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 Kitaro Senju

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PostSubject: Kitaro Senju   Thu Aug 14, 2014 11:24 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Kitaro Senju
Titles/Other Names: Bushido Kitaro
Age: 34
Species: Human (Japanese by Race)
Gender: Manly Male

Appearance: Kitaro is a  comparatively large man, especially among those who share his complexion. Standing at 2.1 meters/6'9" he very rarely has to look up at someone. Though he's not one to be intimidated should he find himself there. His weight isn't necessarily proportional, however, and the lean muscle that exists around the majority of his body contributes to a greater weight. Though of course this is the norm rather than the exception for ninja. Kitaro, is mostly physically normal with a few exceptions and personal touches as everyone has. His only noticeable outstanding feature, when clothed, is that his hands are slightly larger than average.

Kitaro keeps his hair at a very specific length and in a very straight fashion. Feeling that any more would prevent his combative ability and any less would be strange enough to invite otherwise unwanted attention or even looks that lasted too long. Kitaro maintains some facial hair around the chin, extending in a short patch under his lower lip and stretching two inches from his chin. Kitaro has been careful to keep this facial hair too thin to be grabbed and confined only to the chin rather than allowing a beard to claim the sides of his face. Extending only so far as the edge of either side of his lips. On the back of his head, Kitaro's hair is kept in thinly combed lines of shaved and incredibly short-kept hair. Kitaro's eyebrows are admittedly thin, due to a burn that he recieved in combat with an Uchiha in transit as an adult, they just never grew back and such has become a feature of his face. As he aged through the rife with conflict era that he was born into, and lived through, two wrinkle lines can be seen constantly across his face, though in reality these are the muscles in his face unable to relax after the deep levels of intensity they were exposed to at such an often rate. (His face really did get stuck like that) Unable to fully dispose of these lines, Kitaro accepted them and has since stopped caring for their existance, though they do make a noticeable difference in his face compared to most others.

Symbolic of his clan (In color) and it's affiliation with wood Kitaro is most commonly associated, in appearance, with a long green jacket/trenchcoat (for the sake of space and time it will be refered to from here on as the jacket) that typically raises up to his neck and extends down slightly farther than his knees outside of his normal clothing. Coincidentally, this is where most of the various ninja tools Kitaro carries with them are held/concealed for ease of access. If one were to open this jacket up without Kitaro inside, they would immediately find sewn in pouches containing various items from senbon to scrolls, mostly along either side of where the torso would be. There is a pocket within this jacket near the left collar in which Kitaro stores his sunglasses. Considering sunglasses to be part of, both his combat and non combat presence, Kitaro takes good care of the rare set that he has. These sunglasses have only the special property of being slightly more tinted in the top half than the bottom half, and of course reflecting sun and dampening light that enters the eye as all sunglasses do, accented only by the slightest of orange tint.  Kitaro wears a thin wire-belt around the outside of his jacket, that wraps back in through a small hole within the jacket itself, this allows for a belt-like circile to be created on one side of the jacket which exists for the sake of carrying his Shirasaya Katana, which is always within five meters of his person, finding it elsewhere would mean that Kitaro was either dead or otherwise incapacitated.

Kitaro typically wears a solid white shirt underneath the green jacket. Serving no real stealth purpose it's make are incredibly similar to that of his pants. Kitaro's pants are made of a cotton-like material and are moderately dark tan in color. His shirt is contained to a shortsleeve as the jacket typically is more than enough cover for his skin and can, if need be, be closed. The pants are longer by comparison and extend slightly lower than the beginning of his sandals. Kitaro's sandals are fairly different, rather than wear the footware typically associated with that of the ninja world, the ninja sandal, he wore his own kind of sandal. A reduced version of the Samurai Geta, transformed into a flat sandal with a bark-strap reaching across the top over his toes, connected in the form of a T between his toes and re-attaching to the sole itself, in a more modern sandal appearance.

When unclothed, Kitaro's most noticeable feature is the body covering tattoo that marks him, carefully painted onto his body with cut off points before the ends of the sleeves in his shirt, and low enough on the neck to be covered by a normal shirt. These tatoos are completely invisible as long as Kitaro is wearing, at least, normal sized clothing for him. The scene drawn onto him in ink is one of a reflection. Distorted puddles mark most of his body, in expanding circles meant to represent water when a stone falls into it. On the center of his back, however, is the image of a skeleton rising out of the water and extending a hand in the direction of a young samurai.
Personality: Kitaro is a straightforward man. He would much rather play in the arena of an open battlefield than the arena of intrigue and espionage. While perfectly capable both mentally and physically to infiltrate and negotiate he would much rather pit his strength against his enemy rather than putting his faith in backdoor dealings. While Kitaro has an obvious preference about how to do things he is perfectly willing to go about things in a more politically inclined manner if the situation should call for it. As a straightforward man, Kitaro has a rather simple and all inclusive working code for his life. This code is basically that all confrontations ended with the victor being right, and all matters that don't involve fighting and killing should not be mixed when it can be avoided. Of course vital to both of these ideas and chief among them is his own honor remaining intact, regardless of whether he lives or dies. So, while Kitaro would rather not sneak into a civilian house and execute a non militant family, the right situation or the right reasons would be plenty to do so without hesitation.

