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 Bandits and Swords[Stat Training]

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Fear. The emotion was running all over Orchid's body right now. Just a few minutes ago, she had been running like a dog throughout a massive forest located a few miles outside of Amegakure. But now, she was resting against a tree, patching the wounds she had with some bandages. Some of the wounds were bad, some of them were minor. All Orchid wanted to do was prevent herself from bleeding out. She didn't want to go out like that. Her Sharingan was currently turned off. It was to conserve chakra. It wasn't helping either.

Her thoughts were erratic and all over the place. They were a mixture of negative and positive thoughts. Fear. Bitterness. Jealously. Hopefulness. Depression. No matter how many breaths she took, it didn't seem to be working. Orchid's paranoia was through the roof. She was hearing things that weren't actually there, seeing nonexistent things.

He could be around any corner.. if he finds me, I'm fucked... I just have to head to the river, and I'm home free..it would be much more easier to get away if it was nighttime.

She was finished patching up her wounds, although it took a bit of time doing so. That worried her. Every second she spent, he were closer. She began running through the forest again, her destination the river. The area would be swarming with shinobi and thugs..Orchid had to watch out.

It was supposed to be a simple mission..how did it end up like this?

Orchid, along with three others decided that they wanted to have some fun raiding a bandit camp that was somewhere along the territory that the clan claimed. The group was to leave no one alive, and take anything of value and bring it back to the clan. Each member of the group of four was around Orchid's level in skill, but since they were normal bandits without any knowledge of jutsu, it wouldn't be hard to take them out. But, she was a little frustrated that she hadn't been made the leader of this little raiding. Orchid was probably the strongest of the four due to her Sharingan. The Uchiha took a glance at each of her teammates, listing what she knew about them in her thoughts.

Ryuuda Shoshinku..

Orchid's view turned to a boy with long, spiky hair that went all the way to his waist. He was extremely pale, almost like he was sick and was about the same height as Orchid. It didn't look like he enjoyed being around people, as he stood in the back of the mission briefing room. The boy gave off a vibe that Orchid didn't like...it felt like he was a traitor.

Next, her eyes turned to Mikasa Shoshinku. Orchid thought that she was pretty cute, but doubted that Mikasa was into girls. She was curvy, with long purple hair and slightly tanned skin.

She's more of the serious type of ninja...no sense of humor at all. All she does is do her job, and nothing more. Kind of sounds like the rest of the Uchiha back at the compound..she's supposed to be our healer, but I don't think we're gonna get seriously injured. Never hurts to be safe, I guess.

The final member of the group..

Zanji Shoshinku...the one who was named leader of this mission instead of me. Bullshit, if you ask me. I've sparred him a few times..sure, they were close matches but I didn't even use my Sharingan. So why did the rest of the group pick him instead of me?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the annoying upbeat voice of Zanji.

"Well team? Our debriefing is over, so let's go!"

The rest of the team left the office with much less enthusiasm then Zanji did..

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of footsteps. She immediately stopped her running and hid behind a tree, slightly peaking out to see who was there. As the footsteps became closer, Orchid reached for her holster, clenching the cold handle of her kunai. Thankfully, it looked like it was just a simple thug, but she couldn't let him live. It would bite her in the ass later. She was sure of it. The Uchiha crept up behind the bandit, and slit his throat.

"...Can I really leave without finding the rest of the team? Even if Mikasa told me to leave...Ryuuda and Zanji might still be alive. I'd be worse then scum if I just abandoned my teammates."

Again, the sound of footsteps were heard. Orchid still had a solid grip at her kunai, and activated her Sharingan. The sounds of the steps sounded more careful, like that of a Shinobi. But thankfully, it was just her teammate Zanji.

"Heading to the river too, Orchid?"

Zanji placed his hand on Orchid's shoulder.

"We have to leave....even though we may be abandoning Ryuuda, it's better to have two alive shinobi then four dead ones..."

Orchid nodded slowly, and deactivated her Sharingan. Then, they both headed to the river.
The group stood out fifty meters from the bandits camp, ready to take it down by brute force. Of course, Orchid was the most ready out of the four of them. She was sure that she could solo the whole camp by herself. They all charged in directly, racing towards the camp. Even though Zanji was the leader, Orchid immediately took over the whole operation once they were charging towards the camp.

"Mikasa. Ryuuda. Take out the exterior guards and stay there in case more reinforcements arrive..me and Zanji will take out the main force. It shouldn't be too difficult. Give us five..ten minutes and we'll be done."

Zanji and Orchid ran past the guards, while Mikasa and Ryuuda killed the guards before they could even react. An alarm sounded throughout the camp, signaling the bandits that they were being invaded. Orchid activated her Sharingan, not because she needed it, but because she wanted to show off. The Uchiha was confident that these bandits wouldn't be much of a problem for her, especially while she was in her Sharingan. One bandit foolishly tried to slash at Orchid with a sloppy hhandle on his blade.

"You move like a snail."

She effortlessly weaved the strike and struck the bandit in the face with a roundhouse, sending him flying into a crowd of goons. Orchid had no time to celebrate, because more of them were coming. Meanwhile, Zanji covered her blindspots in case a random bandit tried to stab Orchid. She wasn't immune to that, unfortunately. After about an hour of fighting, the whole camp was finished. They barely broke a sweat..Orchid disabled her Sharingan, and both of them headed outside of the camp.

"Mission accomplished. I don't know why Choshoku chose a leader for this shit, this was mad easy. Let's head back home.."
Uargh..I have to alert the Reapers about the invasion..it's all up to me...they're just children, I doubt that they'll leave here alive when they come..all of them are at least letter B shinobi, they stand no chance.

He was heavily wounded. Multiple broken ribs, 2-3 inch slashes across his body...the one thing that kept him going was willpower.

