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PostSubject: Senju Clan   Senju Clan EmptyWed Aug 13, 2014 2:43 am

Clan Name: Senju
Clan Background: The well known Senju clan are the descendants of Ashura, youngest son of the Sage of Six Paths. Their story is largely known in regards to how they were led by Hashirama Senju to become the strongest clan in the world; though sadly disappearing shortly after the founding of Konohagakure. What is not known about the Senju is more of their roots and the fact that not all followed Hashirama's dream of a united world. For there were long held ideal that they followed beforehand, and a portion were not so ready to depart from. These ideals were formed during the time of their oldest ancestor, and here is where are story begins for them..

When Ashura, son of Hagoromo, was a boy, he lived in the inferiority of his brother. His brother was blessed by all sages and thought to have potential that might one day rival that of his father. Ashura was thought to be the embarrassment of him. He had Hagoromo's heart, but not his raw power; or so they thought. He had tremendous life force, but not technique. No way to fight really. And at first this only translated in an ability to influence others. Leadership that was forged from the crucible of humility. Now, during the time of his growing up, the world held many religions and beliefs. Many supernatural things began to take place after Kaguya took bite of the fruit, and her sons had been changing the world for decades now. At this time, the ideals of most had to do with the future. Whose children would form the strongest kingdom or clan? Whose name would be remembered? Ashura, because of his lack of power, feared that his seed would have no inheritance, and that he would put to shame his father's name. Priest after priest had blessed his brother and his descendants, but the teenager, 19, seemed to be the faulty experiment. The lesser child.

Seeing his emotional turmoil, Hagoromo would send him on a trip to a distant land. A land much deserted and quite flat at the time, but had various mountains in the deeper parts. There he would live in caves and in the wilderness to clear his head and find himself spiritually. He would find a large mountain's cave after three days journey, and there would he set up camp. He would rest and mediate there for three days. Pondering his life and his future. Adored by many people, respected because of his father, but having no distinguishable power of his own. His heart fell as he thought of how when they traveled, his brother's eyes would imbue the worship of men instantly; while he had nothing to show. How he, over the years, had never been able to go toe to toe with his brother and been a mere peasant in his site. He clenched his fist in anguish as he sat at the edge of the cave for three days, fasting.
On the third day however, in the evening, something very interesting would happen. Behind him, as he slept, the vast cave would have illumination in the back of it. The light was immensely bright and blinded the boy as he arose, frightened.

"Who are you?" He cried, nervous. The bright radiant light filling the cave. Out of it, though he could barely see through shielded arms, a faceless figure would appear, clothed in red fire head to toe. He would speak to the boy, calming him first. He, though his origins or nature not revealed, told the boy that he was blessed. And that he had enormous potential. Ashura argued that he had none and was nothing compared to his older brother, whom the being had clearly not met. The unknown told the boy that he had a power in him that had the potential to unite the world. That was more powerful than even his brother. Furthermore, he began to bless him.

He first blessed him by unlocking the power within him;namely, his life force. His first promise, he said that his race would be strong and mighty, and be fruitful and multiply. Secondly, he told the young boy that he would give his descendants a fruitful land. Thirdly he said that he would come among his race someday, and that he would send Messiah-like figures throughout to lead them. The sign, he told the boy, would be Mokuton; which could only occur with grand life force; the divine sign. The Being was of course not omniscient, nor omnipotent, but planned to work through the boys race secretly to make these things happen. He started this by, that day, putting power in the boys blood. Power that would make it so that the potential for such genetic power would come about eventually.
He would tell the boy that he had blessed him because of his humility, and the purity of his soul. After that, he would speak more with the boy regarding this covenant, and vanish.

