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 Angel Hyuuga

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The One-Above-All

The One-Above-All

Elements : Earth Wind

Angel Hyuuga Empty
PostSubject: Angel Hyuuga   Angel Hyuuga EmptyThu Aug 14, 2014 5:22 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Angel Hyuuga
Titles/Other Names: Angel in her years of service have gained many names by her enemies and ally’s alike.  The Cold Empress.  Puppet Lord Angel.  And her favorite The Ultimate One Winged Angel.  Her name strikes both fear and relief on the battlefield
Age: 39
Species: Human
Gender: Female


Lets start from the ground up shall we.


”Everyday Clothes”:

”Ceremonial Robes”:

”Training Gear”:

”Battle Gear”:


Angel was a sweet heart who after many deaths that included her parents she became hardened into that of a soldier.  But on occasions when she’s gazing off into the future or over the horizon on lookers may see the mix of emotions she successfully hides.  Sadness, worry and actual wonder all lay under her cool exterior.  

When interacting with her Superiors she acts how you would expect from a soldier of any army, granting respect and loyalty to those above her.  She knows the “pecking order” and has learned her lessons in the past but that is why there are very few who have the privilege to witness this personality as few out rank her.  Her experiences have made her invaluable on the field of battle and in the War rooms.  And because of this most respect her opinion and commands.

When speaking with those beneath her in rank, she acts much like a stern and quiet teacher lecturing with stares and silence.  She is widely thought of as the best teacher, though she doesn’t see herself as one.  However if a young one clearly out of their depth disrespects her, Angel demonstrates her power in such a way that it puts the peon in their place with as little effort as possible.  Angel is very level headed and not quick to anger and holds no thought of revenge.  But Her eyes blaze in the spirit of vengeance when blatant injustice it committed.  

On the Battlefield Angel is analytical thinking many steps ahead and planning out her opponents moves with accuracy.  This is the main reason why she was chosen as the Chief military officer of the Hyuuga clan, and Advisor to the leader.  Her Battle sense is acute and time tried.  Her Success on the battlefield is derived from her deep ingrained desire to protect everyone, like the sentinel who stands watch through the night ever vigilant in these dark days.

But Angel’s training is not at an end.  She holds the belief that the moment you think you’ve trained enough.  That is the moment you die.  Either figuratively or literally.  As this is now her ultimate goal, she spends all of her time developing and mastering new jutsu or old jutsu .  She researches frantically trying to find a way to fix the world’s condition.  She no longer moves toward anything else.  She has no interest in romance or settling down and retiring.  She plans to die on the battlefield as a warrior.



”The War”:

”Time Skip”:

Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Clan Advisor
Tier: S-3  As a prodigy and master of a hundred arts  Angel is a formidable force to be reckoned with, even before she was cast through time.  With the additional power granted to her by her father she is able to transcend mere human limitations.
KKG: Byakugan
Items: I was told to wait on this section (I do have several Items that Angel was transferred to this time period with which I will make later.)  

However Angel does have an arm made of Lithonite, a rare rock that may or may not even exist anymore.  The stone channels chakra through its entirety.  It is also a part of her so she can move and use it like a regular arm.  However being made of chakra infused stone it has an endurance of Angel’s endurance + Angel’s Chakra. -50 chakra to keep arm strong per post. otherwise it hase the same endurance as Angel's body.

something like this:

Elements: Earth, Wind


Fancy Footwork:
Angel’s feet and toes are as dexterous as her hands and fingers due to being bare foot all the time.  her feet and toes act like her hands and fingers for jutsu and abilities (can’t do hand signs with your feet. If a jutsu requires touching the ground with your hands you can touch it with your feet.  Angel can channel the gentle fist technique through her feet and can manipulate puppet threads with her toes) : Minor

Thread the Needle:
Angel is able to use her gentle fist through her puppet strings.  If she attaches a puppet string to a Tenketsu she can send a blast of chakra into the chakra point as if she had hit it with her gentle fist style.  Additionally when striking an opponent angel can attach Chakra threads to that person.  This may be used by other jutsu or abilities. : Minor

Jutsu Mastery:
Using her Byakugan and her vast knowledge of jutsu, Angel is able to decipher what any Canon jutsu of her elements or classes by watching her opponent cast it :Intermediate

Dense Chakra lvl3:
Due to Having the compounded chakra of herself as well as her father, Angel's chakra is denser and more refined.  Har skill with chakra from an early age was also caused by having dense chakra to begin with, due to her fathers potent chakra. Major
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Lord Amen
Lord Amen

Elements : Wind, Water

Angel Hyuuga Empty
PostSubject: Re: Angel Hyuuga   Angel Hyuuga EmptyFri Aug 15, 2014 12:28 am

A-3 Approved.


Angel Hyuuga 2dcf5cb9-36a8-4acd-81a2-ad3cce1c2ace_zps70129cf9

Ryo: 23,000
Classess: Level 2: Ninjutsu; Level 3: Fuinjutsu; Level 5: Kugutsu
Elements: Wind
Equipment: 1x - God's Artificial Body; 3x - Sphinx Trio; 1x - Emperor Scorpion; x100 - Pharaoh's Century

Speech Code:#665D1E

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Angel Hyuuga
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