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 Training a....GOD or DEVIL? WIP

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PostSubject: Training a....GOD or DEVIL? WIP   Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:22 am

"All the shinobi fall down..fall down..fall down!~"A man would sing as he flew into the cave with two men, holding one in each hand by their legs. Their crimson blood dripping to the ground as they were carried through the cave's opening until Raoh brought them to a clearing within the cave. He would then drop their bodies on to a pile, a pile of mutilated corpses. He would then land on top of the pile and just sit there, waiting for something. As he waited he would begin to whistle before grabbing the head of one of the guys he just dropped on the pile. He had left both theses man alive but unable to move at all. He pulled the guys face closer until they were about an inch from each other." You will be a nice treat for my children. So please WAKE UP!!!" Raoh would yell to the knocked out shinobi, the guys jolting open from the yell. He found himself unable to move as his arms and legs were broken beyond repair.  Tear would begin to stream dow the guys face as he looked at Raoh, he wanted to go home and was regretting coming after this monster. Raoh would just laugh at this and would drag the guy off of the pile, the other guy who also was still alive being dragged with the other hand. Raoh would move so that the three were no longer on the pile of bodies."I was going to feed you to my children...but this will be funner!" Raoh would say as he would toss the guy on the ground, on his back. The guy wouldn't be able to see anything since he wasn't able to move but he would hear something break. The guy was extremely worried that he was having more of his bones broken, but soon would find out that wasn't so. As his eyes would grow wide as the sight he saw was more terrifying then Raoh. As Raoh had his hand through the neck of the shinobi' comrade and was moving the guys mouth around as if it was a puppet.

"Yea, lets go and hunt the freak that has that bounty! It will be easy!" Raoh would say as he as he moved the heads mouth, he wanted to show this shinobi that his comrade had cause this to happen to them.

"Why? WHY ARE FUCKING DOING THIS!?!?!? I AM SORRY! SO....LET ME GO!"The man would finally scream as the sight of his comrades head being used as a puppet made him just want to go home and see his family.

The mans sudden out burst made Raoh chuckle,"Shhh! Let me finish.....gosh." Raoh would say as he mouth the puppet. He would move the head and move up so that he was once again close to his face."Actually I am done with having my fun...."Raoh would say as he would stand to his feet and with a quick motion bash the guy head in with the head of his comrade. The blood from the head going everywhere, staining the already blood stained clothes of Raoh. After doing this for a bit Raoh would yawn and throw the bodies of the gus back into the pile.  

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Training a....GOD or DEVIL? WIP
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