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PostSubject: Mashiro Senju (The General)   Mashiro Senju (The General) EmptyWed Aug 20, 2014 11:38 am

Character Registration Template
Character Name: Mashiro Senju
Titles/Other Names: The General
Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Male

The beginning of a new age: It was about twenty five years ago that Mashiro Senju was born on top of their sacred old mountain, where Ashura spoke to their "god" whilst spending his time there. A place where everything started, no THE place where everything started. This was the mountain on which they lived for, for a few years. Whilst they were living on this mountain, away from the disrespectful people that resided in the ruins of Sunagakure, they were still attacked a few times though. For a few years after rediscovering their sacred cave, where their "god" has been sealed within and trapped, they worked to unseal him to set him free and be led to a new home. A place where they'd be safe, be respected and most of all have something else to respect as well, being nature itself. Sunagakure was a dry and dead place, and the Senju weren't made to live there, while the being also promised them this sacred and safe place. It was little over a decade into freeing the being from his prison that Mashiro Senju was born. His father being a very skilled blacksmith as well as a respected Shinobi, and his mother being very skilled and known for her Kugutsu skill within the Senju. It was no surprise that they worked so well together. He helped her build her puppets, strengthening them even more with his vast skills in blacksmithing. They cared very well for Mashiro, and their "god". Even though they knew little about him, they respected him so much due to the books passed on for so long since that time that Ashura spoke with the being. As Mashiro grew older, they would continue to help free their "god" so that they can be in a safer place, where their honor would be restored to the clan and they'd be respected once again. Though Mashiro grew up differently than what his parents wanted him to grow up. They might have seen him growing up in a place where they'd worship the god by sacrificing animals, building things for him like altars, and praying to him. But to Mashiro, it was simply them sacrificing life to the being which meant it wasn't just restricted to animals, building things for him represented work for him which meant in any way, and praying represented them being loyal to him which meant to protect the being and his people, the Senju, to your best ability.

The world's influence: With the boy already being influenced so much by the being in the cave, which was still a few years away from being freed, he was determined to become strong enough, skilled enough and smart enough to fulfill the being's wishes, or what he thought the being wanted. So he talked to his parents about being taught in the art of Kugutsu like his mother, giving him the skill he needs, being taught how to make the puppets by his father, giving him the knowledge he needs. And finally, training on his own to increase his body's capabilities and abilities to improve upon his force as a shinobi. That was about at the age of five years old when he got determined enough to actually do it constantly, to train everyday and improve his abilities everyday. This was probably the first big turning point in Mashiro's life, where he chose to dedicate his life to the Senju clan's "god". The fact that the being chose their clan to change the world was something that had a big impact on Mashiro too. It made them special, that a "god" would choose someone (Ashura) who wasn't any where near as strong as his brother to lead the world. This influenced Mashiro to have great pride for his clan, and again great pride and respect as well as honor for the being. His parents though were blind to what was happening to their son. To them it seemed normal, and they weren't to be blamed since everyone thought it normal for the boy to feel like this to the "god". Since everyone basically felt this way. Though Mashiro didn't feel exactly the way everyone else did. He took it to a new level, a level of worshiping of its own, which would be proven in the following events. Little did everyone know that a child born into the world and growing up to a "god" where sacrificing took place, would lead to a child who misunderstood it for sacrificial means like human sacrificing. A few years after training in Kugutsu and training his body's physical abilities, Mashiro would commit his first of many murders. The chaos within the boy grew each day as he trained more and worshiped the being more, as he felt that he hadn't done what he had to have done to prove to the being that he is indeed worthy. Having gone almost ten years without sacrificing anything, or anyone to the being. When one day the clan's camp was attacked again by disrespectful shinobi of a nearby stationed clan. They wanted the Senju gone, feeling that the Senju didn't belong here. After years of being treated like the scum of the earth, the Senju were tired of this especially Mashiro. To him, they had insulted their "god". The clan camp would be attacked by a few good shinobi, with the Senju defending the clan well. They were also getting sick of the people here, being treated so poorly when they were once the strongest clan in the world. But no more, it was the day that their "god" would be freed from the cave too. The murder of a lot of shinobi that day had led to the seal's final bash to break it open and free the being, or maybe it was just a coincidence. But not to Mashiro, as he had taken part in his own fight against one of the opposing clan's shinobi. The words would be uttered for the first time out of the boy's mouth that day, "I sacrifice you in the name of our god, for the Senju!" His parents were no where near the boy to see what was going on, so no one was there to correct him. As he murdered the man in cold blood, he was convinced that this was the way that he had to sacrifice to the being. This was further backed by the being having been freed that day.

Murder Changes People: With the being having been freed, the Senju clan had started to make their way towards their promised land, literally. Though, it was not an easy journey in this war torn world of Shinobi killing people left and right. Mashiro was now very well skilled in the arts of puppetry. He had at his disposal a good amount of puppets, about fifty of them, though he could easily control a lot more at once with his level of skill. Each having been created by himself, and sealed within his body to use as he pleases and when he pleases. The move would take a good few months until it was finished, though currently it was early on during their move to the ruins of Konohagakure, or the northern part of the Land of Fire where they'd settle. The first few weeks after the move had started were hard, though not nearly as hard as when they had to pass through some minor countries. The first real battle for his clan would begin about three weeks after leaving their location in the ruins of Sunagakure. The Senju were tired of being treated like scum for so long, and now no one would stand in their way to their promised land, especially not in Mashiro's. And that's exactly what happened during the first big attack the Senju had on their move. The clan was stopped by an unknown clan standing in their way. It was between two mountains, and the only way through was to go through their camp. Though they were of course not going to allow a whole clan and it's army to pass through all willy nilly. An attack was then made by an arrogant opposing clan member, accusing the Senju of them wanting to invade the clan and wipe them out. The years of war had obviously made people very paranoid. The Senju thought hard, as well as the other side. Though Mashiro would give his best too, unsealing his puppets and using each and ever one of them. It was mass murder everyone, blood stained the dry sand on the ground and the battle would never be forgotten. Mashiro slowly lost a few puppets as the battle continued, though the murder would continue to grow as the amount of his puppets lowered. It was a beautiful thing to Mashiro, to kill all those people for his "god". With the battle being won in the end by the Senju, Mashiro had learned that day what it truly meant to be in the midst of battle. What war was really like, the bloodshed and the force it needed to win. With that knowledge gained, he knew that his puppets would need to be increased. Not only the amount, but his skill with them as well. He would train every time he had the opportunity as they headed on towards their destination - the Land of Fire. As he increased his training methods to the extreme, his parents got concerned with him. They confronted him about what had happened during the fight with the clan located between the mountains. He wasn't stupid, as he had grown older he had gained more knowledge over time and realized that he was the only one sacrificing something other than animals to their "god", so of course he lied to them. He told them that he stayed out of the fight with the other young children in the back. It was a big fight, and even though Mashiro had killed quite a few men and women of the opposing clan that day with some big attacks made by his puppets, they hadn't seen him. The confusion made by all the attacks had given him the cover he needed to hide what he's been doing from his parents. Though it was a close call.

