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 Shiva Hyuuga

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Shiva Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Shiva Hyuuga    Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:54 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Shiva Hyuuga
Titles/Other Names: Shiva of the 7 Hands
Age: 17
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Shiva is approximately 5 feet and 6 inches tall.  She weighs approximately 115lbs.  Being incredibly slender, she moves as if she is constantly gliding on air as she moves from place to place.  Her eyes staying with the Hyuuga blood line are pale white.  Her hair is of shoulder length and has an auburn quality.  She has incredibly white teeth that seem to catch a sparkle when she smiles at individuals.  Normally she has a cute smile on her face, and a tendency to wrinkle her nose when she laughs.  She also has a tendency to move her head to one side when speaking to people, giving her a constant quizzical look.  Her movements as she flits from place to place are like the waves as the move through the ocean.  Each movement fluid and with purpose.  Even her fighting style is moved in a beautiful way, as the shifting tides are moved this way and that pulled by the moon lit gaze of her eyes.

Her clothes are generally the same.  Her sparring and every day wear is a white tunic with maroon trim around the button up front and around the cuffs.  She wears a maroon skirt with tight black shorts underneath to prevent embarrassing moments in spars and trainings.  SHe wears a head band around her forehead that resembles the old village head bands, except the kanji upon hers is the clan symbol for the Hyuuga.  Now normally she wears these cloths, but in a more relaxed enviroment unrelated to ninja life, she often wears beautiful flowing kimonos, generally in white and blacks, often emblazoned with stars and moons.  At times she has been known to wear a variety of other tunics and clothes depending on the occasion.

When first greeting a person she often starts with a bow, and taking a respectful stance.  Her movements even display that of respect often letting others move before her, or speak before her.  Shiva has a pale complextion, but rather than sickly it is more ivory.  However upon her body generally hidden by her clothes are multiple burns that besmirch her porcelain tone.


Personality: Shiva is generally a rather soft spoken individual.  She is not one to take the lead in missions, and does best as a general field soldier or assistant.  This is due to her natural personality to respect authority.  She sees the clan head and those above her station as deserving only but the utmost respect and gives them such.  As to those below her she will often converse and train with them.  Shiva is the pinnacle of a teammate only seeking to strengthen the entire group, not only herself.  When asked her opinion however, she will not hold back and speak her mind.  This is also because she respects her superiors, and to show them that respect she doesn't see it as appropriate to hold back information that could potentially assist those whose duties are to make the decisions for the clan.  

In the heat of battle, she adopts a serious look, that many would probably laugh at.  The slender form of her body, and the child like appearance of her face leaves any serious look to seem more cute than menacing.  However this would be a mistake that more than one has made.  Her personality is to lean towards mercy unless the kill has to be made, however first and foremost she is a soldier in the Hyuuga army.  If ordered to strike without mercy, then that is how she will strike.  She keeps her cool in the thick of battle due to her continued training in the arts of taijutsu.  Because of this intensive training being surrounded by enemies and have the jaws of death thrust in her face, it far from concerns her to be surrounded.  When fighting at range, she is a bit more nervous, because this is outside of her comfort zone.  

She is normally a very accepting individual of the other clans of the world.  She believes that others cannot choose the conditions of their birth and therefore cannot be blamed for it.  The only exception are those born under the banner of the Uchiha.  Because of her history, she cannot forgive their race, or their customs.  The other races of the world however she has no problem with.  Often times she is an ideal choice for a political diplomat, related to her very respective nature, and her true disposition to giving others outside of her clan the benefit of the doubt.

Her personality leads her to particularly good with children and academy students, leading them up in the ways of the hyuuga.  Training them in the art of the gentle fist, and showing them what true strength means.  She teaches those under her tutelage that true strength isn't always the power to deliver the killing blow, but at times knowing when to hold back.  Often times she teaches others through unconventional means, such as having them cook or go fishing.  The lessons become apparent only after time, and are never transparent.

