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 First set of missions

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First set of missions Empty
PostSubject: First set of missions   First set of missions EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 4:38 pm

Mission Name: Box Carrier
Rank: D
Mission Description: Boxes. Mysterious objects of unknown value and wildly varying weight, their contents possibly anything, representative of near-infinite potential and wonder until opened. Boxes. Today, you are blessed as the bearer of these mystical objects, to transport them from one place to another, a sacred trial to be sure. Look, just carry the god-damned boxes and shut up.
Reward: 50,000 Ryo, 100 Exp

Mission Name: They'll call you...tater salad
Rank: D
Mission Description: You: An enterprising shinobi who doesn't want the risk of death to get between them and some spending money. Your opponent: A gigantic mountain of unskinned potatoes. Notice I mentioned unskinned. Three guesses what you're gonna spend the next few hours doing.
Reward:50,000 Ryo, a stink of potatoes that'll take multiple showers to dispel, 100 Exp

Mission Name: Taking care of the elderly
Rank: D
Mission Description: Exactly what it sounds like. Your task it so escort an old man/woman around and help them with literally everything. Spoon feed them, help them across the street, and at the end of the days, bathe them, and get them into bed. They will be cranky, they will be difficult, but they're human beings who deserve respect and it's your job to give it to them.
Reward: 50,000 Ryo, 100 Exp

Mission Name: Fetch that book!
Rank: C
Mission Description: Your mission is seemingly simple and overpaid for what it seems. If you had any sense you'd realize this was unlikely to be as easy as it seems, but here you are. Your task is to retrieve the single copy of a book from the local library with all haste, "Tales of the Rusty Kunai." Unbeknownst to you however, several others will be given this task as well by different people, with a betting pool as to whose "champion" returns with the book. Clan life can get boring sometimes, watching kids beat each other up over a bad book(if it was good there'd be more than one copy, no?) is today's entertainment for some. Do whatever it takes shy of killing someone to make sure you're the one who brings back that book and you'll be well compensated. Well, of course, being relative, in this case relative to the nothing you get if you lose. Such is life.
Reward: 100,000 Ryo at least 1 bruise, 200 Exp

Mission Name: Sparring with noobs
Rank: C
Mission Description: Strengthening one's group is of high importance these days, both for clans and independent camps. One way for anyone of some skill to always make some money is in giving private lessons to the next generation, giving them a light, non-lethal taste of combat and helping them improve.
Reward: 100,000 Ryo, 200 Exp

Mission Name: Bandit Puncher
Rank: B
Mission Description: In a largely lawless era such as this, the term "bandit" has become highly subjective, often simply referring to a clan without the clout the beat up those calling them bandits, or any gathering of clanless/unaffiliated people, denigrated by those with power to make it sound better to the people hired to go shake them down. Today, that is your task. Go threaten a small gathering of people and get as much money as possible, then bring back the tribute to your clan representative. Those you seek out could be anything from actual bandits to a camp full of sick women and children(you monster!) so it's best to be prepared for any eventuality and possible combat.
Reward: Shame, 200,000 ryo, 400 Exp

Mission Name: Wandering Duelist
Rank: A
Mission Description: A wandering samurai has left this challenge the local mission board, held in place by a rusty knife: "Got balls? Bored ronin looking to kick your ass for money!" Along with a brief description of where to find him. Should you choose to accept it and follow the directions provided, you will find yourself confronted by the wandering samurai, his or her armor polished, if a little worn. Just because your opponent isn't a ninja is no reason to let your guard down. Relatively quick despite the heavy armor, strong, and above all durable, this person can also infuse their weapons with chakra to increase cutting power and release it in a ranged slash. Should you manage to win, however, a decent chunk of his money is yours. Attempt to take all of it, however, and they will reveal that their armor is layered from within with explosive tags and attempt to take you with them, blowing up themselves and all your prize money in the process.
Reward:400,000 ryo, 800 Exp

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First set of missions
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