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 A Chance Encounter - [Invite Only - NK]

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PostSubject: A Chance Encounter - [Invite Only - NK]   Tue Aug 19, 2014 1:41 pm

A young girl, barely five feet and four inches in height, made her ways through the densely forested area in the northern parts of the Fire Country, her feet moving back and forth as they propelled her body forward gracefully and gently. Her body swayed ever so slightly as she moved, walking towards her usual spot where some training dummies were located, some training dummies that she herself had previously set up as a means of training. After all, the most efficient method of training ones physical strength was always practicing on reinforced dummies. The young girl, Yuki Hyuuga, made it to her spot and turned to face the dummies, her fists raised as she wasted no time in getting in her stance. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath as she took form, letting a quick jab fly at the head of the dummy, following up with a second and third strike to its gut and chest respectively. She proceeded to jab and punch the dummy with great force and efficiency, modifying the rhythm of her breathing for optimal performance and speed. She would punch, breath quickly, punch, breath quickly, punch and breath quickly once more over and over again, timing her breaths perfectly as to preserve her stamina. Finally she let out a sigh of exhaustion, realizing she had been at it for almost half an hour at this point.

Yuki was beyond your average shinobi in terms of her appearance. Few shinobi shared similarities with her appearance-wise. Although a handful of other shinobi in the shinobi world had blonde hair just like her, few, if any, in the Hyuuga clan possessed the amount of purity that she did in terms of how blonde and well kept her hair was as well as the deep whiteness of her eyes. Although other clan members may have possessed eyes as white as hers, almost no one else could be found in the clan who had such perfectly kept blonde hair. Her eyes, being so deep white, were easy to get lost in. After all, it was almost as if one were looking into the sun when one looked into her eyes directly. Her face was cutely shaped and relatively small as far as her forehead, nose, and chin were concerned. Her lips were full yet not too large, with a pinkish hue to them. She often kept them pursed together when deep in thought and would pull out a gentle smile when looking to comfort her allies.

Her hair, being blonde, was pure and clean in many ways. Her bangs extended down to just below her eyebrows, waving to the side so that they did not obstruct her vision. While she also had a bit of hair on either side of her head that extended down to the bottom of her neck. In the back, her hair flowed all the way down to around her waist-area. She often kept it loose and waving in the wind but today was different. Instead, she had decided to tie it up into two pony tails that each extended down evenly to her waist. She often tied them with blue ribbons when she did this but today had chosen to use pink ribbons. She had tied the pony tails so neatly and perfectly, making them look nice and neat. She was actually quite proud of herself as she was not often very good with things such as hair. The fact that she was able to do her ponytails so well was a testament to how good she was at things which she did not even do often.

Although she was not the type to be considered too 'girly', she actually cared a lot about her appearance and wished to give off a good impression to those she interacted with, especially in the training grounds as she wished to attract attention to her so she could meet a nice training partner who could help her grow better and stronger. She felt that if her appearance gave off the impression of a slacker, she would not get very far in life. She was, after all, the type of person who believed how one carried themself was vital to how far they made it in life. One could easily look at a person and draw first impressions based on their appearance and how they dressed themselves. This was a sad truth in the world and one that she did not particularly approve of. However, she had little issues with it as she had a large wardrobe of nice clothing as well as

Her eyes were full and white, as previously mentioned, with almost no pupils to take note of, as she was a member of the Hyuuga clan after all. Members of the Hyuuga clan lacked pupils in the center of their irises. Her eyes were somewhat large compared to most but not too large. After all, they gave off a 'cute' appearance that many would fall in love with. They sat at the top of her face perfectly, though not necessarily perfectly symmetrical as no one's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. However, it would be quite a tedious task for one to find flaws in her beauty. That's not to say that her beauty was flawless, on the contrary, her appearance was slightly flawed but that was what was cute about her. Each component of her face worked together to produce an image that would be quite difficult for one to say no to. Over-all, she appeared to be gorgeous but if one were to focus on each part of her face individually they may have realized the flaws in her looks.

She often wore a clean, pure-white button-up shirt that she would change without thought should it get dirty. She wore such a shirt on this day, as she did not feel like changing up that detail of her appearance even if she had decided to switch things up with her. After all, it was not necessarily her nicest shirt but it was not a bad shirt either. It was perfect training attire as far as her wardrobe went. She wanted to look nice while not risking ruining her better clothing, after all. She wore the shirt quite well, feeling it fit snugly to her skin while also not being so tight as to restrict her. It was perfectly fit to her body and thus good for training. Much better than her tighter or looser clothing which would have hindered her in some shape or form. She could not have hindrances when training. She had to be of best model and form if she was to train properly and efficiently. She wore it completely buttoned up except for the topmost button which she had left, as she typically did, unbuttoned to give her some breathing room, especially considering she would be doing intensive training today. She could not have her shirt choking her or restricting her, after all. She would be breathing heavily throughout the training session and to have the top button buttoned up would have forced it to cling to her neck. Something she was not particularly fond of.

The area that Yuki was currently in was actually quite frequently passed through by other members of the Hyuuga clan. After all, the spot was available to anyone who wished to train there. It was not as if Yuki had kept it to herself or made it anywhere particularly restricted. For that reason, she expected to run into at least one person in the spot, if nothing else. She especially wanted to run into someone of importance, but that was perhaps too much to expect in such an area. Then again, maybe it was not too unexpected? She would just have to see who she encountered. She sighed as she decided to take a seat in the shade of a nearby tree right within the circular formation of the clearing. She pulled out a small box of pokki and took a piece out, nibbling it shyly as she waited for someone to pass through.
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A Chance Encounter - [Invite Only - NK]
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