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PostSubject: More Training [Solo]   More Training [Solo] EmptyMon Aug 11, 2014 3:31 pm

"How long am I gonna have to wait for this guy? It's already 12:00 in the afternoon! He should have been here over thirty minutes ago!"

Tapping her index finger impatiently against her watch, Orchid leaned against a thick and strong tree in the middle of the training fields. The training fields had a variety of different terrains. For example, the one she was in right now resembled a forest with the amount of trees it had and the small ponds. She was supposed to be fighting Zanji today. It was better then training alone. But like always, he seemed to be late everytime they scheduled a training match.

"I need to start coming an hour later then when we agree on..it's the only way I won't be standing here like an idiot waiting for him."

As soon as she finished the sentence, she saw Zanji beginning to approach her with a nervous smile on his face. He seemed to expect the lashing out that he was going to get from Orchid.

"What the hell took you so long? Every time, it's the same damn thing and I'm getting sick of it!"

"Ahh I woke up late and-"

Orchid raised her hand a little bit above her chest, signaling she didn't want to hear what was coming out of his mouth right now.

"Don't need to hear your lame excuses. Let's just get to the fighting...the score is tied, so far. But I intend on breaking it.."

"Hahah, whatever you say Orchid! I'm one of the prodigies of this clan, I doubt even your Sharingan can keep track of me right now!"

"Hm..your certainly cocky. Are you sure you're ready for me to use my Sharingan?"

Orchid had never used her Doujutsu because of the fact that it would have made the fight too easy..and now that she had the second tomoe, it was gonna be over too fast. But he was practically begging for her to use her Sharingan, who was she to deny him seeing the wrath of the greatest clan in the lands?

Orchid activated her Sharingan, revealing her newly acquired second tomoe. It needed some getting used to before she was ready to fight Hana, so this was the perfect time to start training it.

"Huh..I remember seeing one less of those dots on your eyes..you told me the Sharingan evolves, right? Yours evolved recently?"

Orchid nodded slowly. The pain of being so easily defeated even with her Sharingan had made her evolve..she knew that without an upgrade, she could never be as great as her sister.

Zanji smirked, his eyes taunting Orchid somehow.

"Let's get this party started, shall we Orchid?"

Her eyes saw the tiny details and movements that Zanji was making. From what she pieced together, he was about to launch a kunai towards Orchid. But before he could do that, about a second before his hand reached his beige holster, her speed allowed her to traverse the five meters distance just in time to clamp his left hand in an iron grip that he couldn't escape from. Zanji was more suited to Ninjutsu then Taijutsu.


"My second tomoe allows me to predict the movements of my opponent before they even happen. I can see the minor twiches in your hand that tell me you're about to reach for that kunai..THIS is the powr of the Uchiha. I'm about to embarass you!"

He swung on Orchid with his free arm, but it was a futile effort. The enhanced reaction times gifted to her when using the Sharingan allowed her to easily weave the attack by simply moving her head back, just out of reach of his attack. It was much like what her Sensei always did to her.

"This is child's play, but I suppose it's good I am getting used to my second tomoe..."

Orchid headbutted Zanji directly on the nose, breaking it like a twig. Blood poured out of it like a stream, so she let go of Zanji's hand and left him to be curled up on the floor.

"The strong devour the weak, remember that...no matter how special your abilities are, you are always below the power of the Sharingan. I hope you get stronger before our next raid..I'd hate to have to save your ass every time you get in trouble. It'd be a nuisance..anyways, go home and get yourself cleaned up. It's obvious who's the winner here."

She deactivated her Sharingan, and prepared to leave, when Zanji suddenly pulled out a smoke bomb and busted it open, blinding Orchid, but giving him time to probably do something with the blood that fell on the ground. Quickly, she activated her Sharingan again before he could do anything that could tip the odds of battle in his favor. The Sharingan could pretty much do it all, as it allowed her to see the aura of chakra around Zanji, thus allowing her to track him down in the smoke. She leapt at him, right hand outstreched, and clamp down on his neck with the initial leap being strong enough to take both of them out of the snoke cloud.