Ashura would stay for three more days, and return home. From thence, he had awakened the power of his father's body, and so the story goes. He passed on the faith to his descendants, and told them to follow the "light" that would lead them to paths of peace and true power. For centuries they kept this, while battling against their brother clan - Uchiha; who they saw as the darkness that opposed the light. When Hashirama Senju was shown, centuries later, to be of immense potential and wielding the "divine sign", Mokuton; many Senju felt that he would be the one to lead them into the promises that the mysterious "god" had promised. Some even thought that Hashirama was that god in the flesh.
However Hashirama had goals that began to contradict the ideals of the Senju sages. He did not strive for the Senju to rule over all clans; but for equality between clans. And furthermore, he thought to unite with the Uchiha to accomplish this goal; a heresy to the more zealous Senju. The thing was, over the years of brutal fighting and war, many Senju had lost faith. They wanted peace more than anything, and were willing to make friends with Uchiha to accomplish this. Only a small portion of Senju opposed the idea. They too, wanted peace and love; but felt that the only way to do so was to follow their faith. Over the years, they had lost the location of the ancient cave where Ashura found the light, and resided on "visions" from their prophets for his command during their time near the ancient cave.

Now they dwelt far away and were in the heat of war continually. They lost sight of any extra-ordinary ideals and their faith faded away gradually. When Hashirama Senju decided to form the village hidden in the leaves with Madara Uchiha, there was a fallout. Just like Madara feared the Uchiha would be over-taken; a small portion of the Senju felt the Senju clan would be dispersed and weakened if they joined with the "heathen" clans. Their bloodline needed to stay pure, and they did not believe they should have any communion with the Uchiha.

So a small band of them departed around the time he formed the village. They would depart to other lands and make homes for themselves in secret, populating and growing. They did this to preserve not only their race, but their culture; which they knew would be in danger should all clans come together. The concept of clan was destroyed by the founding of the villages, as the Senju predicted; and they would stay away for centuries, hiding in the wilderness and various places, while the main events of the villages went on.
They passed on to each generation, the books of their Sages, and preserved their line away from any and all other clans continually. It would no be until the Golden Age of shinobi, during the reign of Naruto Uzumaki, that they would return to Konohagakure, the place they had refused to follow Hashirama too...

They saw this as an opportunity to potentially live in unity while preserving themselves as Naruto was an Uzumaki; and therefore somewhat Senju. This garnered their trust greatly, and though this was a world united, it had the segregation and freedom necessary so that they felt they'd be safe from mixed breeding and attacks on their clan. So the story goes...

After the war, they exiled themselves to Sunagakure, the world shunning them entirely. The held the blame of what happened in the past, and they grew resentful of communion with other clans on account of the mistrust and blame that had been given them. There they would suffer for a few centuries in a fruitless and dry land. They were not slaves, but the closes thing to it as they borrowed land to live on, and were terrorized daily. Spat on in the market places, given lower wages for jobs, etc. They eventually built a settlement of their own and decided to produce goods from inside the settlement and sell them to the outside world. A shinobi had not been seen with Mokuton in ages until the son of the Senju clan head was born. To the Senju, it was a sign that there redemption was near. They would, in that land, eventually find in the wilderness, at the peak of a beat up mountain, the ancient cave where Ashura met the Unknown. The Senju camp would move their settlement here, at the foot of that mountain. Most of that settlement would be founded by the Makuton of the leader's son, who was revered as the leader who would bring about the coming of the Unknown. Once there, the Senju clan leader would make trips to the top of the large mountain to consult with the radiant light that had appeared to his forefather.
The Unknown would indeed make himself appear to the Senju clan leader, and that would be the beginning of the future of the Senju clan. Their cousins, the Uzumaki, also resided with them in the camp; and they would remain isolated from the rest of the desert for the rest of their time there. Attacked still, but isolated. The Senju clan leader would go up there daily to receive instructions via "vision" (genjutsu) from the Unknown, and come down to translate it to the people. He instructed them on various things, many that would help their survival of their people and laws for them to abide by. The Senju built an altar, as he instructed, and would sacrifice animals to the Unknown daily; as instructed. The Senju and Uzumaki would become Prophets to their people, and only they and one other woman would be allowed to go up to the mountain to speak to the being.
(The reasons why he did the things he did, and all that he did, will largely be explained in the Clan Leader's app).
The Senju, knowing this to be the "god" of their ancestors, continued in subservience to him along with their Uzumaki brethren. Though at the time they barely understood this, the Being was somehow sealed in the cave. He had been largely instructing them to do things necessary that would weaken the seal and eventually allow them to release him. And so, after twenty years, did this happen.
At this time the son of the Senju clan head was 24,and now leading the clan himself in terms of battle strength. The two, now elders, Senju clan head and uzumaki clan head, spent their time in communion with the Unknown. Well it is during this year that they would unseal the Being and he would make his physical appearance to them. The immediate events that followed this will be accounted for later. The important part, is this is where the Senju moved...

