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 Special Attributes

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PostSubject: Special Attributes   Tue Aug 05, 2014 12:09 am

Some people or clans have special perks. These are things that allow them to be unusual in comparison to other people. I am talking mainly about things in canon rarely elaborated on, but that have a large affect on the power of characters. Here we are going to discuss some.


Life force is difficult to explain. But in plain words, it is like an upgrade. An upgrade to your genetics really. It simply makes everything... better. Like going from human to Kryptonian; though usually not that dramatic of course. Point is, it basically is a "higher level". This cannot be improved like stats, nor increased through training. You either got it or you do not; and it can only be increased by rare things.

Now, with life force. Every human starts, naturally with 100 life force. Those who in the series are considered to have "high" life force, have more than this. 100 life force does nothing to you. However, higher than this can give some advantages. Here are some examples:

Shikyo - 125
Uzumaki - 150 Life Force
Senju - 175 Life Force
Hashirama - 250 Life Force

What does Life Force give you? It gives you the following perks:

*1/4 of your life force is added to your endurance, strength and chakra stats at all times. Round up if there are decimals.


Dense chakra is a rare perk that some people have. It has pros and cons that fit the description. Dense chakra, similar to Bijuu chakra (which is both dense and and special chakra). This chakra, because it is so dense, take physical form. You can see it... It gives the user the following advantages:

1. Because it is dense, it is more efficient. You can use normal techniques at half the chakra.
2. Because it is so pure, you can make your techniques stronger by simply putting in the same amount of chakra. This simply means that all your force tiers for that technique goes up by ten force points, except density. Density goes up by 1 each tier, due to its high stat-reality ratio.

1. There are physical drawbacks to the endurance that depend on the density of the chakra. Chakra density goes on the following scale:
1-10. One being the basic level, five being the level of the Bijuu, seven being the level of the Kyuubi. For each tier, there are furthering disadvantages.

1 - -10 endurance per jutsu (Normal)
2 - -15 endurance per jutsu
3- -20 endurance per jutsu
4- -25 endurance per jutsu
5- -30 endurance per jutsu
6- - 35 endurance per jutsu (Normal bijuu Transformation Two)
7 - -40 endurance per jutsu
8- -45endurance per jutsu
9 - -50 endurance per jutsu (Kyuubi Bijuu Transformation Two)
10 - 55 endurance  per jutsu

1. For every level, you can use the technique at 1/2 the chakra.
2. For every level, it costs 50 more words for each chakra stat.
3. For each level, you can increase the force stats of your level by ten.
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Special Attributes
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