The Migration Continues; A secret is revealed: As the move towards the northern part of the Land of Fire had continued, and Mashiro's training went on to improve on his abilities, they had completed about a fourth of the distance between their starting point in Sunagakure to the Land of Fire. The time since the big fight between the mountains was somewhat peaceful, only desert lied between the clan and where they were now. But it was no surprise that this small time of peace was interrupted by another group of shinobi. Though this time it wasn't another clan standing in their way or preventing their pass, no it was a group of raiding shinobi. Word has spread to the other countries and clans that the Senju were making their move towards the Land of Fire. Many clans took this as a sign that the Senju were making their move and wanted to reclaim their original position of being the strongest clan. They thought it to be an easy task to take out the Senju for good, as everyone was in the open and unsuspecting of an attack from a clan as they didn't know there were a clan nearby. The attack on the Senju would begin, with Mashiro at the back when the attack had occured. It was probably luck, that his parents were in the front lines (being respected and powerful shinobi on their own in the Senju clan). There was a few good Shinobi alongside Mashiro at the back, and they worked well together to keep the enemy from gaining ground on them. He used his puppets to fight them long range, staying within the group whilst his puppets kept the attackers at bay and preventing them from getting near the people (who were mostly farmers and children) in the back. It was a hard fight for the Senju that day, and Mashiro had shown his strength and skill with his puppets to those around him. Though that wasn't the only thing he showed. With the murders occurring again as Mashiro sacrificed more and more people in that fight to the "god". A fellow Shinobi observed this behavior that Mashiro showed during the battle, it was indeed strange to the older man (about 27 years old) who observed Mashiro.

The man would approach the young boy or maybe teenager would be more fitting (he was about 13 years old). It was a very respected shinobi in the clan, Mashiro knew him from his parents, they would talk often about missions and things regarding the travel before they started the migration. After the man had confronted Mashiro about what he was doing, Mashiro would confess and admit to what he was doing. The man wasn't angry at Mashiro, though it was indeed strange. He accepted Mashiro's "different" method of sacrificing, seeing it as a sign that Mashiro was a loyal shinobi to the being. The fact that he had such control over his puppets and his strategies being thought out so well showed the man that Mashiro would make more than a normal loyal shinobi, but a force to be feared within the Senju clan by other clans. He was going to show the world that the Senju will no longer be spat on, disrespected or be weak. Mashiro found comfort in the fact that he had someone who knew what he was doing. He didn't need to feel shame for doing what he was doing, sacrificing people to his "god". They would speak a lot and grew a good bond as the Senju clan continued to migrate to the northern parts of the Land of Fire. The man would try to influence Mashiro's views over what he was doing. He knew he couldn't get Mashiro to fully stop doing this, as he grew some sort of want for this, though he could at least get Mashiro to lessen the killing. He taught Mashiro that he could continue to do this if he wanted, though he should never do this sort of thing with anyone that is not a threat to the Senju.

The Migration Continues; a true fight: The Senju clan continued their move from their old location on the mountain peak's cave to their new location in the northern forests of the Land of Fire. For a few weeks they were safe from any attackers and hadn't run into an unfriendly clan or group. During this peace time, the man would choose to use Mashiro in a group he formed on his own. It consisted of a great ninjutsu user, a genjutsu art's master and a taijutsu fighter that didn't take shit from anyone. And of course Mashiro, who was now considered to have mastered the puppetry art, being able to use his puppets effortlessly and in huge numbers at a time. They were used on various mission, which ranged from resource gathering to trades with clans who posed a threat to the Senju's migration. Though it was needed to trade with them, as the Senju were running out of food and water as well as weapons from the previous attacks made on them. Mashiro was the youngest of the group, though the whole group was one. They worked together perfectly, and no one was undermined and each was respected for their specific art and style. During a dark and cloudy night, the four were sent on an urgent water trade with a nearby clan (who at the time seemed that they wouldn't harm the Senju). Many of the people were getting dehydrated as the move continued on and it became very urgent for this trade to happen, lives depended upon it. The four headed out to the set destination that the trade would occur. One of the members in the group had a byakugan implant, and scouted ahead to see if anything's wrong. Only two people from the opposing clan showed up to handle the trade, which was very fishy to the four. "Do they undermine us so much that only two guys needed to be sent to be assured that we won't rob them? Or, are these two so skilled that they only needed them to rob US?" The group would talk. The two carried canisters of water on a big wagon behind them. It would prove to be the latter of their discussion soon enough. The group took their usual formation, to prevent any surprises from getting the opposition the upper hand. The Taijutsu fighter would be at the location preset by the two clan along with the Genjutsu arts master. The Ninjutsu user would stand a good fifty meters behind the set destination, hidden in the dark. Alongside the Ninjutsu user would be Mashrio, standing side to side with his teammate. The teammate next to Mashiro was the one carrying the byakugan, and it was no surprise the two of them were used as the long range fighters in the missions they went on. Though, they didn't just leave the two members in the front alone, no. Mashiro had a puppet especially crafted to look exactly like each of the members within the four. Mashiro's own double and the ninjutsu user's double would stand next to the Tai and Gen users.

When the two arrived on the scene, they exchanged greetings with the four. When suddenly the battle had begun. As the two shook hands with the real bodies of the tai and gen user, they ensued the battle. Wanting to use the greetings as a disguise for their true intentions, they also went so far as to actually bring water to make the trade seem even more real. Mashiro was already using one of his techniques when the men arrived, it allowed him to see through his puppet's eyes which gave him the ability to fight without even being near the enemies to see what he's doing to them. The byakugan was also active, and the shots were fired from both sides as the techniques were being used left and right. It was a battlefield unlike any other, the first time that Mashiro actually saw the strength that two people could truly have on their own. The two were indeed very skilled. The bigger one's strength rivaled their Tai user's easily. They all fought hard, but eventually the two opposing clan members would be killed as Mashiro struck the final blow to the both of them with his twin blades combination using the two puppets. It decapitated the two of them, leaving behind their bodies and they four took the water. It was indeed a fight that showed Mashiro the truth about skills and abilities that shinobi possessed. He realized that being a master at one art is a great thing, though it didn't make you the strongest out there. If it was just Mashiro, his mastery wouldn't have saved him. So he knew then that he'd soon have to start training in another art as well so he'd truly be a great force for the Senju clan, which is what he's been working for his whole life. To be a force for his clan and even more importantly, their "god". The four would then rush back to the clan with the water canisters, where they'd hand it over to the medics and help pass it on to others who needed it.

The Migration Continues; The Branch Breaks:
The Senju clan had endured a few more attacks since the dehydration events they suffered on their way towards the ruins of the great Konohagakure, or village hidden in the leafs. The people's faith grew more as they neared their promised land, given to them long ago by their "god" but was taken away from them when the new great shinobi world war began after five hundred years of peace in the Shinobi world. The Senju were growing tired of the constant attacks they endured more and more with each day's passing. Mashiro however had started his training of the Ninjutsu art, after the knowledge he gained from fighting the two guys during their trade mission. His partner and friend from the group he was in, or "The Branch" as they liked to call it, helped him to start his training with the Ninjutsu art. Ryujin was the male's name, he was about three years older than Mashiro, being sixteen years old. Since the both of them were working together most of the time in the group with their long range skills, they grew a bigger bond than with the other two. Though the other two within "The Branch" were also their friends, just not as good friends as Mashiro and Ryujin were. Mashiro considered Ryujin his best friend and it made him feel happy when the two of them trained together. Mashiro has always been on his own before this migration of the Senju clan started, always focusing on his training alone, so it was a warm feeling to have him as a best friend and to train with Ryujin. It was clear to Mashiro that this migration was the beginning of a new life for everyone, especially himself. With him finding a group to work with, a best friend and two people (Ryujin and the man who formed The Branch) who didn't really care about his sacrificial methods. This contributed even more to the faith he had in their "god", as this only happened because of the migration, and the migration was their "god's" plan. Mashiro wasn't doing bad at all with his training with Ryujin, his abilities growing everyday as they trained. He even used his newly trained Ninjutsu skills against attackers when they encountered them, having confidence in his abilities.