"What a nice trick, but I'm afraid that couldn't work. You see.."

Orchid began tightening the grip on his neck, but oddly he didn't really seem to be responsive. He was probably trying to be tough!

"The Sharingan allowed me to see your chakra, making your silly smoke trick useless. Now I have you right where I want you..ahuehuehuehuehue..now we're going to play a little game. How many wooden sticks can you fit in your asshole?"

Just as she finished the sentence and tightened her grip once more, the clone exploded in a pool of blood, blinding her vision. Since the blood covered her eyes, the Sharingan was useless unless she could wash this off. But before she could even begin doing that, she felt the force of a kick on her face, sending her flying about a meter and on the ground.

"So my plan worked! Good thing that book had reliable information.."

"What the..how did a clone work against the Sharingan? It makes no sense!"

"The popularity of the Uchiha is probably there greatest weakness. I was easily able to find information on your Sharingan, which is why I came late today..I wanted to work on countering it incase we have to fight an Uchiha stronger then you. Anyways, unlike the Byakugan, the Sharingan simply can't see the difference against Kage Bushin."

"Bah..I should have known when your clone was acting so unresponsive...fucking sneaky tactics, ya little weasel!"

Zanji grinned in response to this, and offered to help Orchid off of the ground by offering a hand. Orchid grudgingly took the help, and frowned.

"Well..if I hadn't prepared, I definitely would have won. In a real battle, you would be dead..you should really get yourself cleaned up though by the pond."

"So you can see me strip? I think I'll take this shit off at my house.."

Zanji laughed nervously, slightly afraid that he would be taking a beating..

She was a little annoyed that her favorite jacket had been stained by the blood, but at least her washing machine would finish getting all the mess out in a hour.

"Let's make this a fairer fight, alright Orchid? If I hadn't researched on your Sharingan, I'd have a broken nose! So don't use your Sharingan..besides, you need to stop relying on your eyes all the time. I think this power you've gotten is starting to get to your heaf.You should learn how to fight without them despite how much better you are with your second tomoe.."

Orchid nodded, agreeing with his logic. She didn't want to be defenseless when some freak kekkai genkai had the ability to disable other bloodlines. It would also help with managing her chakra as well. They both stood five meters apart, ready to begin the rematch.

"Ready to get your ass handed to you, punk?!"

"Brawns doesn't always prevail over brains.."

"Brains doesn't always win over good old fashioned brute force!"

Zanji and Orchid both charged at each other, Zanji having a dulled kunai in his hand. He swiped at her eyes, with Orchid managing to grab his arm and throw him ten meters. He managed to land safely, and smirked.

"It seems I'm gonna have trouble fighting you in close combat..but how are your long and mid range capabilities?"

Zanji swiftly formed three handseals. She already knew what he was planning, as Shoshinku only possessed the Suiton element..if he was planning on keeping this battle long range, she would definitely lose. Not only was he more skilled in Ninjutsu, Zanji's Suiton had the advantage over her primary element, Katon. From his mouth, he expelled a blast of water that was capable of punching through rock. Since it looked like it hurt alot, she jumped to the side a meter, watching it punch through a tree.

"Woah! That could have killed me! Why'd you do tha-"

She was cut off by a fist landing in her face and sending her to the ground. The Suiton technique was simply a distraction meant to open Orchid's guard. It seemed he knew the lethal nature of the move would shock Orchid, and allow him to attack. Unfortunately for him, he got greedy and tried to kick Orchid in the face while she was on the ground. But using her superior skill, she caught his foot in a tight grip while he was in the middle of his kick, and pushed him backwards, causing him to fall and giving Orchid some breathing room.

While he was still on the ground, she would run over to him, and punch him in the face, but he managed to roll out of the way in time, getting up and running away. She was a bit annoyed that her fist struck the ground because it hurt a little.

