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 Personal Missions

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PostSubject: Personal Missions   Personal Missions EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 1:14 pm

Mission Name: Investigate Disappearances
Rank: A Rank
Mission Description: The Shoshinku clan has noticed a decline in the amount of travelers passing through the ruins of Amegakure recently, and has noted this as a large problem for the clan. As the clan makes money and gets supplies off of citizens that are robbed as they pass through the Land of Rain, a lack of travelers passing through is equivalent to that of an embargo on the clan itself. Incidentally, when scouts were sent to investigate, they never reported back. They were instructed to keep only within the ruins of the city itself, so their disappearance leads to the suspicion that these disappearances are with purpose, and the source is inside the ruins themselves. This problem needs to be investigated quickly, as if it is not this can grow into quite a threat to the integrity of the clan.
Reward: 800 EXP, 400,000 ryo

Mission Name: Eliminate the Source of the Disappearances
Rank: S Rank
Mission Description: [Must have completed 'Investigate the Disappearances']

The source of the mysterious disappearances has been identified. Now that the threat has a face to it and a location where it can be found, someone needs to go in and deal with the problem at the source. Find and eliminate the person responsible for these crimes against the Shoshinku, and bring his corpse back as proof.
Reward: 1,600 EXP, 800,000 ryo

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Personal Missions
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