During one of the last few weeks before the clan had arrive in the Land of Fire, The Branch was sent on another mission to scout ahead and see if the clan would be crossing paths with any attackers or other clans. It was probably one of their most important missions since the battle during their trade mission, since any mistake they made could cost the entirety of the clan's shinobi their lives if anyone got past them and got the upper hand on the clan. Now that they were on the move for a few months already, a lot of clans knew of their migration as word spread just about to every corner of the globe. The Branch would accept the mission of course, and moved ahead of the clan. Each member had their own specific task at hand and location they had to cover. If any one of them spotted something or someone, they'd need to inform the clan. They were connected with radios, to stay in touch with each other and let each other know if they needed help, it was also their only means of letting the clan know of any attackers. They split up and scouted ahead, each taking their own route which would eventually end at the same point. They were to meet at that point once they were done, then head back to the clan to give their reports. Mashiro unsealed from his body The Branch, it happened to be the name of his puppets that looked like each of the four members of The Branch. "If I'm to die today, I'd rather it be with you guys than someone I don't know.." He muttered as he unsealed them. It was clear that he had grown to love every member of The Branch. With the puppets being exact replicas of each of the four members of The Branch, using them had sentimental value to what he had said. The name and legacy of The Branch had spread out all over the clan, everyone knew of them. Not only that, but it had spread across a few clans as well. The Senju were growing in power before they had even arrived at their promised land, and everyone were aware of it. The Branch had a big part in that, they helped bring respect to the Senju and even fear from other clans, though not all.

As the four split up and headed out, they were at their best performance that day. Being on guard at all times and using every sense they had to see if anyone or anything was near. But they weren't the only ones.. With the name they gained throughout the lands, they also gained enemies. People who thought the Senju needed to remain in their rat hole of a camp and their name be kept disrespected as it was for so long now, had decided to put an end to The Branch to cripple the Senju. The group was formed from the best shinobi from various clans. The Branch had struck such fear into the hearts of some other clans that those clans went so far as to put their differences aside to band together and take out this group of four Senju Shinobi. The opposition's group consisted of about a dozen (twelve) shinobi, each skilled in their own ways and each holding their clan's KKG. It would soon prove to be quite a challenge for the four. The only thing standing in the way of the Senju and their promised land in the northern parts of the Land of Fire, were a range of mountains. They had to pass over it, though it was an easy place to get ambushed, thus the mission the Branch were sent on. The opposition group would be split up into groups of three people, to make four groups in total. Each having their eyes on their targets the whole time since The Branch headed up onto the mountain. Soon enough they would be attacked. Each member of The Branch had three people to deal with, and none of which were pushovers. The Taijutsu user had to fight a genjutsu user, who was accompanied by a fuinjutsu user as well as a shinobi who used summons. The Genjutsu user had to fight a shinobi who specialized in countering genjutsu, accompanied by two Hyuga members. Ryujin, or the Ninjutsu user had to fight a Kaguya clan member who was also accompanied by a member from a mercenary clan who were very skilled with their weapons. His third opponent would be a taijutsu user. It was hard for the three of them to fight against those combinations. Especially since it were also their weaknesses. The clans had gathered their information on The Branch well it seemed, putting the members up against their weaknesses. Ryujin had to fight close combat against the three opponents of his, when he was used to fighting long range with Mashiro. The Taijutsu user had to deal with his disabling genjutsu opponent and his support being the fuinjutsu user who helped restrain the tai member of The Branch. The summoner would eventually put an end to the first member of The Branch, killing the Taijutsu user as he was overpowered by his counterparts. The Genjutsu user's abilities and illusions proved to do nothing against the eye techniques of the Hyuga and their partner who countered his genjutsu. Though the Genjutsu user wasn't just restricted to Genjutsu, he had some other skills up his sleeve which helped him kill two of his opponents. The clanless genjutsu countering shinobi and a Hyuga member. Though as the other two members were busy with their own fight, the Genjutsu user was overpowered by his third opponent as well, and ended with the same fate as the Taijutsu user.

Ryujin was holding his own with his three opponents, being quite skilled in the arts of ninjutsu. Even though he was used to long range fighting, it didn't mean he only had long range techniques. Though once his partners' opponents showed up, the battle took a turn for the worse. He was clearly outnumbered and out matched. Mashiro had his own opponents to deal with as well. He fought a Kaguya puppeteer, as well as two members from the Aburame clan. Unlike the Kaguya Puppeteer, Mashiro was trained somewhat already in the arts of Ninjutsu which gave him the upper hand, not even to mention the fact that Mashiro was much more skilled in the arts of puppetry. While Mashiro's clones dealt with the Kaguya puppeteer Mashiro took care of the Aburame clan members quickly. His body was trained along side his puppet skills since a very young age so he wasn't weak at all physically. Eventually Mashiro's opponents would be taken care of, giving him the opportunity to help his allies. Though he was unaware that two of his three friends were already dead, and Ryujin was on the same path. Mashiro rushed over towards Ryujin's location first, knowing it from before they even headed out as they told each other what routes they'd be taking. Once Mashiro arrived on the location, Ryujin was pinned down with the only thing keeping him alive being a barrier technique he had activated. Mashiro had the element of surprise on the seven shinobi who were focused on Ryujin. Mashiro created a few more clones in order to help him with what was going to happen next. Each clone controlled a number of puppets that Mashiro unsealed from his body. Whilst Mashiro controlled The Branch. He made his move on the seven attackers, the clones would use their puppets to attack the attackers themselves, whilst Mashiro used The Branch to get them into formation around Ryujin to perform the barrier technique Tree of Life. With the four puppets each standing on a corner of sorts to form a square form around Ryujin, the technique was activated to increase his partner's defenses. With the barrier active, Mashiro unsealed another set of puppets from his body to finish those bastards who killed his friends and tried to kill Ryujin. Two of the seven attacking shinobi were already killed quickly by the clones and their puppets, so it seemed like the odds were in Mashiro's favor.

But that soon changed as the five that remained were the Kaguya clan member, the weaponry mercenary, the Hyuga, the taijutsu user and the summoner. All very skilled in combat. A few puppets were destroyed quickly as the battle continued, and both sides taking heavy damage. Soon enough however the summoner, Taijutsu user and weapons mercenary would be killed, with Mashiro having lost half of his puppets already. And not half the puppets he had unsealed, but half of his total puppets, so he had unsealed a lot of puppets during that fight as the battle continued on to levels of extreme. The mountain was being destroyed, it eventually left a huge gaping hole in the middle of the mountain that allowed people to pass through the middle of the mountain easily, as if it were now two mountains. They called the mountain Branch Mountain, for obvious reason. As well as to honor the two members of The Branch who had fallen on this mountain. The clan could see the destruction from afar, and knew that there was a battle going on which meant The Branch was in trouble. They had then sent another group for assistance, but once the group had arrived the battle had come to an end. All they found once they arrived on the scene was rubble, dead bodies, and the last two members of The Branch laying unconscious on the ground. The Branch puppets were still intact though many pieces of other puppets laid on the ground, smashed to bits. Both Mashiro and Ryujin were unaware of their partners' death when they woke in the clan's camp. "Here's your puppets, sir.." (He called him sir, because of the respect everyone had gained for the two of them, since they survived such a battle. The destruction everyone saw, no one believed they could walk out alive, so when they did they were then dubbed legends) The words were uttered by another shinobi who entered their tent. The tone of his voice said it all, the way he looked, the look of sorrow and pity was on his face. Mashiro and Ryujin knew that their partners were dead the moment he walked in with that look and said what he said. The sentence he used gave it away through the means that the puppets were so well crafted and looked exactly like his partners. It was the first time Mashiro had experienced the loss of close comrades, and friends. Heartbroken, Mashiro fell into tears. Ryujin however experienced it before a few times so it was easier for him to handle, though he still she a few tears. Since that day on, Mashiro has taken care of his "The Branch" puppets, in honor of the memory of the two comrades and friends he lost. It was a dark time for Mashiro after those events. The Senju were crippled too, having lost half of one of their best groups. Or, in a sense completely lost that group, since they worked so well as a group with the four of them. They worked out each other's weaknesses, negated them by using their own abilities to make up for each other's weaknesses.