Shiva can be seen as a natural flirt, though most of the time none of it would ever lead to anything.  instead it is just how she interacts with others.  Often times she is as likely to flirt with the men around her as the females.  Quick with a compliment, she sees that her allies self-esteem is bolstered.  This process of meeting many friends and keeping people loyal to her, increases her odds to ever ascend in the political scheme if she ever choose to use them.

While she performs best in the role of an assistant, due to the worlds state, sometimes it is required for her to take the lead on missions or on strategy.  When forced to be a leader, she places the mantle proudly on her head, and sees that honor is brought to the clan.  When her subordinates make mistakes she holds them accountable, but also does not scrutinize them to the point of shame.  Instead until the mission is over she will react however it takes to get them to perform to the best of their abilities.  With all that being said, she is not afraid to cut someone loose once the mission is over.  Removing them from her team, and subsequently her life.  As with the respect she gives, she expects it in return.  Once outside of her good books, it will be nearly impossible to return inside them.  It takes a lot for it to happen but it has in the past......

While she is a happy individual the flaws in her character peak through as they do in everyone.  She has a radiance about her, but because of that she is trusting and can take many people in.  This allows for the possibility that someone may try to take advantage of her kindness.



Present Day:

Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Clan Adviser
Tier: A-1 (Or as high or low as this deserves)
KKG: Byakuugan (Mastered), Gentle fists
Elements: Fire,Lightning

The 7 hands - Due to her extensive training and constant work as both a teacher and a successful ninja, Shiva has developed a specialty of sorts.  When using any gentle fist technique she gains a +50 to speed with it.  This is related to her natural affinity for taijutsu, as well as all the time she spent as a teacher constantly demonstrating the techniques for the students.  As a teacher not only did she teach her students, but she created neural pathways and muscel memory within herself that granted her unmatched taijutsu speed.

Fire Trigram Style - As the branch head of the fire trigram, she is allowed to make techniques specific to her branch under the gentle fist.  Due to the natural characteristics of the fire trigram, it also allows certain perks when using the gentle fist style.  The Fire trigram is naturally related to fast movements and can cause flames around her extremities when striking.  This is not chakra related and instead is directly the power of her taijutsu.  Because she is capable of using an advanced for of the gentle fists style the regular gentle fists is easier for her.


-Allows +50 to speed whenever using any gentle fist technique
-Adds 10 heat force to gentle fist attacks
-If the force of the gentle fist technique equals or exceeds the force of a fire jutsu, then it can cancel out the fire technique, causing it to dissipate where struck.  This is related to fighting fire with fire.
-25% reduction to chakra costs on any canon gentle fist technique
-Allows creation of Fire Trigram style techniques

Dense Chakra lvl 2

Due to being part of the main house of the Hyuuga, Shiva is the inheritance of naturally strong chakra.  Also being the branch head of the Fire Trigram pillar it has also caused her to work harder and develop her chakra to be beyond the levels of the normal shinobi, strengthening her strikes, causing her to be even more devastating.  This was also developed due to her need to protect the clan head.  She pushed her body both physically and her chakra network to be stronger than any around her, in an attempt to surpass the clan head in strength.  Not to over throw, but to be the ultimate body guard, willing to lay down her life for the protection of the clan.

The Ultimate Defender of the Hyuuga

This is a supplementary ability due to Shiva's unique amount of respect and determination she has for her clan.  Whenever fighting with or defending the clan head or one of the other leaders of the 8 trigram pillars of the Hyuuga she gains a +20 to speed and strength while in combat.  This can stack depending on how many leaders are also fighting with her on the battlefield.  This can stack because the more leaders around her the more she has on the line to defend them and win, because should she fail in her duties the sacred traditions of the Hyuuga clan could be lost.
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WebMaster Account

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PostSubject: Re: Shiva Hyuuga    Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:17 pm

The last ability cannot be stacked.

Dense chakra cannot be further trained at this time; but you can have it. Please read the page as it has been recently edited.


TIER - A-2
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Shiva Hyuuga
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