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 Travelling Rules

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PostSubject: Travelling Rules   Travelling Rules EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 3:23 pm

Travel Rules
So, eventually, people will inevitably want to go from one nation to another. How we're handling this here is simple, and the following map will serve as our guide.
Travelling Rules Narutoverse_zpsb48939b0

Traveling times are simple. To get from one country to a neighboring one, it will take 2,000 (WC) to get from one country adjacent country to another. It will take 3,000 (WC) from one country to another unconnected country. 2,500 (WC) for island countries.

Traveling times can reduced by having 500+ Speed, which will HALF the total cost it will take to travel.

In regard to the number of topics, any given character can only have topics in one nation (Their current one) at a time. They may have multiple topics across different territorial areas in that nation, with the only exception being a warzone. In a land where war is being waged you may only have topics in one territory at a time. During these times you must have survived and exited all active threads in a territory before moving on.

Anyway, the maximum number of topics you may have active at a time is 4. This includes one combat thread, and up to three other roleplay threads.

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Travelling Rules
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