The Migration Continues; Homecoming: After the fight the cost The Branch two member, the group was no longer in existence. Mashiro and Ryujin still worked together, though they didn't call themselves The Branch anymore. They knew it wouldn't be the same, instead they just worked together. They were partners, a two man team, but without a name. Though the loss of the group didn't mean they were weak, no. The clan still recognized their abilities, especially after they survived that attack. They gained a lot of respect from others, which was shown when Mashiro was called "sir" by someone who's old enough to be his father. Now, the Senju clan members were all still on the move towards the northern parts of the Land of Fire. They were getting quite close to their promised land, in fact they had entered the Land of Fire. Now everyone was on guard, as just about every clan in the Land of Fire knew of the Senju's approach and how near they were. Since the group who attacked The Branch was killed, no one reported back to the clan alliance made to stop The Branch and cripple the Senju. So the clans knew that their elite group formed to kill The Branch was in fact killed themselves, and the Senju were still on their way. Mashiro was ready with Ryujin in the front lines for any attacks made on the clan to prevent them from entering the northern parts of the Land of Fire and claiming their new territory. It was after all half of the Land of Fire, which posed a great threat for one clan to possess such a big territory. Some clans were smart, and let the Senju be since it was proven that the Senju are too strong for most to beat, while others were ignorant and did indeed try to stop the Senju from entering the northern parts. Mashiro had The Branch puppets in his control at all times, since he was still sore about the loss of the two lives from The Branch, he wanted to use those puppets at all times to show that they will live on in the puppets.

As the Senju continued on through the forest towards the northern parts of the Land of Fire, they had every sensor at their disposal doing their job. It was easy for an ambush to take place in the forests, so they needed every upper hand they could get to avoid such a thing from happening. The sensors were placed at all sides of the Senju group. Their army was ready for any attackers that might attempt to ambush them. Mashiro would stay ready with Ryujin, and soon enough they would head straight into battle for the final time during their migration time. And it would be a battle that would be remembered by the Senju for generations, the final battle which they endured to get what was rightfully theirs. The Uchiha clan was one of those clans who tried to stop the Senju, of course. Their lust for power that they've grown back during the last 500 years of war would lead to them loosing a lot of men and women that day. Another clan would be the Kaguya. It was no surprise since the Kaguya had a close relationship with the Uchiha since the war started all those years ago. Both sides expected a battle of the ages, so they all came prepared. The Senju headed towards their promised land, and the alliance headed towards the Senju. When suddenly the sensors would pick them up as everyone neared each other. After the clan was notified, they organized their men and put everyone into position. The children and civilians would stay at the back with a few elite there to protect them, while the "soldiers" were in the front. Mashiro and Ryujin were asked to stay in the middle with the more powerful shinobi of the Senju clan, however they declined. The were gonna get revenge on those clans, as both of them were involved in the killing of Yukiyuri (the taijutsu user of The Branch) and Masato (the genjutsu user of The Branch). The Kaguya and Uchiha had sent a few of their elite Shinobi, leaving most of their clan members at their compounds. Soon enough the two sides would clash, left and right Shinobi would fall, more on the Senju's side than the attackers' at first. Mashiro would unleash all hell he could muster on the attackers, with the help of his best friend Ryujin, they took out Kaguya and Uchiha shinobi left and right. Their rage being unleashed on the guilty. Or in their eyes they were guilty. It was a sight Mashiro hadn't seen before, so much death coming from the Senju's side as well as the opposition's side. The battle neared its end soon enough and Mashiro would be killing people left and right, not only to take revenge but to sacrifice more people to his "god" at the same time. Mashiro and Ryujin worked together well, even though they were injured themselves as they fought the Uchiha and Kaguya. With the end of the battle at hand, and the Senju still alive, the clan headed onwards to their promised land. The screams of victory could be heard throughout the forest, it was the day that the Senju had proven their worth to the world again and taken their rightful territory. It was obvious that day that Mashiro had grown a lot during this migration towards their promised land. At the beginning, he needed to use dozens of puppets to help somewhat in a fight between the Senju and another clan, now he only needed to use The Branch (four puppets) to make a difference within a battle between the Senju and two other clans. They recognized his abilities even more that day, and the respect and honor he gained was phenomenal.

The Purification Process Begins: Just as the Senju had claimed their territory back, the being they so faithfully worshiped instructed them in new ways. For ten years they would change their ways, build new houses for everyone to live in, systems would be put in place as well as new ranks for people to be known by, this was the will of their "god". The first thing they had to do was set borders for their newly claimed territory. They selected a few shinobi to spread out the word of what was their new territory and its borders. Obviously other clans would be upset about this, so the Senju expected some to reject the claim. They would then choose a good few soldiers to monitor the borders for a few days to keep people out and let them know that the Senju are indeed serious about claiming such a big piece of territory. Mashiro wanted to be one of them, however his request was declined for a specific reason. The ranks and housing systems were already set in place, and Mashiro was asked if he would want to join the Uda house. It was a house specifically created to protect the sacred things within the clan, such as the Temple and of course the leader himself. Mashiro accepted the offer made to him, and was glad to see that Ryujin was also in this house. They were classified as soldiers, and were then ranked as Khayal once the ranking system came to be. With the two of them now working together to protect the leader of the clan and the Temple which was already being built, their bond grew further.

It was about a year after the Purification process begun, and the Temple as well as a great amount of houses were already done with construction. The clan was coming along well. During this year, Mashiro spent a great amount of time training on his ninjutsu skills which increased a great deal. He also trained his body further, to increase his physical abilities such as his strength, endurance and speed. Though, with all that time spent on training and no sacrificing occurring, Mashiro felt as if he wasn't doing what he needed to for their "god". So, with permission from the man who formed The Branch, Mashiro and Ryujin left the clan's camp, or dare we call it a compound now? They were on a mission to scout through the entire Northern Parts of the Land of Fire, now known as the Senju's territory. If they found anyone inside the territory without permission, they'd have to take care of them. It was the first day of going through the forest, they used clones to help search as well as puppets, though their search ended up in them finding no one. They rested for the night in the forest to continue their search the next day. The two of them set up a boundary for their camp, with traps all over to wake them up if any intruders were to try and ambush them during their slumber. They went through the night without any trouble, and woke the next day early in the morning just when the sun started to rise to get a good start that day. They used the same tactics as the previous day, clones and puppets. With a few hours of searching, a clone spotted someone. By dispersing itself, it let the two know of the exact position of the shinobi it spotted. They headed out towards the shinobi, and confronted him. Though he wasn't up for any chit chat, he got straight to the point to attack the two of them. It was a spy from the Nara clan, there on a mission to find out the status of the Senju clan. He was powerful, though no match for the two of them as they took him out soon after his attack made on them. It felt amazing to Mashiro to sacrifice someone after such a long time of not being able to sacrifice anyone to their "god". Mashiro would seal the body within one of The Branch puppets, and they continued their scout through the forest. For the next two days, they would search the northern forest of the Land of Fire for any other intruders, and each night they'd set up the same camp with the same traps. Though they found nothing else in the end and headed back to the clan to report and hand over the body of the Nara clan member they killed. It was no surprise that other clans wanted to see how the Senju were doing, they were once the strongest clan and many feared they'd be the strongest clan again. Since that day Mashiro and Ryujin were sent on scouting missions through the forest regularly, and Mashiro got to sacrifice a lot of people because of it, fulfilling his duties to his "god".

