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 Chiba Hyuuga (Done)

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Chiba Hyuuga (Done)   Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:45 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Hyuuga, Chiba
Titles/Other Names: None
Age: 22
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chiba has a rather unique appearance overall. He has delicate and feminine facial features that has lead others to believing that he is actually a woman. He also has long hair that falls down to his mid-back while also having his bangs hang down on the sides of his face. The Hyuuga also wears his hair with a ponytail in the back at times as well. His eyes however are of the milky white with no noticeable irises that members of the Hyuuga clan have as well as having a lighter grey hair in color. His physique is that of an athletic person but he has some muscles as well but they're not that noticeable. He also stand at about a height of 5'5" while weighing about 190 lbs. Chiba also has the trigram for for Shui (Water) tattooed onto the back of both his hands

Chiba normally wears the Hyuuga clan's signature robes that his mother had given him. He normally leaves it unaltered although he will often tie the sleeves with some rope to make it form fitting if he finds that they are in the way. The robes themselves are Vanilla white with the exception of his sandals being a midnight black. Chiba's robes consist of the top shirt layer which is a loose in the arms long sleeve kimono appearing jacket with the clan symbol on the ends of each sleeve. He has a carbon black belt that is tied at his waist that holds his vanilla white form fitting pants in place while he wears them.

He also wears another set of robes in the same style of the Hyuuga clan. It is a seashell white though it is different from his normal attire in style. The top piece is a sleeveless kimono that is loose and hangs on Chiba like an over sized shirt and has the Hyuuga clan symbol on the back. His pants are also loose fitting and tend to have an and are held in place by a jet black belt and has jet black sandals.  

Chiba's last outfit that he commonly wears is his casual outfit. This clothes has two different variations. The first variation is similar to his second outfit though the shirt and pants are form fitting and seem to be a slate grey in color with ivory white accents and has ash grey sandals. The second variation is a bit different from all of his outfits. This version has no shirt or sandals and is only made up of loose fitting pants that is held onto him by a belt. The color scheme is snow white with ash grey accents.

Personality: Chiba is a kind and compassionate man. He likes to help out with his clan and others when he can, such as helping teachers instruct or help out clan members with their tasks. this has lead him to make many friends and become very social. He enjoys talking to other but also knows the value of having some alone time. Chiba's hobbies reflect how he acts when alone. The hobbies he has are things like training, training with weapons, and reading books. Of the books he reads, most are romance novels although he occasionally finds a mystery novel interesting and reads it. If he isn't doing any of his hobbies then he is with family for some reason or another.

Chiba hold his goals and clan in a high view. This can lead him to being easily offended if someone insults either of them. His goals is to one day be strong enough to become a clan adviser. He is strictly loyal to his clan although he prefers not to fight when it can be avoided. If someone does insult his goal or clan then he will enter a rage in which he will attack that person without mercy and may even rampage for a bit after the fight until he can regain his composure.

In battle, Chiba prefers to use precision and strategy to take down his enemies. He mainly uses his Kekkei Genkai, the Byakugan and the Gentle Fist style, to try and guide the battle in his favor while trying to launch a strategic assault. He also would use his skill in Bukijutsu to try and give him an edge over a foe. However if he is in a rage then he just relentlessly attacks with everything he can muster at an enemy.

Birth to Childhood:

Training to Becoming a Soldier:

Early Soldier to Current:
Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Soldier - On-Field Operative
Tier: A-3
KKG: Gentle Fist Style, Byakugan (Skilled)
Items: -None
Abilities/Perks: Basic Suiton Element
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Lord Amen

Elements : Wind, Water

PostSubject: Re: Chiba Hyuuga (Done)   Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:16 pm

Approved, At C-1 Tier.


Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

Speech Code:#665D1E

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Chiba Hyuuga (Done)
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