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 Anarchy's Charity list

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Anarchy's Charity list    Sun Aug 10, 2014 6:42 pm

Name: Sagakuryuu (Art Of The Balance Fist) [Signature]
Rank: B-Rank
Chakra Cost: -
Force: -
Type: Supplementary, Offensive, Defensive
Element: -
Hand Signs: -
Range: Close
Requirements: Private Taijutsu style  
Revolving around handwork, speed, agility and marksmanship. For the users of this style of close quarters combat they have to find balance within there movements and striking. This Goken compared to Sagaku is very much the same when it comes down to the movement of the feet and the kicking structures, the handwork is different, warriors of the Goken aim for the bones of the body meanwhile Sagaku aim for the muscles of the body. One thing they are rarely trained in is strength, that is only if mandatory due to failure of attacking effect. The user of this style study the pressure points, vital areas and most of all muscles to where breaking there opponent down can be a matter of a one, two, three move if experienced enough.

The Balance fist is utilized by hitting pressure points of the body. To be a close quarter combat combatant you must have a fast body but this style of fighting teaches the student how to specifically move fast with the use of the arms. The Style punches are different from Goken and Juken due to not using full fist when it comes to punches or jabs but rather the use of knuckles which usually is the index and middle finger knuckles after balling up a fist or maybe even fingers if experienced enough. The purpose of the knuckles is so that it can make the attack lighter, and lighter equals more speed for one. Secondly, they are meant to hit in pressure points or muscles used to temporarily shut down functions in the limbs or body part or even damage the muscles rendering them useless. Do not mistaken this for Juken, it has nothing to do with the chakra points of the body but more trying to take down there opponent with fast "quick jabs" or "punches". Some beginners have to hit very hard to be able to damage muscles, others may just have to hit pressure points with relatively light jabs. Never has the user been taught to do a basic punch, even taught to attack with the wrist of the aim, punches could be influenced by the Drunken Fist and that the stances of balance could also be inspired by it.


Without this part the students of Sagaku could possibly be at a disadvantage, the jabs and punches are of no use with out being able to mix it up now and then. The students are required to work on flexibility and movement, this was to strengthen there legs when it came down to all it has to do with legs. This is where the kicking with Goken are very alike in many ways. Due to the high speed of the punches and jabs, the kicks look much slower then any other attacks. The objectives are to be able to train the students so that they can flip, jump high into the air and be able to make fluid and very unpredictable movements unlike the predictable Goken. So most experienced Taijutsu users using this style of balance are able to not use chakra at all and move through any amount of jutsu through just solid movement or by jumping. Although a very useful method of fighting, the legwork is vital to this style of fighting and is used to not only get close but to give in powerful attacks behind the light and quick jabs.

+25 Speed
+15 Strength
Drawbacks: -
Combination with other techs: Base for techniques.
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Anarchy's Charity list    Mon Aug 11, 2014 6:10 pm

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Anarchy's Charity list    Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:26 pm

Name: Eda Joyko (Limb Removal)
Rank: C-Rank
Chakra Cost: -
Force:  -
Type: Taijutsu
Element: -
Hand Signs: -
Range: Close range
Requirements: Balanced Fist Required.
A very common and very effective technique which gives the user power to be able to take down a limb on an opponent. This can only be used to the best of the ability if has above average agility, speed and precision. Three quick jabs, its quick jabs are described when explaining the structures of the punches. This is the use of the tip of the index and middle finger together, Maybe even the tips of the fingers. It strikes muscles in three sections of the limb taking it down momentarily, meaning it will fall like dead weight also giving a pretty moderate amount of pain. The speed is needed, because they must be able to perform this attack very quickly.
(Unable to use that limb for three posts)


-If one hit fails then the limb will be out of commission for two posts, if two hits fail then the limb will be out of commission for one post.
-Knowledge of Balance Fist Required.
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Anarchy's Charity list    Tue Aug 12, 2014 3:49 pm

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Elements : Fire

PostSubject: Re: Anarchy's Charity list    Sun Aug 24, 2014 12:02 am

Name: Heat Sensory
Rank: S
Chakra Cost:
Base: Passive
level 2: 35 Chakra
Force: -
Type: KKG Passive Skill
Element: Katon
Hand Signs: -
Base:100 meters
Lvl 2: 300 meters
Requirements: Kaigen Only
Description: Kaigen Uzumaki - Shikyo is not only the first Shikyo along with his brother but the prime host for the Shikyo experiement, at an attempt to recreate the rinnegan. However, although the experiement didn't work and it created the Shikyo clan's bloodline - Kaigen and Kuro were the first and most potent out of the clan. Like the Hyuuga Clan bloodline drive strongest in Neji Hyuuga, that is Kaigen and Kurokon.  This is one of the specific passive powers he gained shortly after activation of the final stage of the bloodline; Actually this is the first one.

Base Heat Sensory:
Level 1 or base of this skill, is the passive part of the description and the lesser version of the second stage of this skill. This takes no chakra cost, his distance of sensory range is 100 meter radius; As if he was in the middle of the dome in all directions.  He can sense heat inside of objects, beyond objects and feel even the slightest amounts of heat traces allowing him to even be able to track anyone down due to their body heat and temperature level and figure. Heat signatures are not only remembered but viewed when sensing heat, he can predict and better anaylze his opponents structure, techniques, movements and tactics by watching their heat in their body. It moves everytime something is being prepared or heavy breathing and or concentration is required. This also allows Kaigen to be able to sense when someone or himself is in a genjutsu and/or lying due to the heat in is brain begin to lose balance due to brain and genjutsu processing.
This also increases his reaction time: 50+

Lvl 2:
- All the above.
- Range increased: 300 meters.
- Can feel pass chakra barriers.
- Reaction time:
125+: If within 150 meter range.

- Can't feel  pure/elemental chakra barriers.

Lvl 2: Loses eye sight while activated, 25 Chakra every post. Deactivates automatically after 10 post. Recharge: 5 post before reusage.

Combination with other techs:
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PostSubject: Re: Anarchy's Charity list    

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Anarchy's Charity list
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