The loss of a true friend:"
With Mashiro having reached the age of 15, he has mastered the art of Ninjutsu through the constant training he had endured alongside Ryujin each and everyday. The clan had recognized Mashiro's skill, uniqueness and importance on new levels. He was constantly being sent on missions since he turned fifteen years old. A few months into being sent on a lot of major missions to get an advantage for the Senju clan, Mashiro and Ryujin would go on their final mission together. Though they didn't know it until it was too late. It was a mission into the Land of Water, where they'd be hunting a Senju clan member down who's gone rogue. He was a very skilled Senju who knew a lot of the clan's secretes, so it was top priority for him to be taken out. They headed out to his last known location within the woods near the ruins of Kirigakure. Little did they know they'd be walking straight into a trap once they neared the location. The rogue was smart and obviously expected someone to be coming after him, so he hid in the woods and scouted around for anyone approaching his "said location", which was a rouse he started. Once he saw Mashiro and Ryujin, he knew exactly who he was dealing with, as both of them have become known by all in the clan. And since this Senju rogue was a skilled shinobi he had intel on both of them from since before he went rogue. Once they arrived at the general location where the rumor has spread for the rogue to be, they found nothing. But lurking in the dark was their prey, who has now become the hunter. With his quick and swift movements he made the first attack on them, though it was intercepted by Mashiro's just as swift movements. The two Senju stood ready, with Mashiro having unsealed his puppets and Ryujin already making the handseals for his jutsu. They jumped into battle and shots were fired left and right. The rogue Senju was indeed skilled as they struggled to take him down. The battle continued on for a long while, they destroyed a part of the forest in the process, leaving a clean spot open in the forest out of the thick trees left behind. Mashiro would use his puppets to their full extent that day alongside Ryujin pushing himself further too. They wounded the rogue shinobi greatly, though they themselves were wounded too.

As the battle went on, they were unleashing some of their strongest techniques to take this rogue Senju shinobi down, but nothing would stop this foe of theirs as he kept countering all of their attacks with some of his own strongest techniques. Eventually, someone would go down, though it wasn't the rogue. The rogue would strike his hand straight through Ryujin with Raikiri as a last attempt to kill the two of them. Mashiro's eyes widened in great shock as this occurred, he stood still with a tear rushing down his face. The rogue had used the last bit of chakra he had left to kill Ryujin, so he was unable to do anything to Mashiro. The white haired Senju boy would go all out on this opponent out of rage, his heart broken from the events that occurred. All he could think about was making this guy suffer, so he would take his puppets and hold each of his limbs. His arms and legs constricted, Mashiro would take one of the rogue's own kunai and start jabbing at his chest. Blood spattered all over Mashiro's face as he cried and kept stabbing. The man was long dead before Mashiro stopped. His final friend was killed and now could only live on in Mashiro's The Branch puppet double. Mashiro would return to the clan's compound with the bodies of the rogue and Ryujin. Himself covered with bruises and cuts from the battle. Once he arrived at the clan compound, he handed over the bodies and demanded Ryujin get a proper burial, and so he did. It was a sad day for Mashiro indeed.. Despite the fact that they had praised Mashiro for the fact that he killed one of the Senju clan's strongest members. After the death of his best friend Ryujin, Mashiro became a loner if you will. He stopped talking to people and just did his job, only time he really talked was when he needed to. For instance, on a mission or to report things such as the events of what happened during his missions ect.

The Infiltration: With the age of sixteen having come upon Mashiro, he was used on yet another mission of great importance for the village. The clan found information about a spy within the clan, inserted into the clan by a rival clan years ago, long before the migration. He was to infiltrate the clan and find out everything he could about what exactly the Senju were capable of as well as get close to the leader to eventually assassinate him. Mashiro was chosen to find out who this spy was before he acted on his instructions given to him. First thing he had to do was find the identity of the infiltrating shinobi. For the next two years he was to become very close with all of the suspects, and observe their routines to find anything out of the ordinary. One can imagine that this was uncomfortable for Mashiro and it opened up healing wounds, with him having to basically befriend a lot of people when he had lost his best and only friend not even a year ago which left him in a state of his own. Mashiro however would do it, as a shinobi it was his duty to do what was asked of him by the higher ups. It was also good for a shinobi to be skilled in a lot of categories, not only combat but infiltration itself was of big importance to all shinobi.

With the first year's passing, he had already befriended all of the suspects, and ruled off a few of the suspects already as he was certain they weren't the infiltrating shinobi he was looking for. Mashiro would slowly but surely eliminate more and more suspects as time went on during the next year of his mission. By eliminate, I mean cross them off the list of subjects, not kill. With about nine months into the second year of his search for the spy, Mashiro had just three suspects left and he was certain one of those three were the infiltrating shinobi he was to eliminate, permanently. Using a unique strategy to lure the shinobi out into revealing himself, Mashiro told each of the three shinobi that he had information about the leader being unsupervised by Uda house members for about half an hour on the next day. They of course believed him as he was in that house and would know of such a thing. For the first shinobi, he said it would be between 9am to 9:30am in the southern part of their territory, an exact location was given though. To the second shinobi, a time of 10:30am to 11am was given. And to the third shinobi, a time of 5pm to 5:30pm was given. Now the plan was simple, Mashiro simply had to be watching that location at those times to see which shinobi would be showing up. It would be the perfect opportunity to kill the leader so the spy just had to take it.

Mashiro stood hidden in the trees, with a great amount of puppets surrounding the area. Once the infiltrating shinobi enters the location he'd be captured and interrogated with genjutsu to find out if he was indeed the spy. As the time passed, someone would eventually arrive at the location with a kunai in one hand and a katana in the other. He was obviously there to kill the Senju's leader, so there was no need for him to be taken in and interrogated. Mashiro got straight to the point, his puppets would make their move and in a swift second the man would be laying in a puddle of his own blood on the grass. Mashiro would take the body back to the clan compound and handed it over to the higher ups. In between this two year mission Mashiro completed, he started to work more on his fuinjutsu skills. It wasn't enough that he just had the ability to seal all his puppets within his body. Fuinjutsu was much more than just sealing things into your body, it was a great art in its own as well. The uniqueness it had, the variety it possessed, Mashiro had to master it. So over the course of those two years he worked hard on trying to master the art. He became very skilled in it, though in the end of the two years he hasn't mastered it yet.