The Being, along with the Senju army, would march across Sunagakure, and through various small lands, to Konohagakure - the land he told them they would reside in. This too several months, and an immense amount of fighting took place as they walked through the various lands. Once the reached this place, after having walked through several countries and armies, they would camp just outside of Konohagakure. During this time, the Uzumaki clan head would lose his two sons to a kidnapper. This drove the man insane... He would curse the Being and even the Senju and lead his clan to depart from them to their own private territory, changing their faith as well.
The Senju would soon move into the territory, and there would go through a Purification process instituted by the Being. This would last ten years. During this time, he would "wash" the Senju spiritually, and instruct them in a new culture, law, and knowledge. Systems for how they would live and how they would deal in the land. For ten years they, as a people, were taught and instructed. Split into Houses/tribes, each given a job in the community. Every Senju learned the Laws, statutes, and commandments that were to be kept in the community.

PRESENT: At present, the Senju have just come out of this purification decade, and are now building on their territory, and each Tribe is taking its given role among their brethren. A temple is being built, as are homes, as are boundaries etc. They are, at present erecting their small kingdom....

Clan Description: The Senju clan is extremely private now. They are not seen anywhere else in the world but where they are.
They are an extremely orderly and clean clan. Lovers of nature, and each has an in-depth understanding of it. Their main trades consist of nature in some way, and they only deal with things organically. They grow their own food, make their own homes, and basically create everything with their hands. The mokuton KKG is not the KKG of every Senju; but they are still very familiar with how to use wood and nature elements. During the purification process, was given the language of the Being. He would teach them it through those years and now every Senju can read, write, and speak it fluently. This helps them also, having a secret language that only clansmen can communicate in.

He taught a basic/primitive version of it to the common Senju:


Senju Clan Kyr3

Symbols from this alien language can be seen in the Senju territory, and the language, along with more primitive forms of it, can be seen to be spoken by Senju at various times. The priests are most knowledgeable in it; and know all forms. They are usually the teachers, and all Senju Holy Books are written in it. It was a language the Being passed on to them via their prophets, and during the Purification Decade, he taught it to them in full.

The Senju clan, during the Purification process, was branched out into nine tribes; ten being a special one. Each 'House' or tribe is after the name of an ancestor, and is given specific duties in the community. They are also given a symbol from the Clan leader that they wear on their clothing or as a tatoo while in Senju territory.
Note: This does not include total Clan RANK per say, just their community jobs:


Hygashiyama - This house is in charge of farming and agriculture. They work in the fields and grow food.

Yozei - They are the community police basically.

Kosho - These handle the health of the land and the animals. They monitor growth and health etc.

Ojin - They handle the minerals of the earth and the harvesting of those resources for trade or community use.

Gensho - They handle the water supply and deal with all things regarding water.

Shijo - They are the builder of the weapons and guards of the weaponry.

Juntoku - These are the hunters. They handle all the hunting, fishing etc.

Nakamikado - These are the doctors. The handle the health of the village.

Uda - These are the main guards of the sacred things. They guard the Temple as well as the clan leader.

