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 Mayuri Hyuuga

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Mayuri Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Mayuri Hyuuga   Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:18 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Mayuri Hyuuga
Titles/Other Names: Little mountain
Age: 10
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Mayuri is tall for his age standing at five foot six inches, he weighs a grand total of one hundred and five pounds. His hair is short and scraggly, it's color leaning more towards grey than black which is extremely rare in Hyuuga children. Mayuri is always seen wearing a light blue kimono that is obviously one size too big for him as it hides his hands perfectly in its cloth and trails behind him elegantly. Mayuri, though a kid always carries a stern face with eyes that almost seem to pierce through. He only shows his happy side when he is around his brother and he can be seen giving a smile that shows of his perfect teeth.
Personality: Mayuri is ambitious even at such a young age, he loves and respects his brother, but also looks to the day where he can be on the same footing as him. He is calculating and devious, things he's learned while on the battlefield for his clan. He knows the Hyuuga are the epitome of perfection and views all other outsiders as beneath not only his clan but himself as well and this shows in his attitude towards strangers. He assumes it's a habit he's picked up from his brother who at times can be just as cold. Mayuri is too young to have true goals in life other than surpassing the current elders and leader, as long as he can be of use to his brother he feels accomplished.

Mayuri wishes to be a pillar for the Hyuuga, raising their power to its peak so that it shines over all other clans as the Hyuuga should. In all situations that don't involve his brother he monitors and keeps people at arms length, he is brutally honest and efficient in everything he does.

Background/History: Mayuri being born in a warring age taught himself quickly that he needed to be strong and steeled in this world. From the time he could walk his family started training him in the arts of the Hyuuga. He was trained in the hopes of being of use to his older brother who had already set out and made a name for himself in the battlefields. He quickly learned how to use his byakugan to a skilled degree, he wasn't able to track as fast as his brother could but it was as close as he could get it.

After he was taught the basics of the byakugan and the gentle fist he was tutored in warfare and strategy where he excelled at more so than physical contact. His mind was able to decipher data and formulate plans at a very high rate, so much so that he was brought in to formulate battle plans for his own clansmen. This all happened at the age of seven and his ability to process information and formations has only advanced since then. Now at the age of ten he has been given the title of little mountain and branded with the trigram "Mountain". This was to show that he was a mountain to his adversaries never moving nor yielding a foot to their tactics. he now walks the battlefields playing to his strengths which is collecting data and creating counter attacks for the stealth division in hopes that one day his brother who is now the clan head see's his usefulness.  

Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Soldier-Stealth
Tier: Whichever the mods decide is right for me
KKG: Gentle Fist, Byakugan (skilled)
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PostSubject: Re: Mayuri Hyuuga   Sat Aug 09, 2014 12:06 pm

Approved, C-3
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Mayuri Hyuuga
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