Revenge is part of life; The journey:
A short few months after finishing up with what was probably Mashiro's longest mission, he celebrated his eighteenth birthday. Though the celebration was cut short as the man who formed The Branch approached Mashiro and explained to him that he has been looking for anyone behind the formation of the alliance which ended The Branch by killing the tai and gen users. Though that wasn't the biggest surprise of it all. It turned out that whoever got the rogue Senju to actually go rogue and kill Ryujin, was that exact same clan who organized the alliance against The Branch. One could imagine the emotions and thoughts going through Mashiro's mind at that moment. Revenge however was the main thing he thought of. Adrenaline rushed through his veins along with the hatred he just felt and sorrow. It was however strange.. Why would that clan try and kill all the members of The Branch? Wasn't taking care of it by killing two members enough, so they had to go and kill Ryujin and try to kill Mashiro too, why? Though Mashiro didn't care about that, the only thing he cared about was wiping out every single member of that clan and that was exactly what he was going to do.

Just as Mashiro was heading towards the administrative building to get permission for what he was about to do, the man stopped him and smiled as he said "Already approved". It was obvious that he'd be allowed to go there and kill them all. After all they have been trying to kill him for years now without him realizing it, and there was much more to this if they would continue this long to try and kill all The Branch members, and the Senju didn't want to wait to find out what this reason was, so they approved him. Some were itchy on the idea that he was about to go slaughter a clan, but they knew that if he didn't then they'd be attacked by that clan sometime in the near future. With that being said, Mashiro didn't waste any time on heading out towards the clan's location. It was a clan going by the name of Hinato, located in the Land of Snow. Mashiro would head over with full intention of killing every member in that clan's compound. He was blinded by the grief of loosing his friends and hatred for those who were responsible for it.

Mashiro would eventually reach the Land of Snow after a few hours of traveling. The sky was still dark and filled with stars and a full moon. He would near the clan and unseal every puppet at his disposal, surrounding the compound completely. All of his puppets, which were more than 100+ puppets, were being controlled through one of Mashiro's fuinjutsu seals which he created to combine with his puppets. It allowed them to attack the clan members and everyone else inside the clan compound without him attaching strings to them. While Mashiro controlled The Branch himself. Mashiro had every intention of killing the clan's leader on his own with only The Branch's help. It was only fitting for Mashiro to use the puppets of his friends, the people who that clan leader had gotten killed. With all of his puppets ready to start the genocide of the Hinato, Mashiro started the attack.

His puppets swarmed into the clan's compound and started killing every single person they saw, Hinato were being killed everywhere. They had the upper hand with the surprise attack they just pulled off, swarming in from every side and having the Hinato trapped. The place they used to plot against others would be the place that they died. Mashiro watched from a distance, and decided it was time to head in. No one knew who was pulling the strings of all of these puppets until Mashiro stepped into the picture. He captured a few of the clansmen and questioned them where their supposed almighty leader was, they answered him out of fear. He threw them aside and the puppets took care of them, killing them as soon as they hit ground. Mashiro headed towards the leader and reached him soon enough. In the meantime, his puppets would continue to slaughter the people of this leader.

Soon enough Mashiro had arrived where the leader was standing. He readied himself for an attack as soon as the puppets started killing people. Mashiro would keep the talking sweet and short with the following words being the only ones said "You should know them, you had them killed after all." He said as he gestured to his puppets. As he finished speaking he would make the first strike against the leader. Ryujin, the puppet of course, was sent in first to wound the leader by cutting off his right hand. "You can forget about using that hand now." He said, enjoying the torture he put on the man. He might have been skilled but his speed was no match for The Branch's. Using his left hand he would start to perform a jutsu's hand seals as he charged at Mashiro, though the next attack by Mashiro would be made to stop the technique from being completed. The genjutsu member's puppet would then move past the man in a blink of an eye, leaving the man's left hand cut off just as easily as the first one's. The next attack would be made by the taijutsu member's puppet immediately after the man's second hand was cut off. It struck it's hand, which was replaced by a kunai, into the man's stomach. The man's screams would be heard throughout the compound, if it wasn't obscured by the screams of his followers. The final blow was given by Mashiro himself, not a puppet, not a jutsu, no Mashiro had to do this on his own. He moved towards the man as he was held in the air by the taijutsu puppet with the kunai in the man's chest. After he withdrew a kunai from his item holster, Mashiro would smash it through the man's head. The relief Mashiro felt after getting his revenge was a new high, something he hasn't felt since sacrificing his first victim to their "god" before the migration started.

As he left the body behind, his puppets were killing the last few shinobi in the compound. Though when they came upon the clan's prison cells, they ceased the fire and let the prisoners go. After all they were just there to genocide the Hinato, not every being there. And if they were imprisoned then it meant they were enemies of the Hinato, which was the only thing making Mashiro to let them go. With the prisoners released, they saw everything Mashiro had done on his own, and spread the word from that day about this "The General" as they dubbed him. He took a fast liking to this title of his. Mashiro tried to get as much info on this clan as possible, so he interrogated the prisoners first before letting them go free. Apparently they were very skilled in the arts of Genjutsu, and were known for their manipulative skills. This was probably why the other clans joined this so called alliance against The Branch all those years ago. They manipulated them into thinking that The Branch and Senju were going to wipe out clans in the Land of Fire.

The conclusion:
After gaining his title of The General, Mashiro chose to go on many different missions that were diplomatic and included things like making peace with other clans, sorting feuds out between clans who posed a threat to nature; if they went to war with each other, huge battles would take place which would result in the destruction of large areas. And the Senju wouldn't stand for that, they were there to protect nature, and so they did. He also continued to train his fuinjutsu skills over the course of the last five years to eventually end up mastering it. He had become so accustomed to using it and his puppetry skills that he had created one of the most powerful techniques of puppetry using the two arts. (This technique will be registered). He became well known in many other clans and to shinobi who roamed the lands free from a bond to a clan. The word had spread across most of the world about this "General" and he had become known by this title. The Senju were gaining more and more respect by the day through the hard work of their Shinobi, of which Mashiro was one of the main reasons, and their advancement through the purification process.

One of these events occurred about two years ago when Mashiro was 21. He got sent to try and make peace between two rivaling clans who have hated each other for years. When they heard that the Senju had sent Mashiro to sort their mess out, the war threats were already taking a big dive. When Mashiro had arrived he would listen to both sides. It was a matter of territory, probably the main cause for most wars between clans these days. Mashiro gave them a choice, to either split the territories equally or to have the objector (obviously the one with the biggest territory) fight with Mashiro himself, since they so longed for a fight. The choice was made quickly and the territories were split equally. It was a famed diplomatic meeting of Mashiro's, and it soon spread out too. He made two rivaling clans split their territories equally simply through them being too afraid to face Mashiro himself for their territory. Some called it respect, others fear, and some even going as far as to call it fearful respect.

The last two years would continue to move on with Mashiro training on his physical abilities, his ninjutsu, fuinjutsu and puppetry skills. As well as going on regular missions for the Senju clan, Mashiro was also requested to join in on clan meetings with Kitaro and the Clan Leader himself along with other high ranking members within the clan. Mashiro was the youngest member, still is, to join in on those meetings.

Clan: Senju
Rank: Khayal - Uda House
Tier: S-3
KKG: Senju [+75 CP and +75 Extra Life Force]
Abilities/Perks: Ok so I'm gonna sleep now, just tell me when you check this if everything's good, then I'll add this section's details and let you know Ever.