I am Musashi Zerutobi! I will not let this insult to our gang fly past us! I am happy that I will die for this cause...a cause I believe in. May God have mercy on me, and protect my family that I will be leaving on this planet..

He found a radio located on the pocket of one of his deceased ally and took it out. His radio had been broken in combat with some red head bitch..

"Get help...four kids...invaded...argh...."

The radio fell to the ground along with his head. Musashi Zerutobi was no more. But, his face was the look of a man that had succeeded in his duty. He was happy...a beam of sunlight shone on his fallen body.
Suddenly, a heavy amount of killing intent flooded the area, paralyzing the group in fear. They felt a chakra that was vastly stronger then them that left them on there knees.

"What....what is this? This power is vastly superior to the bandits that we were fighting earlier.."

Orchid shot a glare at Mikasa.

"Thank you, captain obvious..."

The intial pressure from the killing intent was gone, and they got up, although they were still a bit shaky. In front of them was a man, about six feet tall with blue hair that went down to his neck. He wore a wide brimmed straw hat with a simple beige robe and wooden sandals. He didn't seem to be carrying any special weapons besides a sword. Zanji walked in front of the group. He kept his cool, unlike Orchid who was seething with rage. She was brought to her knees so easily, and it was a stain on her pride!

"Who are you, and why are you here?"

His Kunai was in his hand, ready to finish him off in case he made any movements that he didn't like. Orchid activated her Sharingan again, just in case she needed to fight. They all were ready to take this guy down..

Except, he was far out of there skill league...the gap between him and the group was MUCH farther then they thought it would be. His first target was Mikasa. He flew right past Zanji and Orchid, when he could have easily killed them both. The Sharingan could see him, but barely. It was a blur...she imagined he would be completely out of sight for the rest of them. He grabbed Mikasa by the head with one hand, his thick fingers slowly pressing down on the medic's skull. Orchid had to give it to her for trying to fight back, her fists flying at his face. But it didn't even look like it phased him..Mikasa didn't seem to have the skill to make her punches hurt.

"I'll give you kids a headstart..it makes the hunt much more fun.."

The fear that previously overwhelmed Orchid came back, and before she could resist, she headed into the forest. The Uchiha wanted to help Mikasa, but knew deep down that it was all hopeless...
The two of them stared at the river, and then looked at each others eyes. It was awkward, and silent for about five minutes until Orchid spoke, and grabbed Zanji's arm with a firm grip.

"We...can't leave them. It goes against everything the Shoshinku stand for, and it goes against what I stand for. I'd rather die trying to save a teammate then be a coward!"

"You're right..let's go back!"

"No need.."

Fear...she wouldn't let it overcome her this time. She had to avenge Mikasa..

"Do you think you children can beat me? I'm surprised these bandits had this much trouble with you...well, the weak deserve to die."

"Bring it on, ya tub of lard."

Despite knowing she was outmatched, she knew that both her and Zanji would fight till the end. Orchid activated her Sharingan, and was about to charge head first, when Zanji grabbed her and formed one handseal, vanishing 30 meters away from the samurai.

"Orchid, are you an idiot? You're Sharingan is no match for his speed..I saw that look of surpriae you had on your face, plus the fact that you didn't prevent him from killing Mikasa. You need to stop letting your emotions get in the way and THINK! I'm angry that he's killed Mikasa and probably Ryuuda, too, but we can't beat him in a straight up fight! We're Shinobi..we need to get a little creative."

Zanji withdrew his kunai from his holster, and slashed across his arm. Orchid watched as blood spilled out of the boy's arm..it was the technique of the Shoshinku. Blood Manipulation.

"Okay, I haven't gotten all the details hammered out yet, but you have to trust me..we will get out of here alive. All you have to do is be the distraction, alright? Get him to stand still, because I can't keep track of him otherwise.. "

Orchid nodded. She trusted Zanji, even if she found his personality a little irritated. The swordsman was walking around, looking for them. She leapt down, landing directly on his face. It stunned him for awhile, allowing her to leap off of him with her kunai ready in hand.

"I'll fucking kill you for what you did to Mikasa!"

"You didn't even see..you're worse then trash..you ran away. Your death will be slow and painful. I believe that is the signature technique of the Uchiha clan called the Sharingan? It doesn't seem to be helping yo-"

Zanji's blood crept into the mouth of the swordsman, slowly suffocating him. Zanji leapt from his branch, casually walking over to the man with kunai in hand, prepared to finish it.

"So that was your plan..man, I really wish I could manipulate blood like the Shoshinku! But then I'd have to miss out on the Sharingan..we all know my eyes are the best!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.."

Zanji finished the man off, shoving the kunai in his neck. He was the kind of boy that couldn't stand to let someone suffer longer then they had to, even if he was an enemy. Orchid went over to his body, and kicked it repeatedly, having a little fun with it.

"Heh, see that!? You're arrogance got ya six feet under! If you were a smart shinobi, you would have finished us off before we had the chance to even come up with a plan like this!"

Done with taunting the dead swordsman, she began to head back to the river, when she noticed both Ryuuda and Mikasa.

"You guys are alive, eh? Surprising."

Ryuuda nodded.

"He left after you two ran away..but I see it must have been all apart of your plan..lure him in and kill the enemy. Brilliant."

They noth chuckled nervously, knowing that wasn't exactly what happened. But nevertheless, everyone was okay so Choku wouldn't chew Orchid up for raiding a bandit camp and sending up with dead shinobi.

"Well? Let's go back to the camp and get us soom booty!"

Orchid charged ahead of the group, her eyes glimmering. She couldn't wait to get her hands on the jewelry.

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Bandits and Swords[Stat Training]
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