Mononoke: These are the priests. They handle all things regarding the temple and are the judges of the land.


In the Senju clan, ranks work a bit differently. There is not a long hierachal chain, but rather a smaller one that makes certain things the job of most shinobi. You can be a soldier, for example, and be of any clan; as that is a more generic role. Each role is equally important, but is simply different. But lets examine the roles from highest to lowest.

The Fury: The Being that led the Senju to their land is highest. He has final ruling over all things and is considered to be something of a deity to the Senju people. He resided in the temple, and can be communed with from there only save for when he walks about the land. He is referred to as 'Elyon'. The word 'El' in the alien tongue of the Being means "Source" or "Mighty One". It is similar to the word "god" in the human tongue. Eli, Eloah, El, or Elyon, or El Elyon are the titles that the common Senju know him by. His name is not to be pronounced save for the priest who are not to utter it outside the Temple.

Kohanim: These are the priests, and reserved for the house of Mononoke. They are just below the Fury and have the most direct contact with him. They are the teachers of the people in regards to the Law of Elyon, and give moral teachings to the common man. They have special laws that they must abide by as they are separate from the people. They are to be revered by all the people and bowed to with great respect.

Shophetim: - These are the Judges of the land. These hail from the house of Uda and Yozei. They make rulings throughout the land and answer only to the priests. The Yozei house is mainly answerable to them and at their disposal. They make rulings for the peoples and guard the community is justice. If there are disputes - they are who are gone too.

Khayal: - These are the soldiers. They may be from any clan and are not really part of the "hierarchy". They are a more generic role that is taken by any able senjus. They make up the Senju army. They are more comprised of certain houses, and are usually at the disposal of the Judges or the Fury of course. You can be any kind of soldier...

Damim:The civilian class is simply the average Senju; nothing more, nothing less. They are usually those who specialize in one of the crafts or jobs of the clan such as doctors, tailors, etc. Do not be confused, this does not mean they are weak. But simply that they may not serve in one of the higher roles. In the Senju clan, there is a hierarchy, but everyone is equally vital and useful. Just used for different things.

Clan Characteristics: The Senju are lovers of peace and tranquility. They are not soft, as the difficulties of war and poverty have made each sharp and strong; but they do not invite strife. They are very adventurous by nature and love the outdoors. They all persist in community activities and enjoy unity. They are an extremely united clan and communion is a large part of them. They are never really seperate from one another.
Village/Territory: The reside in northern Konoha. Their settlement is in the heart of the forest and branches out to completely control roughly half of Konoha. The upper half. The clan leader set up the territory and therefore it is made of trees from a technique of his. The entire settlement, in fact, is; in terms of the land itself. Their borders are HEAVILY guarded, and watched out for at all times; including the sky.
Clan Leader: Hawwah
Clan Items/Weapons: TBA
Kekkei Genkai Description: LIFE FORCE: The Senju have exceptional life force that is the source of their very strong bodies and genetics. While the average human has 100 life force, Senju have 175.
Life Force - 175. This KKG gives them makes it so that 1/4 of their life force is added to their STRENGTH, ENDURANCE, and CHAKRA stats. So (+44) to each stat. It is put in parenthesis while posting, as it is an extra.

***MOKUTON: Mokuton is NOT the KKG of the Senju. However it is reserved for three people in the Senju at a time on an approval basis via the clan leader - ME.
Please note that I do not decide biasly or anything, and my KKG is technically not Mokuton so I am not even taking up one of the spots; but I do have the right to say NO. You will still have access to other Senju KKG if you are a Senju, as well as the perk.


ONE THOUSAND SKILLS: The Senju are known to be a clan that has been able to master all arts of shinobi classes. Because of this, if you are a Senju in the Senju clan, you get a free +75 class points.

One Thousand Skills - +75 FREE CLASS POINTS

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:


*Mokuton techniques of all ranks are clan techniques, however.
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Senju Clan
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