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General:Mashiro is a 23 year old male, standing at about 1.8 meters in length, 5"9 and weighs about 65kg or 143 pounds, which is about an average for someone of his length. His body's built is muscular, with muscle tone visible if he isn't wearing his normal attire jacket. His skin tone is a bit pale, with him spending a lot of time under the hood of that jacket he doesn't get much sun to be honest. Mashiro is well groomed as he keeps his fingernails cut short, as well as his toenails.
Head: The bone structure or shape of his head is fairly normal, meaning he doesn't have any deformities which make him stand out, or any deformities for that matter. His nose is an average length, not standing out (literally) or looking like it's squashed into his face. His lips have a light red/pinkish shade on them and are as soft as they come. Mashiro also has medium length, spiky snow white hair which go down to just above his eyes in the front, and on the sides it goes down to cover his ears and are just below his cheekbones. The hair on the back of his head goes down to about his neck in length. His grooming spreads over to his hair as well with the tips always being cut to take care of those split ends so his hair can continue to grow without problems and be healthy hair. Finally, Mashiro's eyes are a clear ocean blue, with a pure black pupil in the middle.
Arms: Mashiro's arms are normally shaped just like his head with no deformities. This is obviously where his muscle tone could be seen best, with him being "cut" so to say instead of being a powerhouse body builder which would make him "built". Like any normal male human being he has veins on his arms which are slightly visible due to his body built. The hair on his arms aren't visible at all unless you actually go close and take a good look at it, as the hair is thin and colorless, so to say. Under his arms, or should I say under his armpits is a layer of hair which is trimmed down short as to not make Mashiro look like a hairy baboon. 
Abdomen: His abdomen's skin tone is just about the same as the rest of his body, being pale. Mashiro's abdomen could also be considered "cut" if you will. With muscle on his abdomen forming shapes of "blocks" which some might even consider calling a six-pack. Just below his bellybutton is a line of hair going down towards his penis joining with his pubic hair. This hair, as well as his pubic hair in his general penis area, is also trimmed down short like his armpit hair to prevent the ladies from making a baboon out of him.
Legs: Mashiro's upper legs are built though not extremely or that big, just a little bit above the average male's. His lower legs are also built to fit the size of his upper legs. As the rest of his body, his legs are somewhat pale as they also do not get much sun. The hair on his legs are short and dark.
Normal Attire: Mashiro normally wears this attire. It consists of a dark grey jacket with a hood. The Jacket has a zipper in the middle of course going from the top straight down to the bottom to split the jacket open in half. Mashiro has a few of these jackets, some of them have the Senju symbol on the back of the jacket whilst others are without this symbol. Accompanying his jacket would be a normal light grey T-Shirt underneath the jacket. He also wears gloves that are the exact same color as the jacket, which goes just over his wrists and stops there. The bottom half of his attire consists of long comfortable black shinobi pants that aren't too tight to restrict movement nor too loose to look like a slob. On his right leg is a black item holster, sewn by one of the finest tailors in the Senju clan to prevent the items like kunai and shuriken to tear the item holster apart as he moved. The last part of this attire is his black shoes which cover his feet nicely and fit comfortably, they are also accompanied by a pair of dark grey socks.
Second Attire: This is Mashiro's second attire, which he rarely wears though he does where it. First is the top, which consists of an entirely black T-Shirt with white lightning blots placed all over the shirt (this is the shirt on the first pic in his history). Over the shirt he sometimes wears a jersey, which is made of soft material and is colored a dark blue. His pants are white long sleeved jeans, with two pockets (one on each side) as well as a back pocket. There is no item holster placed (usually) on this attire. His shoes are comfortable light grey sneakers (if you will). The shoes are usually accompanied by either white or black socks.
Third Attire: This is an attire worn by Mashiro often, though not as often as his normal attire. The undershirt of this attire is a white sleeveless shirt, made up of thin fabric making Mashiro comfortable in the attire. The undershirt is covered by a completely black hoodie, which is also made up of a rather thin textile making the hoodie fit and feel comfortable. Accompanying the top part of his third attire is a pure silver neckless. The chain is small in width and the length is just right to make the neckless hang under his chin. The main part of this neckless is the Senju clan symbol which the chains are holding together, with it being the centerpiece for this piece of jewelry of his. The bottom half of this attire is a comfortable pair of light green/light gray (a mix of sorts) colored pants which fit nicely and go down to about between the middle of his knees and his ankles. The final part of this attire are the black boots which go up towards just over his ankles, lessening the open space left by his pants, though it is still visible.
Fourth Attire: This attire is worn by Mashiro when he visits the Land of Wind. The main feature of this attire would have to be the full body robe. The first thing one would notice about this robe would be the maroon color it mainly has. On the chest of this robe is a gray protective chest vest, tightened with straps to the sides, meeting the back piece with the front piece. Because of this there is an opening on the sides of his chest area where the protective chest vest is unable to well.. Protect. Just below this gray vest is a set of two gray straps which hold the robe tight in place, they are about an inch and a half in width, and cross each other. The straps are set up above the split that the robe makes in about the middle of the robe. This split happens in the front area just above his waist to allow for smooth and easy mobility. Underneath this robe is a black T-Shirt. It's just a normal plain shirt as no one would really notice it as with this attire he's always wearing the robe. The pants are also a light green/light gray mixture, which has grey straps on the upper-leg areas and lower-leg areas, with one strap on each of those areas. The last part about this attire is of course his shoes, which are traditional ninja shoes that are open-toed, and colored dark grey with a bit of maroon in it though only noticeable if you really look at it.
Fifth Attire: This is a more commonly worn attire of Mashiro's. It's a less serious one than most, and mostly worn when having a drink with someone or informal events. The first part would have to be the light blue T-Shirt which is always visible. Covering the T-Shirt is a thin jacket, colored black and made up of a strong textile to prevent easy tearing due to it being a little thin. This also makes it a little bit constricting, thus the reason for it only being worn on not so formal occasions. The sleeves are tied with white buttons at the end where they reach the wrists. The top half of this attire also comes with a tie, colored black with red triangles on the edges to complete the pattern. The bottom half of his fifth attire consists of a pair of black tight jeans. This jean is held in place with a dark grey leather belt, which has a width of one inch. On the side of the jean hangs a thin silver chain, not really big and is just for show. The final part of this attire is the boots. The soles are black, while the rest of the boots are a dark red, almost as if it were mixed with black. The top of the boots are covered in three *thin* lines of white fur. The boots go up over the bottom part of the jean's leggings which then leads up to about between his ankles and knees.
For the "god" of the Senju: Mashiro is an extremely loyal person when it comes to this being who the Senju treat as their "god". Mashiro would follow out just about every order that this "god" of theirs desires him to do. He would kill for this "god" of theirs too. In fact, Mashiro actually enjoys doing so. Mashiro kills for their "god" often, though he sees it in a different light than most, if not all. To him, it's mere sacrificing of something greater than an animal. Because of this loyalty to their "god", Mashiro has been loyal to the Senju all his life and still continues to show this loyalty till this day. This drive he has to make their "god" proud has also driven Mashiro to train his abilities from a young age till this date, and he still continues to do so every day.
The bonds of friendship: Due to the events that occurred in his past, Mashiro isn't easily trusting of new people and wouldn't be considered to make friends easily at all. He has suffered a lot because of loosing his dear friends, especially his best friend Ryujin. Though he still shares a great bond with them through his puppets which he has called The Branch, after the group they were all apart of being named The Branch as well. Because of this he has grown the utmost respect for puppets and the arts of puppetry. Though when Mashiro does eventually trust someone enough and becomes friends with that person, he would protect them with just about everything he can muster to prevent him having to go through that pain of loosing another friend or best friend ever again. Mashiro isn't one who would break the bonds of friendship easily, if at all.
The sacrificial needs: Now and then Mashiro has this great need to sacrifice someone, this normally happens after he hasn't sacrificed someone in a while. Though it also often comes to the surface when Mashiro encounters people who he just can't resist sacrificing. This gives him a sort of high. This might also be one of the main causes of his addiction to sacrificing humans to his "god" that the Senju worship, along with the simple need to make the being proud of Mashiro in a way, and Mashiro feeling faithful when he does this. Though Mashiro wouldn't just sacrifice anyone blindly and randomly, well not so randomly. He would normally choose someone who he deems a threat to the world of Shinobi, a low life shinobi like a thug or criminal, disrespectful shinobi or someone who he deems to simply be "evil". The threat and "evil" reasons being the most common choices of people he likes to sacrifice, and even sometimes (like stated before) just can't resist sacrificing to their "god" to rid this world of its scum.
The hunger for battle: Mashiro, having been raised in an area where the Senju were disrespected and dishonored by others as well as attacks being made often on them, has grown to see fighting as a part of life and enjoys it very much. This hunger for battle he has was also built upon the factors that occurred during the great migration of the Senju and the events which occurred during their purification process. The main part that influenced this hunger for battle would have to be the high he gets when sacrificing others, which most of the time required Mashiro to fight as no one would really get sacrificed willingly. With this hunger for battle and the need to improve on himself through training, Mashiro has spent many nights working on jutsu as well as a wide variety of strategies for his battles. He enjoys doing so as it makes him feel more assured about the clan's safety and his own, so he does it often.
Respect and Honor: To Mashiro this is a big thing, respect and honor. He gained both at a young age during the great migration, so it has become a big part of his personality. Not only does he have it for others, but he expects it back in return. To him, respect is earned and not a given. He has earned his from other clan members long ago and expects them to respect him. Though the higher ups such as the clan leader and the Khayal commander, Kitaro, has earned his respect long ago and he deals it out to them without trouble. But, he does expect some respect back, or at least not to be disrespected by them. Others on the other hand, if they were to disrespect him it would be a big deal. This goes for all clans. Since respect is earned he'd hand it out to other clans' members depending on the situation (he wouldn't respect them if he was there to kill them obviously). He also expects respect back from them if Mashiro has treated them with respect, again this is much more important within the Senju clan itself.
It comes with experience: Mashiro had to mature quickly in life as he was used for the Senju's forces at such an early age, so he has grown accustomed to the ways that "adults do it". In other words, he's not immature and is quite a serious person when he needs to be. This is also one of the reason's he's been used on diplomatic missions in the past and to handle the things that others couldn't, such as having to execute traitors, people he knew. With Mashiro having been doing this for years now, it's an easy task for him to take out a traitor without having any remorse, as he sees it as apart of the job, which it is. Some might say Mashiro doesn't know how to have fun because of this, though it isn't necessarily true considering the wide variety of fun in the world and how it varies from person to person. So Mashiro has adopted training and battling as his fun to replace normal things such as catch the ninja when he was younger and it still replaces things till this day. Though, Mashiro could still enjoy a drink in the local bar with someone and hold a decent conversation.
The silent type: After Mashiro lost his best friend Ryujin, he went into a state of mind where he stopped talking unless he needed to. This also made him suppress his emotions from the guilt and sorrow he felt after Ryujin's death. Over the past years it has gotten better, though some might still consider him a loner, and there is some truth to it. As I said before, he would rather enjoy a battle and training than having to talk with someone and express emotions, though he could hold a decent conversation with a drink in a bar. Because his friend, as well as his death, had such a big impact on his life, Mashiro wouldn't be able to handle it if someone brought Ryujin up in a manner that has ulterior motives such as to purposely hurt Mashiro.
A Think Through Guy: With all of the battles Mashiro has taken part of, he has realized early in life that a good strategy can win the fight. Due to this he's grown to like strategies over raging out without a plan, and chooses to use a strategy over that just about everytime. Because of having to become accustomed to strategies at a young age and incorporating them into his fighting style, Mashiro's become quite a smart guy. After all, a general would have to have some brains behind all that brawn too. A lot of the times Mashiro likes to disable his opponents before finishing them off, though when he knows an opponent must be dealt with immediately and he can't play around, he'd take them out as soon as possible without holding anything back.
The do's and don't's: With Mashiro, there's a lot of different things he would do depending on the situation at hand, and a lot of different things he also wouldn't do, or allow someone else to do. First off would have to be respect. Mashiro has a big thing about respect, as stated before. He deals it out to those who deserve it and earned it. Though just as importantly he expects respect from others. Anyone disrespecting the Senju clan, himself or most importantly his "god", would get on Mashiro's bad side just like that. Mashiro would probably resort to fighting whoever disrespected one of those three things mentioned above. Though as mentioned before, it all depends on the situation, this is just the most probable action that would occur.

