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 Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]

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Ryu Yamazaki

Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:29 pm

Orchid had been out in the forests for weeks training her ass off. No one had even the slightest clue where she was. Sure, she dropped by every once in a while at the compound when her food supply was running low, but this time, she packed a huge one that could last a month or two. Being around her sister just frustrated her, even though she didn't want to admit that they were practically best friends. Done with her Ninjutsu for now, she would focus on a specialization that she really hadn't been focusing on. With the Sharingan it allowed her to gain the advantage in close range combat. But, even Orchid had to admit that her strength wasn't all that even if her speed and skill were beyond the norm. Her strength wasn't even comparable to the average academy student, and she was here to rectify that problem.

The weather was perfect for a nice, long training session as well. It was warm, and early in the afternoon.

"I'll just get one hold on that bitch, and I'll snap her cute ass in half. If it isn't my high chakra reserves that'll grind her into dust, by the time I'm through with this training, it'll be my fists that turn her into a bloody pulp!"

This training session wouldn't be about skill, or finesse. Orchid had plenty of that. Instead, she would focus on how good she could lift. That would improve her strength. It was sad that an academy student hit harder then her..

"I can't be the one to lead the Uchihas to victory if I can't evem hit harder then some shrimp!"

Stomping on the blades of grass which began to kick up some dust, Orchid began to start doing some pushups.

"Everything I've done, Hana has done better..but not anymore. I'm going to keep getting better."

At least, that's what I tell myself so I can keep on going. A part of me is afraid that no matter how hard I train, that she'll always be better then me...like it's fate. B-But it's not fair! She doesn't even work to get where she's at! Everything she has is handed to her! I didn't get help from any of my good for nothing parents...

Her great endurance allowed her to continue her push ups for a huge amount of time.


She collapsed to the ground.

"Dumb bitch..as soon as I mention anything negative about her something bad happens...she was even going to be a clan leader. How...how is that even possible?"

Struggling to get back up, she would continue her intensive training with some pull ups, use a sturdy tree branch. Her muscles felt like they were on fire, and it was bad that she was overworking her body, but Orchid could care less.

"I'll have to do this training on a schedule..I can't just do it one day and magically expect results. Unfortunately, it doesn't work like that."

After about thirty minutes, she fell to the ground with a solid thud.

"Gruh..my arms feel as strong as wet noodles. God damn it, I knew I shouldn't have exhausted myself. Fuck..guess I should be content with sitting here until my arms feel like coming back to life. Although, I do have something I need to figure out here about the relationship between Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. I could try and enhance my strikes with my chakra..just a little, to.give it that juice it needs."

So yeah, maybe it wouldn't be considered strength training to some ninja, but it was focused on the intent of increasing her physical power. Taking a meditation stance and focusing her chakra into her strikes, she sat there for about an hour. It was boring, but meditation was an essential technique for chakra and chakra control.

"Hm..I need to advance my Sharingan as well. One tomoe isn't enough..I have to be better then Hana. I need the third one..but I'll cross that bridge eventually, I guess."

After having enough meditation, and her arms feeling good enough to train again, she resumed her five hundred push ups.
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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:21 am

It was another cloudy day in the Land of Rain, with a few droplets of rain filled the area, it was thin but noticeable. Orchid has been missing for weeks, no one knew of her location though Hana knew she went out to get some training in. However, she never stayed away this long, which worried Hana, so she had to go find her and make sure she was ok. Hana was wearing her normal attire, with her hood up in a sexy spy way which some might consider creepy, like her sister. "Dammit Orchid, why won't you just listen to me for once." The young Uchiha girl would say as she left the clan's compound and headed out into the forests, where Orchid usually trains. She searched the general area around the clan, in hopes that her sister wasn't so stupid to go too far away from the clan, though her hopes were crushed as she found no sign of the irresponsible Orchid. "I bet she went out looking to get a good fuck in, she's such a slut sometimes.." Hana would think to herself as she giggled a bit. She then continued to search the area, until finally about a mile from the compound she found the little irresponsible bitch. She was busy doing pushups again, what does she think she is? A man? Dammit Orchid why can't you just act girly for once?! No wonder your figure is going away, your turning into a man! All those thoughts ran through the Uchiha's mind. She would stay up on a nice sturdy capable branch in the tree, watching her sister. "So here you are." She would say, her face not showing anything really, just a normal straight face as if she was bored. She jumped off of the tree, she would've made the dust rise a bit from the ground as she landed but you know it's been raining again. Hana has been getting tired of Orchid's constant escaping of the clan compound, so she challenged Orchid. "Since you're so focused on getting stronger, that you'd leave the compound unprotected, how about a spar? Hopefully this will show you that anyone can come and hurt you." Her face turning a little bit more towards the angry side towards the end of that sentence. She was standing seven meters from the muscular girl, Orchid, with her hands ready by her chest to make any needed hand signs.
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Ryu Yamazaki

Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:58 am

Her mind was so focused on her training that she was taken by surprise once she heard the voice of her sister, who had creeped up on her. Startled, she fell on her face, but immediately got back up, standing tall. Hopefully Hana would forget that little embarassment..or else she'd make her. Rubbing her head in pain from the slight fall, she sighed.

