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 Kobayashi Uchiha Complete

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PostSubject: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:17 pm

Character Name: Kobayashi Uchiha
Titles/Other Names: Bastardo, Koba, The Dragon
Age: 16
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kobayashi is a slim teenage boy, he is a rather tall teen he is one of the tallest Uchiha in the village, however he is not lanky he has some hidden muscle that wouldn't be obvious unless he was shirtless or flexing as hard as he can.  He has long luxurious onyx hair that is to some degree spiky, it is usually quaffed and has a silky texture it hangs in front of his ears. His eyes are a very deep black one would believe that Kobayashi had one large pupil in both eyes they also have what some refer to as a demented glint that appears when he is in battle or on the verge of taking a life. For the most part Kobayashi has a calm care free demeanor and a fresh young face, he tends to let his shoulders and arms hang freely. The man has a sharp chin and thin lips and a small nose to match.  He usually wears his soldier, consisting of a white shirt, a gray waistcoat and a long blue coat with the uchiha clan insignia on the back and a dragon insignia on the lapel. He leaves the coat front open despite it's golden buttons and facets, the sleeves on the coat are rolled up below the elbow, showing purplish red wrist bands. He also wears dark blue trousers and knee-high black boots that have sharpened steel tips on them.

Kobayashi's personality can be summed up as eccentric, he often displays himself as a cool-headed, though lazy and bored individual. He can be described as being rather depressing, showing dislike in many things yet little interest in activities that he does enjoy or even his own future. Furthermore, Koba has shown that he is a pessimistic, believing that "heroes" do not exist; rather, he believes that surviving in the world would only come out of the individual's own power. He is empathetic to few, and dangerously intelligent there is no limit to how far he will go to create an equal world for all to live in, by that he wants to empower the weak so they become formidable foes with the strong. He believe that if all goes are within reach and easily attainable then that would be the same as having no goals, Kobayashi wants to unite the world through struggle as struggle is the only cure for weakness. In combat Koba is refereed to as the bastard due to his sadistic and uncaring nature he loves a challenge, he longs for an equal or dare I say it someone stronger than he. He has no problem with using people to achieve his goals, he does not have allies only temporary alliances and by temporary it means if you get in Kobayashi's way during a mission or in combat he will not hesitate to snap your neck. Kobayashi often sports a wide grin and a tendency to laugh giddily about the dangerous event. He also displays more evident signs of arrogance and superiority towards his opponents. Koba often boasts about his strength and speaks to his opponents in a more mocking tone. Nevertheless, Koba retains a carefree attitude during battle. He also prefers not to participate in most of his Clan's special activities that involves leisurely activities. However, he will cooperate if necessary with little to no arguments, save for perhaps a few minor complaints. At the same time, he will often disregard his associates and act out on his own. While focused on an objective, Kobayashi is willing to use any method possible to make his tasks quicker and easier, if that means to kill a civilian to keep them quite then that is what he will do,displaying additional traits of ruthlessness. He is also a natural born leader he can command people with his murderous aura and cold stare. He has an authoritative voice and an imposing presence.  Kobayashi is efficient and will skip sleep and eating to stalk a target or set up and ambush, he is almost machine like when he needs to complete a task of his own choosing or an act that he deems important. He also has an over inflated ego and too much self purpose he knows himself to be the most dangerous Uchiha and that is saying a lot, he plans to use the clan in his ultimate goal of uniting the world under his iron fist.  He is very in control of his emotions but at times his mask of sanity can slip.

Early Life:

Uchiha Academy/Squad days :

New World Order:

Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Stealth Soldier
Tier: S-3
KKG: Sharingan, Blaze Release
Items: 2 tome Sharingan
Abilities/Perks: Cold Blooded: Killing with no remorse/ Killing on a whim
Murderous Aura: Strike crippling fear in all social threads for 3 posts with other characters that are 3 ranks or lower.

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PostSubject: Re: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:14 pm

There are a couple things wrong here:

1. We don't use system of Genin, Chuunin, so on, edit history to fit that fact

2. As you now know, you can't start with tomoe 3, tomoe 2 max, have to describe training in history which I'm sure is there, but also have to spend 600 EXP out of starting pool for it, so account for that.

3. Your history is good, but the range of length and quality of that combined with the lacking in your personality and appearance just doesn't cut it for S Rank. I will give A-2 max.

Please take into account these 3 things and edit. Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:28 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   Thu Aug 07, 2014 8:11 pm

It has come to my attention that I'm an absolute moron and even if the History is decent, every other part doesn't deserve A-2. Not even close. I will give it a max of B-2, unless you edit.

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PostSubject: Re: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:18 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Kobayashi Uchiha Complete   

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Kobayashi Uchiha Complete
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