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 Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only)

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PostSubject: Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only)   Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only) EmptyThu Aug 07, 2014 3:39 am

[Paths of the exiled cross. Part1]
The light has faded and the moon has risen as nighttime has begun in Amegakure. Hana left the Shoshinku clan compound only moments ago, taking a stroll out towards her usual training spot. It was a normal routine for her, though tonight wasn't going to be as normal as she thought. She jumped up onto a steady tree branch, after which she'd start jumping on to the next and then again the next, so it continued. She was moving through the forest, wet from the constant rain in the land known as Amegakure. The young Uchiha would be training a new technique she planned out in her head, the Scorch Clone Technique. It was a derivation of the Shadow Clone technique which utilized her Scorch Release to give the clones more of an edge over their opponent, as well as probably best the Shadow Clone technique. As the rain fell from the clouds through the air and onto the ground, it was a peaceful night accompanied by the full moon, though that wasn't visible behind the clouds of the rain. She would then reach her destination as she jumped from the branch onto the wet ground, water being splashed by her open toed black ninja shoes which went up to just under her knees. These boots were accompanied her black short coat, and the rest of her usual attire. She moved her hands over to the sides over her hood, after which she would softly remove the hood from her head to reveal her face. The black eyes she held within her eyesockets would hide her true eyes which would be a second tomoe blood red Sharingan. She had read many books on the Shadow Clone technique, so she knew what would have to be done while training the technique and to master it. Though of course she'd have to make some changes, as she'd have to add her Scorch Release chakra nature to the clones, and add the explosion effect which they'd have once destroyed or dispersed. A white light would strike through the air, a boom followed shortly after it as she said softly "It's time..." She would focus on her Scorch Release chakra nature, and the molding of her chakra which would need to take place for the clone to be formed correctly and with the right effects. With the formation of the clone seal with her left hand, she would be activating the technique. The clone was formed about five feet in front of her, though the technique wasn't a success. The clone would disappear in a sudden poof of smoke, and the explosion it left behind was but a mere foot big. "Ok, so more chakra is needed." The thought went through her head. She continued the training again by forming the clone seal with her left hand once more. Focusing on her Scorch Release chakra nature, and the molding of her chakra through the clone seal made by her left hand, she would activate the technique again. The clone formed five feet in front of her, and was a bit more successful than the last as it lasted more time than the previous clone. The clone would walk around, and away from Hana. But it then dispersed a while after, and the explosion would be a meter wide. "A bit more chakra, and maybe then it will work." She thought again. With the formation of the clone seal being done with her left hand again, and the focusing on her Scorch Release chakra nature she would be molding the chakra needed to create the scorch clone. The technique was activated again with the appearance of the clone in front of her. It would walk around again, but it was still not a success as it dispersed after a while, which was longer than the previous clone's duration but still not correct. The explosion was also smaller than she was aiming for as it was only a 3 meter radius explosion. "Almost there" She got a bit irritated but would'nt give up. With that being said, she would increase the chakra amount that she had to put into the technique. She performed the clone hand seal again and focused once more on her Scorch Release chakra nature to which a clone would be created five feet in front of her. The clone was indeed a success as it lasted for a good while, just as much as the Shadow Clone technique normally would. After waiting for a good while, she decided to disperse it to see how big the explosion would be. The clone stood a good ten meters away from her, and exploded. The explosion radius was perfect as well, being the range she wanted. "Yes!" She would say aloud.
Training of Scorch Clone technique completed. 810 Words (800 needed for B rank technique)
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Elements : Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only)   Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only) EmptyThu Aug 07, 2014 4:40 pm