"What the hell are you doing here?! I came out here to avoid you people and do some training on my own, not to have some damn party! Leave my sight at once!"

But apparently, Hana wasn't here for any casual reasons, or some mushy shit like talking about feelings. The bitch wanted a spar, so she would give it to her. Orchid felt that Hana was just way too overconfident, and needed someone to bring her back down to reality.

"Do you really think you're strong enough to handle me? And that lame ass compound? Don't get me started..I don't really care about it..but sometimes, you get tired of hunting down food and would like food served to ya, you know? Wait..you don't know, you're an unrefined princess! TIME TO BEAT YOUR ASS DOWN!"

Orchid cracked her knuckles and charged at Hana headfirst, confident that she was faster then her. All she had to do was lay down one hand on her puny body, and get her crying for mercy. The Uchiha swung a round house towards the side of Hana's face, just to see how she would react. It was unfortunate how she didn't know how severe the power gap between the two of them was, and that she could dodge this with ease. The odds were not in Orchid's favor at all, and deep down, she knew that she'd get her ass kicked. But the Uchiha needed to believe that this would be the day that she'd finally win over her damn sister. It was what kept her going, after all.

"You're like a fucking Mary-Sue! You're good at EVERYTHING, and you can do no wrong! No one likes people like you! Die, bitch!"

She placed all her force and speed into that one roundhouse, betting that it would connect. After all, her speed was far beyond her letter rank, so maybe that would take Hana by surprise. If she needed to,she would use her Sharingan, but didn't think this was necessary. Despite her declaring death on her sister, this was still a spar.

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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:34 pm

With her surprise greeting she caused her sister to fall to the ground face first as she was doing her pushups. With the embarrassing event occurring, Hana giggled softly but her face returned to the mysterious look she had on before. Orchid would get up quickly, so Hana was ready for what she was about to throw at her. "What the hell are you doing here?! I came out here to avoid you people and do some training on my own, not to have some damn party! Leave my sight at once!" Her sister would say to her with a distinct tone in her voice, showing her anger towards Hana. However, Hana was not impressed with this utter disrespectful tone Orchid had with her. It was getting annoying, Hana was always so protective of Orchid and only cared for her, that's why she's always wanting to know what Orchid is up to and if she's safe. But no, it gets thrown in her face, and Hana can only take it up to a point. So she would show her sister a lesson in pain today, to get rid of some of that irritation. "Let's just get started, stop talking and start doing something for once." She would say to Orchid. And then she had the nerve to say that she was gonna beat Hana's ass down? She's really pushing it, bitch isn't even in her league, so how can she think she'd beat Hana's ass down. It angered Hana even more, so she stood ready as Orchid charged at her. With her left leg being swung at Hana's face, she would attempt to roundhouse Hana. However, Hana's speed was at a much higher class than her sister's, and it was obvious she was gonna intercept it as she saw the whole thing coming. Just as Orchid's leg was lifted, Hana already knew what she was going to do. She caught the girl's leg with her right hand, still standing still with her face showing no remorse to what she was about to do. It was getting too much, all this bitch and slut and cunt and whatever else she was being called, she had enough of it. She loved her sister dearly, but damn a person could only take so much before deciding enough was enough. As she caught her leg by the ankle, she would tighten her grip upon the ankle, cracking her ankle-bone. It wasn't fully broken, but it would indeed hurt like hell if Orchid didn't find some sort of miraculous way of escaping the world of hurt she was about to be put in, which was highly unlikely considering Hana had done this so quickly and Orchid's speed isn't a match for Hana's. She would then throw her sister to the ground as she cracked Orchid's ankle-bone. "What was that about beating my ass?" She would ask the irresponsible girl which would be laying on the ground. To make the situation even worse, she wouldn't stop just there. No, Orchid's words hurt especially since Hana cared so much for her. She knows Orchid cares for her too, but it's getting out of hand and it was time for her to learn a lesson in respect. Hana would then move her palm over to her mouth, which she would then breath wind into to form a small whirlwind-like ball. The Spiraling Wind Ball technique was obviously used here. Hana would then throw the ball at her sister's cracked ankle, to put her into more pain and hurt the ankle even more. Hana wasn't gonna go easy on Orchid in this spar, no she had to learn respect for others and that anyone could have came and hurt her or possible killed her. After all, there are medical ninja back at the compound so she could get healed back to full health once they were done.
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Ryu Yamazaki

Elements : Wind

PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:39 pm

Orchid's eyes nearly fell out in surprise when her roundhouse was caught with ease. It seemed that Orchid was severely outmatched by Hana.

