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PostSubject: Jutsu Training   Jutsu Training EmptySat Aug 16, 2014 10:21 am

It was currently 1:00 in the afternoon, and like always, Orchid was at the training fields, working hard in order to surpass her sister Hana. Unlike most places where the sky would be clear along witha bright sun, the clouds were grey, although it didn't look like it was about to start raining just yet. In her minds, thoughts about how bad the weather here was raced through her head. She hd seen the weather other places, and preferred it. Currently, her location in the training fields was on a log five meters away from a pond.

"To beat Hana..I need more then just skill. I need jutsu..stronger jutsu. Despite my low chakra reserves, I can pull off a couple of C-ranks..and they will tip the tide of battle to my favor. Even low ranking moves are dangerous if the opponent isn't careful, no matter how strong he is."

She stared at the ground, still thinking about jutsu, when the sight of a rose caught her eye. It was beautiful, the rose. Although would she ever admit that to anyone? Probably not. As it danced from a sudden breeze, it inspired her.

"The Art of the Flower.."

This would be the name of her fighting stance. While she was thinking of making Ninjutsu, it certainly wouldn't hurt to improve her Taijutsu skills.

"I want to be like that flower..flexible, and free. That's what I'm gonna base my fighting style on. Speed and flexibility."

She started to form new moves for this style, as an art was useless without its signature moves. Orchid wanted people to fear her and know her when they say these attacks!

She tried a couple of attacks on a wooden training dummy. A chop, a basic punch. But none of them felt right until she used a palm strike which snapped the wooden dummy in half.

"Hm...but what should I call this move?"

Just then, Orchid spotted a flower with purple petals.

"An Alyssum...I know just what I'm going to call this technique now..the Palm of the Alyssum."

But, she couldn't practice her attacks on these wooden dummys. They were simply too weak for her. Instead, she was going to train out the ones that even most shinobi couldn't find themselves breaking. Orchid had no clue how these dummies were so durable and what materials they were made out of, but she didn't really care.

"This jutsu is gonna be so fast, that not even tthe Sharingan will be able to keep up with it! I'll be able to light the air around me on fire!"

It was silly Orchid was thinking about such fictional things when she was a trained killer, but she was still a child.

"As much as I don't like the Hyuugas, I admit that the Gentle Fist style would help in making my art better. They focus on agility as much as I plan too. Perhaps once I get my Sharingan to the third tomoe, I'll fight a Hyuuga and copy the fighting style."

She struck with her palms many times on the dummy, until she felt satisfied that she'd completely taken the move as far as she could.

"Who cares if my figure is going to go to waste? I'll finally be able to break Hana in half..it'll be marvelous! That's all I care about..and once I get to my goal, I actually wonder what will I do next, haha..maybe I'll go and conquer the world. See how far I'll get before I'm stopped, because no one ever really succeeds at ruling the world. I know that this planet would not want me as a ruler..I'd rule Earth with an iron fist."

Randomly, she started doing the palm strikes in the air, slowly refining them.

"I have to be swift as a coursing river. I have to be as strong as a raging fire. I have to be as mysterious as the dark side of the moon! It's the only way to beat her!"

It was a little sad. Everywhere she looked, Hana was in her mind. No matter how much Orchid tried to get her out of her brain. Sometimes, her sister had nearly driven her to commit suicide to drive the voices in her head out. Finished with her fighting style for now, she left the training grounds to get something to eat.
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Jutsu Training
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