[Paths of the exiled cross. Part2]
With the noise the blast from the explosion made, topped off with the loud "yes" made by Hana, she alerted someone of her presence. It was a male, about 6 feet nine inches tall, well built as well with his muscles being shown as the droplets of rain fell on them, it was enough to get a girl in the mood. Though the man's face was another story, being filled with battle scars and a missing eye. "Crack.." The noise would be heard by the Uchiha girl, standing in the middle of the field. It came from 13 Meters away from the man. Her ears had caught the attention of the cracking stick which the man stepped on. His sneaking around skills were definitely not of the best in the lands. Hana was now aware of this man's presence, she turned around 180 degrees to which she would now face the man. "Who's there!" She would demand an answer from the man, though silence would still be within the air aside from the soft rain which fell on the ground. "Fine, we'll do this the hard way." The words would utter from her mouth. It was obvious this man was either going to kill her or was an outsider, because anyone in the Shoshinku clan knows well of Hana and her position within the clan, being so close to the leader Choku. And if the man was indeed an outsider, she'd have to take care of the intruder. This was indeed a world war going on, and he has just entered the territory of another clan. The man was there to kill the girl, though his reason for entering their territory wasn't just to kill her. No, he was there on the run from his own clan. He would step closer to Hana, reaching about seven meters from her as she held her hands by her side. A skilled shinobi in the art of Ninjutsu like Hana could do one handed seals with ease so she had no need to hold her hands close to her side, having it next to her would serve just fine. As he neared Hana, she would see his face much clearer in the light shining through the clouds from the sun's reflection on the moon. Her eyes widened as she saw who she just encountered. The man was named Koketsu Uchiha, exiled from the Uchiha clan for treason and murder. He lost his right eye years ago in a battle against the leader of the Uchiha clan. It was his punishment, being stripped of his full Sharingan abilities. Though he was supposed to loose both eyes, he escaped the battle as he was loosing the fight. Hana knows of this man, everyone does. Who can forget a man who tried to kill their clan leader, or in this case her ex clan leader. "Koketsu.." She would mutter. She stood still, ready to kill this man. She knew of him very well, and knew that he killed anyone who stood in the way of his goals. The man grew a grin on his face. "So you know me? Then you must know your fate, little girl." He said to Hana.

Hana wouldn't hesitate to begin the battle and make the first move to get the upperhand. She would perform the clone hand seal with her right hand, using her Scorch Release chakra nature to enhance it's capabilities, which would alter the Shadow Clone technique and be known as the Scorch Clone technique. The very technique she had just mastered, it seemed fitting to use as it was also the technique which attracted the man here. The clone was created in a puff of smoke about 1 meter in front of Hana, which would be six meters from the other Uchiha exile. He had no idea of her being from the Uchiha clan as well, and she'd keep it that way. He'd probably do anything to get his eye back, or replace it with another Sharingan. Just as the clone was created, it performed the two hand seals needed for Great Fireball Technique. The man knew this technique well as it was the Uchiha who created it, so he knew what was coming. He then performed the hand seal "Ram" which would activate the Body Flicker technique. His body was energized extremely to enhance his mobility speed to an extreme. He dodged the technique with easy, though it would be much different if he did not have that technique in his arsenal. "Sharingan.." He said as his eye turned a blood red, with two tomoe. He might have the same level of Sharingan that Hana has, but that didn't mean that they were on par with each other. Hana was much more experienced in Ninjutsu, and his speed was no match for hers. This was proven as the following happened. Just before the man activated his Sharingan, she hand already performed the Ram hand seal as well, though it was just a ruse. The body flicker technique wasn't activated, but instead she had merely used her natural speed to get behind the man. "Think again.." She would say as she performed the two seals like her clone did before. She would then breath out a massive fireball which would consume the man and cause full body second degree burns.

Though the man would not give up, he was still alive and had much more in store for the young Uchiha girl, Hana. Slamming his left elbow backwards, he would attempt to hit her in the chest. She thought the man was done for, and lowered her guard somewhat, though it cost her as she got hit with the blow to the chest. The clone would then step in, being thirteen meters from the man after his body flicker, the clone would perform his own body flicker. After creating the ram hand seal with his right hand, the clone would body flicker towards the man, stopping a foot in front of him and leaving behind a puff of white smoke created by the technique. As the clone stopped, he would immediately clap his hands together as fast as it could. Wind release chakra formed between the two palms, which would then be shot straight at the man's face. The Sharingan of the man might be good, but not good enough to track the movements of something so fast that was also using body flicker. The Gale Palm technique would then send the man flying backwards over Hana as it hit Koketsu in his face.

Until now it was as if they were just playing games, though the games would now come to an end as Hana was finished with this man. He might have escaped the leader of the Uchiha, but he sure as hell wasn't going to escape her tonight. She would turn around to face the man as he laid on the ground. He was in immense pain as his body rubbed against the grass when he landed, with the second degree burns making that much more painful. "Time to see if this explosion really does have the power to kill." Hana would say. She looked at the clone, to which the clone would know what it had to do next with the words Hana just said. It walked over to the man in pain. "Might as well let that eye burn to hell as well, what would I do with a single Sharingan?" She would say as the clone reached the man. The clone's existence would then come to an end as it dispersed, leaving behind an explosion with the qualities of Scorch Release. The man was killed, and his body would be burned to the extreme, as well as the fluids inside his body steaming out to dry the man from the inside out, leaving his corpse mummified.
1344 Words
Learned Multiple Scorch Clones technique (A rank -1200WC)
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Paths of the exiled cross (Invite only)
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