constantly but they're beginners then their posts won't be voided. They'll be taught how to get better after that post or they'll be killed along with teaching. But, if people are known as good RPers than we expect quality.
  • Good Standing -  Often times around out site, you'll see references to "in good standing" which is a polite way of saying, not someone who is a SOB on our site. Someone who hasn't been banned, cheated, quit or is constantly causing trouble or flaming others.  
  • OOC Characters -  Do not change your characters personality because of OOC interests. We understand planning takes place OOC and that characters often have largely malleable personalities. But we watch this kind of stuff. Biased behavior IC because of OOC relationships and interests is what we are getting at here.
    Its not allowed, nor tolerated. If you randomly start hating someone who your char normally would like, or love someone whom they would hate, than you are cheating the game. Staff isn't stupid, if your OOC friends/buddies with someone, we know that your just feigning your malleability and will ask you to change accordingly. If it happens to often, we'll simply set it up so that you will be put up against people, and it 100% will be fighting your allies/friends/villagers. Once and a while is fine, but if suddenly an organization pops up with all your friends that have no connection to each other - we will be having a talk. This is a storyline; every character is extremely important. This isn't sims. Your char, in many ways, is distinct from your own personality. If we see a lack of committment to the story line and their true personality, there will be pecuilar and painful repercussions.  
  • Editing Post(s) - Any post(s) that are found to be edited, without direct authorization from staff or opponents will be 100% voided and you will be liable for any and all hits and considered as if you didn't post. Also, editing posts to kill someone due to a 48 hour hit when your attack would not have killed them is also considered void and you will "lose" the opportunity to get said 48 hour hit. If multiple events occur you can be banned or stripped of power/status. When you are in a topic with someone, especially in battle, this is a heinous sin.
    Paying Attention- - Read peoples posts. If you miss stuff because you are not paying attention, you will be liable for what happens as a result.  
    Meta-gaming - This site doesn't tolerate meta-gaming, nor do we tolerate meta-gaming attempts in vast scales. There is some stuff you simply have to find out for yourself, and attempts to circumvent this will be held liable to being denied.
    God-Modding - There is no god-modding. Keep in mind those of you with the "god complex", you can die. You can be hurt, and you can lose. Yes, even to someone who is not a "god".
    Loopholing - You're encouraged to find loopholes. No system is perfect. You can loophole the rules as long as you logically can't be caught. Things will be fixed if they are abused in a serious enough way, and if it is something that is clearly being taken out of context. They won't ever be fixed for a topic in progress unless the rules are IC rules. The only restriction are contests, or stated plots; they are loophole proof as they are OOC or their rules are stated OOC.
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   

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General Rules
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