Mashiro also wouldn't stand for anyone disrespecting his fallen comrades and friends, The Branch. If someone bad mouthed them or simply brought them up in a manor which was to purposely hurt Mashiro, he would probably go crazy on them and try to kill whoever had said that. Though again, it all depends on the situation. If someone like the clan leader or Khayal commander had said something bad about them, he wouldn't kill them or attack them, though that's only out of the respect he had for them. Emphasis on *had*, as that would cause Mashiro to loose the respect he had for them and would then probably go crazy on those high ranking members as well if they did it for a second time. That goes for just about all high ranking members.

Nature has a deep place within Mashiro's heart, he cares for it deeply and would go through huge lengths to care for it and protect it. Anyone who does the same has automatically earned some respect from Mashiro, though for those who don't care about nature.. He would most likely put an end to them if they were to hurt nature in a major way such as to destroy a huge area of a forest through ways which would entail battle and so on. With that being said, he'd go to huge lengths to protect nature from those who harm it through battle and other ways.

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TIER - A-1.

P.S. Do not be upset that you did not get S rank. It was a great app and actually enjoyable to read. The story was top three so far in regards to apps. Do not be discouraged because of the rank. It is given to also show an estimate of how strong your character truly is STAT wise. Not in totality. You will move up quickly. Really liked it and glad to have you in the Tree-hugger clan.
Keep up this level from now on...
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Since word count on first post isn't allowing me to add this, I'm posting it here. They have already been checked by Ever through PM.
"One with the puppet (Major):" Mashiro, having used puppets all his life from a very early age in life, has become very accustomed to the arts of puppetry. Techniques like chakra strings, or other such techniques which control puppets are like second nature for him to use.
*He can have those sort of techniques (techniques which control puppets) active 24/7 without feeling a strain on his chakra. Only techniques of B rank and lower which are used to control puppets get this part of the perk.
*This also transfers over to one of his signature techniques "Sixth Sense" which allows him to see through his puppets' eyes. This is due to him using it just about every time he has his puppets out.
*Other types of puppetry techniques cost half the chakra they normally would.

"Who's your friend? (Minor):" Mashiro, having used puppets that imitate humans all his life, has the ability to make his chakra strings so thin that they are invisible. Doujutsu can see it however.

"Dance of the puppeteer (Major):" Mashiro has the unique ability to control his puppets' strings not just with his fingers, but with any part of his body. (The name is due to him possibly looking like a dancing idiot as he controls a lot of strings at a time). He has acquired this ability from the constant and high amounts of puppets he has used all his life.

"The high (Moderate):" Mashiro gets this high when he's fighting someone to sacrifice to the Senju's "god"
*+25 Stats to speed and strength when fighting someone to sacrifice to their "god".
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Mashiro Senju (The General)
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