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 Kenjiro's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Kenjiro's Jutsu   Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:53 pm

Name:  Shoshinku Hidden Technique: Blood Manipulation
Rank: B Rank
Chakra Cost: 50 for activation, 5 per post upkeep
Force: When used to attack, the force is equal to half the user's Endurance, unless a different Blood Release technique states otherwise.
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A (Blood Release isn't really and Element)
Hand Signs:  One-handed Tiger sign for activation, no extra motion required for manipulation.
Range: Can manipulate blood with this technique within a 15 meter radius
Requirements: Either born into Shoshinku clan or taught by Clan Leader
Description: This technique allows the user to manipulate blood through an advanced form of Water Release--controlling the water found in the blood plasma of blood to do so--most techniques thereof being known as Blood Release. This basic form of the Shoshinku's Hidden Technique style allows the manipulation of the user's own blood, or the blood of others. However, the user cannot manipulate the blood of other people if it is not external, that is to say, having been drawn from the other person's body. With this technique the user may change the shape, position, and hardness of blood, moving it through the air, changing the shape of the bodies of liquid being manipulated, and hardening it for defensive or offensive uses.
Drawbacks:  If you use any Shoshinku Hidden Techniques/Blood Release techniques, you may only have Water as an element, and may not gain any other elements. Also, if you use this technique by drawing your own blood and manipulating it 3+ times in one thread, you become very tired and lightheaded immediately, lowering your Endurance by 25% for the remainder of the thread.
Combination with other techs: This technique can be combined with just about any other Blood Release/Shoshinku Hiden Technique, allowing extreme versatility to these jutsu.

Name: Blood Sebon Explosion
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 25
Force: Sharpness: 300 Speed: Equal to users speed stat Hardness: 250
Type: Ninjutsu, Hidden Technique
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: n/a (used from blood manipulation which needs no hand signs to manipulate blood after activation.
Range: 20 meters.
Requirements: Blood Manipulation, vial of ones own blood.
By using their own chakra infused blood in a vial, the user hardens the blood causing the vial to shatter before willing it to explode into hardened blood sebons, the number of which dependent on how many the user makes out of the blood in the vial. Once the Sebon hit the opponent they work their way into the victims blood stream and the users chakra infuses within the victims blood. This leads to the user being able to not only use blood manipulation on the victim, but a plethora of other jutsu.
Drawbacks: N/A
Combination with other techs: This Jutsu is usually a lead into blood puppetry

Name: Blood Puppetry
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 100
Force: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu, Hidden Technique.
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Tiger
Range: 20 meters to hit, 25-50 meters to continue control.
Requirements: A vial of blood, blood manipulation, blood sebon jutsu.
After being hit by the blood sebon technique the victim then has the users chakra mixed into their blood and fall under blood manipulation, the user then manipulates the blood to control the victims body as if it's their own puppet. This, of course means the user now controls the victims movements and, if holding knowledge of how to use a jutsu that the opponent has, can force them to use their own chakra to use a jutsu. However this is unlikely and the victims are mainly used for weapon and hand to hand fighting, often serving as a meat shield for the user as most people will refuse to attack an ally with intent to kill.
Drawbacks: User must stay focused for continued use, if knocked out of focus user can reconnect the jutsu with ten chakra use.
Combination with other techs: This move is activated due to blood sebon and leads to a plethora of other jutsu.

Name: Killing blood.
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 125
Force: Sharpness: 300, Speed: Equal to Users speed stat Hardness: 250
Type: Ninjutsu, Hidden Technique.
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Tiger
Range: 25-50 meters.
Requirements: Blood Puppetry
Description: A deadly technique in which the user who is controlling the victim via blood puppetry destroys the heart by hardening the blood and bursting it into thousands of seabon, ripping the heart into shreds. This is, of course but one of the ways killing blood can end a life, the user can also flood blood into the lungs and harden it into a solid blocking off all air from the victim, causing them to suffocate and of course they could always simply drown the user in blood by flooding it all into their lungs once again but keeping it in a liquid form.
Drawbacks: User must stay focused for use
Combination with other techs: This leads into blood burst.

Name: Blood burst.
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 125
Force: Sharpness: 400 Speed: Equal to users speed stat Hardness: 300
Type: Ninjutsu, Hidden Technique.
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Tiger
Range: 20 meters
Requirements: Killing Blood
Description: Using the left over blood in the dead body from killing blood, the user launched thousands of blood sebon from the carcass in hopes of hitting all nearby allies. These sebon are all like the originals in which when they hit a victim chakra is infused into the blood of a victim, leaving them susceptible to blood manipulation and there for, blood puppetry.
Drawbacks: User must stay focused for use.
Combination with other techs: This leads to the final jutsu in the string, blood puppet army.

Name: Blood Puppet Army.
Rank: S
Chakra Cost: 200
Force: N/A
Type: Ninjutsu, Hidden Technique.
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: Tiger
Range: 20 meters to hit, 50-70 meters to continue control.
Requirements: All previous blood related jutsu posted here.
Description: Kenjiro's ultimate technique, after blood burst is activated and many people are hit with the blood seabon that activate blood puppetry, Kenjiro causes a mass activation causing them all to fall under his command effectively creating his own army of flesh puppets to use. These victims however, unlike the victim of the original blood puppetry, the user will more often then not make them into a zombie like horde and they will often surround and cannibalize their former allies.
Drawbacks: Huge amount of chakra used to get to this jutsu, user will more than likely be drained of chakra after using it.
Combination with other techs: N/A

Name: Blood Arm
Rank: N/A
Chakra Cost: N/A, Passive
Force: 230
Type: Passive Ability.
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: N/A
Range: Self
Requirements: Unique to Kenjiro.
Description: A blood shell fused to Kenjiro's arm, still useable via blood manipulation and once activated a pattern of chakra will flow through it. This while a passive ability is also a very powerful one in terms of raw potential as the arm's hardened blood shell is still used with blood manipulation and there for can be manipulated into many different shapes.
Drawbacks: N/A
Combination with other techs: It leads to many other techniques.

Name: Blood Arm: Sword.
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 60
Force: Sharpness: 300 Hardness: 300
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: N/A
Hand Signs: N/A
Range: 2 meters.
Requirements: Require blood arm and blood manipulation.
Description: Using blood manipulation the blood shell moves into a blade shape and hardens, it's able to be used like a normal sword.
Drawbacks: N/A
Combination with other techs: N/A
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Elements : Lightning, Wind, Magnetism

PostSubject: Re: Kenjiro's Jutsu   Sun Aug 24, 2014 10:20 pm

get ur shit together with those descriptions
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Kenjiro's Jutsu
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