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 NPC Upgrades

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PostSubject: NPC Upgrades   Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:01 pm


NPC’s are your population fillers. They represent everyone who isn’t a real person. They can be council, warriors, priest, it really doesn’t matter. NPC are the civilians within your clan/sector. When you are giving NPC’s techniques, you must purchase  them in which your npc will “auto-learn”.
Each NPC has the same stats, and the same techniques.
Your may have four shinobi in your village that are always on rank higher than your NPC’s. They too are NPC’s, but they act as your more powerful shinobi. They are also the same and their stats are identical.
You decide where your shinobi’s stats lie, it is solely up to you. Everytime you upgrade your NPC’s stats, you may change them. You cannot remove, or move around the stats that are already there, but you may add the upgraded stat in whichever way you like.

**Where it says STATS, that shows how many total stats your NPC’s have; not how many stats you get added.

NPC Elements

Your NPC can learn up to two elements and one KKG element or upgrade. If the KKG is an element it will count as their third element and they can learn no more. If the KKG is not an element but something else, they can get one upgrade into that KKG. EX. Your clan can have the Sharingan tomoe one. Keep in mind that four people in your clan are always one level higher than the mass NPC. So they can get one upgrade higher than this if possible.

NPC Jutsu

Your NPC can learn jutsu in the element they have. Each Jutsu purchased is given to all NPC. Upgrading NPC does not give them jutsu, but merely access to a certain rank of jutsu. Jutsu must be purchased serperately and placed on your Clan Profile Page for information about your NPC. IF your KKG is an element, your clan may use the guide below to purchase techniques for that element. Only the Clan Leader can purchase these.

D-rank - 2,000
C - rank - 4,000
B - rank - 8,000
A - rank - 16,000
S- rank - 32,000 (for only four NPC potentially)

Tier D
NPC’s within D are the weakest amongst your people. They have the least amount of skill, knowledge and ability of all the tiers. These are what you can call your “Civilian” of your clan.
D-1 – All clans/sectors start out with these. D-1’s have basic battles skills, and have the potential to know 1 maybe 2 D-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 70
Tier C
NPC’s within C are stronger than your Tier D. They have more battle experience, they have more knowledge and have acquired more abilities within their clan. These are what you can your “Soldiers” of your clan.
C-4 – They are stronger than the D-1’s, able to learn 4-5 D-Ranked techniques and/or 2-3 C-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 80
Elements: 1
Cost: 10,000 ryo
C-3 – They are stronger than C-4’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 160
Elements: 1
Cost: 20,000 ryo
C-2 - They are stronger than C-3’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 220
Elements: 1
Cost: 40,000 ryo
C-1 - They are stronger than C-2’s, able to learn 6-7 D-Ranked techniques and/or 4-5 C-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 280
Elements: 1
Cost: 80,000 ryo
Tier B
NPC’s within B are stronger than your Tier C. They have a solid background in wars, generally have the highest level of basic knowledge and abilities. Tier B’s are what you can call you “Elders” of your clan.
B-4 - They are stronger than the C-1’s, able to learn 8-10 D-Ranked techniques, 6-7 C-Ranked techniques and/or 2-3 B-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 345
Elements: 2
B-3 - They are stronger than B-4’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 455
Elements: 2
B-2 - They are stronger than B-3’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 550
Elements: 2
Cost:640,000 ryo
B-1 They are stronger than the B-2’s, able to learn 12- 14 D-Ranked techniques, 8-10 C-Ranked techniques and/or 5-6 B-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 650
Elements: 2
Cost:1,280,000 ryo
Tier A
NPC’s within A are stronger than your Tier B. They are more advanced within the clan, due to them having access to more restricted clan knowledge, techniques. Tier A are more dangerous than your average shinobi.
A-4 - They are stronger than the B-1’s, able to learn 15-18 D-Ranked techniques, 12-14 C-Ranked techniques and/or 8-10 B-Ranked techniques
Stats: 770
Elements: 2 & KKG
Cost:2,560,000 ryo
A-3 - They are stronger than A-4’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 930
Elements: 2 & KKG
Cost: 5,120,000
A-2 - They are stronger than A-3’s, although they are still limited to the previous technique amount.
Stats: 1130
Elements: 2 & KKG
Cost: 10,240,000
A-1 - They are stronger than the B-2’s, able to learn max of 20 D-Ranked techniques, 20 C-Ranked techniques and/or 20 B-Ranked techniques.
Stats: 1360
Elements: 2 & KKG
Cost: 25,000,000
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Elements : Water

PostSubject: NPC Rules   Fri Jul 25, 2014 8:47 pm


NPC act as the common clan member in your camp. These are of main use, in battle purposes, for the Clan Leader. He may give NPC's to other people and allow them to "use" them (rp them in their posts) but the specific amount they have must be specified for each post. Otherwise, the NPC are solely controlled by the Clan Leader. All of their upgrades are purchased by him; jutsu, main upgrades, etc. All purchased by the clan leader. NPC can prove to be extremely useful in battle if they are cultivated correctly. Under the right leader, a clan can rise to prominence purely because the average member in their clan is of a certain strength. Here, you will have the opportunity to not only win battles because of a few shinobi, but engage your opponents in battle from many ways. The Uchiha clan may have a Madara in their midst, and yours may not. But if you have greater soldiers on average, the battle could get tricky. We are introducing a new method of battle by allowing clan leaders to now control npcs (in their posts) and use them as a part of their battle strategy as opposed to just "collateral damage".

These are rules for NPC in battle and how they can be used etc.

  • NPC can only be rpd by the Clan Leader in Battle.
  • If the Clan Leader sends another rper soldiers, the amount has to be specified.
  • NPC's can and do die in battle when fighting against real characters. Their effectiveness in battle is based on the person controlling and leading them i.e. the clan leader.
  • NPCs can kill real characters.
  • The amount of NPC's under ones guard must be accounted for every post in your signature.
  • If you are fighting someone and you both have equal level NPC's, you both, at base, lose five men per post. For ever level you are higher than your opponent, they lose 1.5 times the amount you lose. This works the other way around as well. This does not mean that if you have lower level NPC's that there is no way you can win the battle, but you are, in a mass sense, at a disadvantage of varying degree. If you have superior battle strategy and are able to somehow overcome this disadvantage; that is fine! But if your soldiers and their soldiers rush out onto the battle field to hash it out, these are the statistics that come into play; and the ONLY come into play if this is the case.
    I repeat, these statistics only come into play if there is a war going on, and two clans are fighting head to head all around. If there is a different scenario entirely, than this may not necessarily be valid. However, wherever there is a scrimage, for however long it lasts, this is the ratio you are to use depending on the level of your clan.
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NPC Upgrades
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