In his younger days, Kitaro was a violent and aggressive warrior. While the Senju purpose of advancing their clan and following ancient rites was the driving force for most of his clan, his difference was that he was not wired to follow or find deep mining in such things. His agression as a ninja eventually became tempered through his experiences in life. From his age and experience he has become calm. Remaining active and further honing of his skills not to be an ultimate weapon but rather to always be ready, and to be the greatest asset possible. Asset? Some reading may be wondering to what is Kitaro an asset? To the ancient Senju prophet which had been the only reason they had not yet caved in as a clan. Kitaro wasn't really loyal because of the Senju way, his honor and lifeless thoughts of himself wouldn't allow that. More he was loyal to the only thing that ever had been done for him, not allowing him to be killed while he was still too small and young to defend himself. Since then, the cumulative result of his life has been spent dedicated to advancing the Senju cause, where he was born and saved.

Kitaro believes in metaphysical things like someone's word and the value of honor, even to sacrifice some pragmatism. Kitaro holds firmly in his mind the idea that it is worse to have lost a battle than to have surrendered one's sense of honor in the process. Of course if it wasn't already made clear Kitaro is a warrior by nature. The first thought when he wakes up and the final thought before he goes to sleep is that of combat, either in a way to improve himself or in reflection of what he has gone through. In that regard, Kitaro's life is completely dedicated to the art of combat and being combatively ready.

The sense of mortality that most ninja feel that drive them to the brink of adrenaline and vigor when in combat is not shared by Kitaro. In his early days he had his share of it, but through all of the endless killing that he had done on behalf of his clan, or his commander, or even his people, had left him with a deadenned sense of not only his own mortality, but life as a whole. With this thought, Kitaro lost all significant care that he would die one day and it would probably be a grizzly death on the battlefield. Once resolved to this end, Kitaro remains calm and in control of himself where others would be enraged, or riding an adrenaline high.

With regard to the lives of others, Kitaro is apathetic. Everyone is alive until their time and then they cease to have an influence on the natural world. Whether that means they move on to a spiritual plane or their soul is dragged to hell, or a sweet nothingness embraces them for eternity, Kitaro doesn't care to know nor does it have an impact on his regard for them. Ultimately, Kitaro sees others as their own personal embodiments of a lifetime of events, when he can avoiding cutting a short a lifetime of events, he will. But viewing them no longer as people but rather culminations, Kitaro has no hesitation in taking as many lives as is required. His loyalty to the Senju Clan could be equated to that of the value of his life. The 34 year-old believes firmly that his entire life has been spent defending and making the clan into what it has become and thus as a result he feels that the people, the culture, the customs, not only live on in him but are represented by him. Such is the unshakable loyalty of Bushido Kitaro. Bushido Kitaro is a title that was unofficially given to Kitaro due to the murders, assassinations, and duels that he managed to win using his most prefered of all weapons, his personal Shirasaya Katana. He became a master swordsman before his ninjutsu and eventual fuinjutsu practices and not only before, but also above his practices of the other forms of combat. However, as a master swordsman, Kitaro has learned to respect certain styles and dislike others. Viewing styles that focus on a gimmick such as Iaido and the traditional sword combat known as Ninjutsu as cowardly, shameful acts that warranted an immediate death. Viewing styles that relied on the skill of one fighter versus another such as Kendo or Aikido as respectable and honorable practices with swordsmanship.

Background/History:  Pre Life:


Budding Failure:

Dark Ages:

The Great Senju Migration Part I:

Interlude Duel:

The Great Senju Migration Part II

The Great Ganking:

The Great Senju Migration Finale

The Purification Decade:
Clan: Senju
Rank: Khayal Commander - Yozei House Leader
Tier: S-3
KKG: Mokuton.
Items: Kitaro’s Shirasaya (to be registered) Basic ninja tools
Elements: Suiton (Water), Doton (Earth), Mokuton (Wood)
Abilities/Perks: Bushido Kitaro: Kitaro's familiarity and preference for the sword goes above and beyond both his skill and power with any other form of combat. His skill grew with him throughout his entire life and as a result all techniques directly related to swordsmanship recieve +50 to cutting power.
Senju Life Force: +75 Life Force due to their deep cultural connection with nature and it's relationship with chakra, these imparted values improve one's own connection and Life Force.
Senju Versatility: +75 CP due to the natural talent of the Senju. One's ability to be effective in any situation, combat or not, was of great spiritual importance to the Senju, especially those with a military leaning. This helps the Senju to further master the arts of combat.
Senju Speciality: Mokuton (Wood Release) is a unique release mastered in the ancient history of the Senju people. As such, the elite warriors and artisans prize this skill and the affinity for it greatly.
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PostSubject: Re: Kitaro Senju   Fri Aug 15, 2014 1:09 am


Tier - S-4 1750 Stats
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Kitaro Senju
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