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 Gonna beat that bitch down [Class Training for Nin]

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Ryu Yamazaki

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PostSubject: Gonna beat that bitch down [Class Training for Nin]   Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:03 pm

The Uchiha sat in a forest, currently on a tree. Her eyes were locked on to the sky. It was a clear and sunny day today, and it was the middle of the afternoon. She was about to do some hard training..after all, she still had a lot to do if she wanted to catch up to Hana, especially with her puppets. But for now, she would worry about that later and would focus on her Ninjutsu.

"Well...let's get to it. I can't rely on the damn Sharingan forever, after all. That thing is more of a crutch..it's like I'm addicted to its power, as if it were some type of drug."

Shaking her head, she leapt out of the tree, landing with a slight thump. Orchid would throw off her furcoat jacket, and then began the training.

"First thing's first..if I want to become good at Ninjutsu, I'm gonna have to implant those damn handseals in my mind, permanently. It should come across as muscle memory to me..an instant reflex."

Taking a book out of a green bookbag she carried with her often, she opened it. Each page listed how the handseals looked..it was academy material, but it wouldn't help to go back to the basics.

"Alright..let's do this!"

Orchid began to rapidly go through the process of forming all the handseals without bothering to mold any of her chakra. She would repeat the process for about two hours, her intense focus allowing her to do such a tedious and menial task...although, her fingers were beginning to cramp.

"God damn it...well, no pain no gain right? And practice makes perfect after all..."

Done with that section of her training for now, she would climb back up the tree, and go on to a rather thick branch that supported her weight quite easily. She would get into a meditation stance, and focus on controlling her chakra. It was true that the girl was pretty good at manipulating and molding her chakra, but that didn't stop her from making it better. As a Ninjutsu specialist, she knew that even the slightest amount of chakra counted in a battle. It could easily mean the difference between life, and death.

I despise her damn face..most of the time, I want to kick her in the cunt...she thinks she's so better then everyone, that's why her ass got exiled! That bitch wouldn't have survived without my help when those bandits got us..maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but someday..SHE WILL KNOW MY WRATH!

It was all about ascending and becoming stronger, for her. Even when the day when she eventually fought and defeated Orchid eventually came, she would still.get stronger for the sake of being stronger. She kept the meditation pose for about two hours, focusing on her chakra. Rage. Some said it wasn't healthy for the little girl, but what did they know? Finished with her meditation, she leapt back on the ground, and would practice the very first elemental jutsu that was taught to her. Forming the necessary handseals required for the jutsu, she molded the Katon chakra in her body, forming it into a flame.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

The chakra was molded, making sure that she tried her best to control the amount of chakra that went into the attack. It was a bit easier then her other attacks since she used the jutsu a ton, but she still felt she overdid it a little..a fireball was emitted from his mouth, burning a nearby ttree to a crisp.

"I'm gonna push my body to the limits! I don't care if my body is ripped to shreds! I'm going to beat the crap out of that skank! GREAT FIREBALL JUTSU!"

Another fireball was thrown from her mouth, burning down another tree. An insane screech that some would recognize as a distorted form of a laugh erupted from Orchid, as she clawed at her face.


When she used the jutsu, it felt..natural. Like she had truly mastered the jutsu, which was essentially the signature jutsu of the Uchiha clan. With a grin plastered, forming her usual smug face, she would move onwards to the next jutsu. This jutsu was a wind jutsu, a relatively simple one, that allowed the user to fire a momentary burst of wind in any direction, without the need for any handseals. Katon and Fuuton worked excellent together, so she had that advantage when her fight with Hana would start. Unfortunately, Fuuton was one of the harder elements to mold of the basic five, besides Raiton. Still, it was only a C-rank jutsu. It shouldn't have been too hard to use. Molding her wind chakra, she would unleash a burst of wind, and shouted,


A strong current of wind was unleashed in front of Orchid, knocking rocks aside. It probably would have sped up any projectiles she threw as well, increasing the damage they did. However, the jutsu still was far from being mastered. Gritting her teeth, she would perform it again. Another burst of wind, and another. She repeated the process ten times, which is when she became exhausted. Stumbling back, she fell on the grass and went to sleep for about two hours.

"Ah...fuck. I can't do that again. If a bandit came to me, he could have fucked me right there....I prefer it the other way around."

Getting up, she dusted her pants off and resumed her jutsu training. It was time for the next jutsu, and she already wasted enough time with that little beauty rest of hers. Next, was a Katon jutsu. Basically, it was like a minature version of the Great Fireball Technique, except with more...balls. She snickered when that word came into her mind. Forming the requored handseals, Orchid fired a volley of fireballs aimed at a tree.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Floeer Jutsu! Heh. I don't need the damn Uchiha clan in order to still be awesome at fire techniques! It's in my blood!"

She repeated the process multiple times, but made sure she wouldn't succumb to exhaustion like she did when she overused the Great Breakthrough technique. Sweating and panting slightly, her face a bit red, she clenched her fists.


Birds flew away that were previously perched in there branches. It was like she was about to literally explode from the rage that dwelled within her. She couldn't stop thinking about Hana...she practically drove her whole existence.

"I only came with that bitch so I wouldn't lose track of her, which wpuld have made it alot harder to pound her face in...grr..and after I'm done with her, I'll go after the Uchiha Clan for fucking over my life..my dumbass parents ignored me, but when I bring that cunt's carcass to the front of there door, they'll realize they should have been training ME! Not her! And after they get in tears over there beloved child, I'll kill them too..."

As the afternoon turned into evening, and the evening turned into night, Orchid was finally done with improving her Ninjutsu. It was time to head back home in the comfort of her bed, and get some sleep. Hopefully she wouldn't encounter any bandits, but with the power of the Sharingan, even in her tired state, they wouldn't be a problem unless they were actually legitimate shinobi.

"Hm..I think once I'm home, I'm gonna have a nice bowl of ramen...that sounds nice."

She headed into the woods, disappearing for the night.

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Gonna beat that bitch down [Class Training for Nin]
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