"Stop running! What kind of guy runs from an innocent girl like me?"

"..C'mon Orchid, we all know you're anything but..you talked about shoving sticks up my ass!"

Now fifteen meters away from Orchid, he took out one of his smoke bombs and threw it forcefully against the ground.

He heard that? How? You know what, I don't even care. I just have to stay focused..without my Sharingan, I can't easily detect him through the smoke...gah. I don't know if he can see through the smoke or not, but he probably remembers my position.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps, Orchid raised her guard, but it wasn't the correct guard and she got a fist in the back of the head.

"Stop fighting like a coward! I'm getting annoyed by this! Great Breakthrough!"

A gust of wind was shot in front of Orchid, dispelling the smoke.

"I was going to play your games, but they got intolerable!"

She looked around. He wasn't anywhere in sight..was he planning another attack?

"Come out, come out wherever you are..you're only stalling the inevitable~"

"Yeah, me kicking your flat ass!"

Zanji charged at Orchid from five meters away with a kunai in his hand, and she was about to engage her in melee, but thought about the situation for a minute. He was smarter then this..he wouldn't charge at an enemy who he knew had better skills in close combat. He even admitted it himself..

"Take this!"

She chucked a kunai at his head. If this was the real Zanji, hopefully he would dodge..she didn't want to explain what the hell happened to Choku. But when she saw him explode in a pool of blood, she sighed in relief. Turning around from the pool of blood momentarily, she faced the other half of a group of trees that encircled her. Each of them were healthy and extremely bushy, meaning all of them could be hiding spots for Zanji.

Hm..maybe I can draw him out by taunting him. But I don't think it'll work on him..he isn't the type of person that angers easily. Wouldn't hurt to try, though.

"Stop hiding in the trees before I burn it all down! And did you really think you could get me with the same strategy twice? You need to change it up! I can see the predictable nature of your attacks even without my Sharingan!"

Shlick, Shlick, Shlick.

The strange, unusual sounds immediately caught Orchid's attention. The source of the noise seemed to be coming from behind, so she turned around to see five tentacles made of blood about to bind her..and if she was binded, Zanji would win twice in a row! She couldn't let that happen! Quickly, she took a kunai from her holster and slashed at them with a single horizontal swipe which cut them in half. That didn't stop the tentacles from being manipulated by Zanji, though, forcing Orchid to retreat and unleash a burst of wind that was expelled from her body without the need for any handseals, covering a 360° radius, blowing all the leaves off of the trees along with Zanji, who fell on the ground with a loud thud.

"Gahahahaha! Gotcha now!"

Orchid charged at Zanji, ready to finosh him off with a single punch to the face.

"I'm going to make this hurt for wasting my time playing in trees!"

"WAIT! I give up. I think I'm too tired to go on..the score is still tied, though!"

Her fist stopped right before smashing into his face.Orchid nodded and relaxed her stance, smirking in victory. Maybe she would spar the rest of her bandit raiding team, although she felt like resting up too.

"Heh. That was easy! But, uh..ehh..whaddya doing after this, ya wimp? It's already 6:00...I'm gonna go back home and catch some sleep."

"Uh..I think I'll go back home too. I'm pretty tired..and hungry. Wanna get some ramen before we head home?"

"Meh. Sure..but you're paying. I ain't go no ryo on me, I left it all at home. "

"No problem, I can wait."

"Cheap ass.."

Orchid didn't feel like protesting and calling him a pervert..The two of them both got up, heading out of the training fields and to the ramen shop in complete silence, exhausted from all the fighting that they did. She was pretty hungry as well, and wouldn't really mind a snack from the ramen shop since she didn't feel like cooking her own food. The ramen at the shop paled in comparison to her own cooking, but she still didn't mind eating it. Food was food, after all.

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Han Solo (Meme Edition)

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More Training [Solo]
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