"Oh fuck, why can't I get a fuckin-"

She screamed in pain as her leg was being crushed under Hana's iron grip. It was pathetic how she was getting her ass handed to her like this...Orchid had been training so hard, but it was never enough. No matter how hard she trained, Hana was always ten steps ahead of her. Why? Why was life so cruel? As she was thrown to the ground, Orchid struggled to get up.

"Fuck you, you little hoe..one day, I will get stronger then you...my whole day was going fine until you came along and fucked up my ankle..I mean sure, I love you, but you need to give me my own damn space! I have training to do and you've obviously proved that us sparring is pointless if you're gonna fucking use all your strength."

The next bout of pain came from a fuuton jutsu known as the spiraling wind ball which drove deeper into her ankle and furthered the pain. This time, she held back her screams.

"But I guess it doesn't matter, because you're not gonna leave. Probably gonna teach me a less- HANA, LOOK OUT!"

Orchid's body shuddered, as a look of true horror crept on her face, and she pointed behind Hana. Except, it was a simple little trick. Orchid wasn't against using underhanded tactics like this against her opponent. In fact, she employed them quite often. As long as she was winning, it honestly didn't matter. If Hana did fall for her trick, Orchid would throw herself on top of her, throwing a nasty right hook at the back of her head in an attempt to knock her out. It hurt like hell considering her broken ankle, but she summoned up the willpower to do it. She couldn't be TOO durable, no matter the obvious difference in power. If that didn't work, she didn't know what else would. But even if this attack failed, her body would keep forcing her to get up until she was dead or knocked out. It wouldn't just give out while Orchid's goal was right in front of her.

If Hana didn't look back, she would still charge at her. You only lived once, after all. It wouldn't hurt to try.

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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   Mon Aug 04, 2014 2:40 pm

Hana wasn't happy about the fact that she was hurting her sister, though it had to be done.. But she was pushing it when Orchid said to her those harsh words again.. "Fuck you, you little hoe..one day, I will get stronger then you...my whole day was going fine until you came along and fucked up my ankle..I mean sure, I love you, but you need to give me my own damn space! I have training to do and you've obviously proved that us sparring is pointless if you're gonna fucking use all your strength." There it was again, the insultive tone of her sister. "You little hoe"... Those words hurt Hana and pushed her even further. Hana would never show off her true strength in front of her sister as she knew it hurts Orchid when she sees how far behind Hana she is. But this was the end of that, calling her a little hoe pushed Hana over the edge. With that said.. She looked upon the ground in a glaring manor, showing no regret to what she was about to say. "All of my strength? This is childsplay for me..." She looked back at her sister again, glaring into her eyes to see the hurt she put into her, just like Orchid hurt Hana. It was a strange thing, sisters and especially these sisters go at each other so much but love each other nonetheless. Orchid would then try to fool Hana with one of her so overly used tactics, trying to take Hana's attention away from Orchid. Though it would prove to be a worthless attempt as Hana didn't fall for it. Hana trained with her sister for a year straight when they were alone and on their own, and have been by each other's sides since the day they left the Uchiha compound, like Orchid said herself just now. So it wasn't something Hana hasn't seen Orchid use before. "Hmph." She would reply to the pitiful attempt by her sister. With the girl crying wolf once again, Hana would clap her hands together. Wind Release chakra would be compressed together and form a gale which would be sent straight at the very near (1-2 meters) Orchid. The wind wasn't really harmful, though it would sent her flying about another two meters backwards. This compression put on her body, or ankle if we're to go more into detail now, would be quite painful to Orchid. Not to mention her body could be turned by the wind, making her ankle move in ways that it shouldn't in this current state. Hana would then step forward towards her sister as she was sent flying, clapping her hands together once again to perform the same technique. The effects would be the same. Once more this was done for a third time, Hana kept walking closer as if she was the one finally fucking with Orchid. "Do you see my point? Anyone could have come to hurt you. But it's fine, I'll leave you on your own from now on. If you wish to have my help in something, I'll do it, but don't expect me to come to search for you and save your arse." She would say, stating her mind for once towards her sister. After which she would leave the area and head back to the compound, leaving her sister behind. Once she got there, she would send a medical ninja over to Orchid so she could get healed and "take care of herself".
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PostSubject: Re: Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]   

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Hana and me[Hana/Invite only]
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