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 Element Rules

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Elements : Earth, Lightning, Magnet, Water, Wind

PostSubject: Element Rules   Thu Aug 07, 2014 10:24 pm

To start off with: When making a character app, you start with two of the basic elements unless your clan says otherwise. Advanced elements can be obtained as a KKG, either for clanless characters or part of a clan, and some can be learned later on.

Some advanced elements are bound to a clan, listed here and subject to addition/change:
Wood Release(Senju)
Blood Release(Shoshinku, Hiden)
Bone Pulse - Kaguya

Now, there is a lot of confusion on the concept of the Kekkei Genkai. So let me make some things clear for future reference. A KKG is a bloodline ability. Often those of the same race/clan, share the ability. However sometimes a mutation in gene makes an elemental KKG possible in someone. This is still because of their blood; but it is not necessarily because of their clan. These are mutations of the gene presumably. However some KKG that are mutations of a gene are mutations of ONLY a CERTAIN GENE. Obito using Kamui could be a mutation of his sharingan (genetic ability); but it is not a mutation that anyone but AN UCHIHA could have. The same with Senju and mokuton.

Just because a tech is not had by everyone in a clan, does not mean it is clan specific. Not every Kaguya has Bone Pulse in the canon; but common sense has told you that not just anyone can pull out their spine and attack you with it. You would have to be a Kaguya. I hope this is understood.
The reason that, besides what common sense tells us, we cannot use clan-specific KKG is because they are KKG that are only shown in a SPECIFIC GENE/CLAN. An Uchiha cannot have a mutation and produce wood release; nor can a clanless person. The fact that only Hashirama had it does not disprove this; for as stated above, just because not everyone in the clan has it, does not mean that it is not clan specific. Furthermore, techniques like Mokuton are often clearly seen to bear root in that clans KKG. The Uchiha have special spiritual energy that gives them the Dojutsu Sharingan. This is clearly not something just anyone can do; I hope this is understood. Hashirama's trees are a source of life made physical. Their power stems from his life force; and though his life force is exceptional, guess where that stems from? You guessed it, his SENJU bloodline (Ashura's body).

So anyways, here below are some KKG that can be had by clanless people. They are KKG, and therefore you cannot have them if you already have a KKG. That is, an Uzumaki cannot be born with lava release as well.

Also, and lastly; we see in canon clearly some of the KKG below that are had by unrelated people; or people who have them for no clan based reason. That is also a clue. When we see two people having Dust that are unrelated - we can deduce it is a KKT that is not clan-based.

Others are free for clanless characters to pick up at start as they please:
Lava Release, Magnet Release, Ice Release,Explosion, Storm, Scorch,probably more.  Feel free to ask.
Dust, requiring 3 elements, can be learned but not started with. In addition, it is important to note that ALL ADVANCED ELEMENTS ARE KKG. Unless further notice, take it as such. Therefore, if you already have a Dojutsu as your KKG, you cannot also have an elmental KKG naturally. I repeat: If you have Sharingan - you cannot naturally have Scorch. Make sense?

However, it is however true, that SOME KKG are not clan-restrictive. Most are - some are not.

Note that to possess an advanced element, one must have the component elements.
Lava: Earth and Fire
Magnet:Earth and Lightning
Ice:Wind and Water
Explosion: Fire and Lightning
Storm: Water and Lightning
Scorch:Wind and Fire
Dust:Earth, Fire and Wind

Now on to numbers. Elements are huge milestones for a character, opening a wide variety of options, and thus, very special to any shinobi. The numbers are as follows:

First Element:2000 Exp/4000WC(At this level, your character knows dick about manipulating elements and thus, the first time is difficult)
Second Element: 1800 Exp/3600WC
Third Element: 4000 Exp/8000WC
Fourth: 4000 Exp/8000WC

Final Note: Advanced Elements. They are cool, they are special, they are...advanced. And by the way, this chart is for learning BASIC elements; not advanced ones.

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Element Rules
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