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 Canon Clan Bio

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PostSubject: Canon Clan Bio   Canon Clan Bio EmptySat Aug 02, 2014 9:25 pm

Below are all the Canon Clans. Ever wants the clans to all have some history involving another clan, for better or worse. This will be updated as the clans progress along, and once a certain clan is finished the Clan Registration Page can be created for them.

Uchiha: Peace between the Uchiha and Senju was lost. Leaving the Uchiha clan to re-enter a state of hate for the Senju. Leaving the Uchiha to govern themselves, chaos continued to spread and their numbers get larger. The need for a true leader was evident. Lives were lost in civil war over clan leadership. Many Uchiha segregated themselves from each other in fear of being killed. Soon many Uchiha lacked, proper training and were stagnant in their growth as shinobi. This caused a meet to elect 4 worth shinobi to have the opportunity to obtain leadership of the clan. These 4 would be responsible for teaching the rest and making peace among their people. Hopefully, from these 4 a true leader will be born and unite the clan as a family.

Senju: The Senju departed from Konohagakure, shamed by the world for the society they failed to protect from the destruction of their rivals - the Uchiha. There they would live in desperation while returning to their roots. They would return to belief in the ancient faith of their fathers and into a being who promised to lead them out of their exile and back into Konohagakure where they would be established like never before, and have blessings promised to their ancestors fulfilled in their generation. They were led there by a mysterious leader who moved them from being a small, struggling sect in the Sunagakure desert, to being the prime traders and largest territory owners in the Land of Fire. The Senju now reside in much secrecy and privacy under their new leader who led them from one land to another seemingly over night...

Hyuuga: The Hyuuga are arguably the most isolated of the major clans. After the war they grew to be extremely untrusting of anyone, and rarely are seen roaming the land outside their territory. They make quite a good living, and are considered a quite wealthy clan; though they keep to themselves. They are most vicious enemies with Uchiha, whom they have zero tolerance for in all situations; and are simply resentful of just about everyone else.





Kaguya: The Kaguya clan is largely considered a group of savages; feared greatly from their atrocities in the World War. They have departed company from the Uchiha for the most part, though they are not on bad grounds. At the moment, the Kaguya are mainly seeking to establish themselves as a single entity. Their participation in the war was largely because they felt they fought against tyrrany; and not for evil purposes. They now seek to be away from most of the world who now fear them, and establish themselves as a genuine clan.

Uzumaki: The Uzumaki clan was largely feared for having possession of the bijuu for centuries. When they lost this, they united with their Senju brethren for quite some time, even during their exile in Sunagakure. They would follow their cousins when led by the mysterious leader who would bring them into Konohagakure and establish them all in peace. Not long after, the Uzumaki would depart, having religious differences with the Senju and deciding to go to their own roots as well.



Canon Clan Bio 2dcf5cb9-36a8-4acd-81a2-ad3cce1c2ace_zps70129cf9

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Canon Clan Bio
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