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 Ko Hyuga

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Ko Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Ko Hyuga   Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:13 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Ko Hyuuga
Titles/Other Names: N/A
Age: 14
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Ko bears a striking resemblance to her mother. Like her mother, she has a lithe frame, pale skin and long dark black hair. However, there are subtle differences in their appearances. Ko remains at a healthy weight unlike her nearly skeletal mother. Her facial features are also less pronounced such as her eye brows, jawbone, nose and lips. She also has long limbs. At 5'6", she is likely to grow to be as tall as her parents at 5'10" or even taller. She has a long tongue. She wears loose white pants and a loose long sleeved top along with black shinobi sandals. On missions she wears a white bodice-like vest and tight white capris.
Personality: Ko is very bashful and can even come off as stuck up. However she is also very lonely. She had a very close relationship with her father that she seeks to replace. While she has tried to imitate this relationship with her grandfathers, she knows that it only pales in comparison. She has no desire to interact with other females. She has no love for her clan though she does feel an obligation towards her clan and the main family. She hates every aspect of true combat: The anticipation before the battle, the terror of fighting, the sting of taking blows and the intimacy of having injuries tended to. She fights like as if she is berserk.
Background/History: Katsu Hyuuga was a modest young soldier who fell in love with the civilian Kamiko Hyuuga. Kamiko was raised to be a shinobi but proved herself to be too delicate for such a lifestyle. Katsu's father tried to dissuade him from marrying her as he feared that her weakness of spirit would be inherited by their offspring. Katsu refused to listen to his father, however. It seemed that his father's prediction was unlikely to come true in the beginning of their marriage as Kamiko appeared to be barren but eventually they were able to conceive a child. On the day that the young man was given the gift of a healthy baby girl, he also had his new wife taken from him.

Though Ko Hyuuga bore her mother's lithe appearance, she had inherited her father's spirit. She was shy and inhibited around others, but her father knew her true colors. Ko was a very energetic and affectionate child and showed great potential in combat as well. Unfortunately for Ko, her father fell in battle when she was only eight years old. Though she still had her grandfather, the pain of losing her father was devastating for her. While she placed great effort in replacing her father with her new caretaker, she was miserable when she was alone. Additionally, as her grandfather noticed the game she was playing, it made her a pain to deal with and led to him avoiding and being short with her.

Within recent years, she has become a on field soldier under  the recommendation of her grandfather. Additionally, her grandfather from her mother's side has begun to take an increased interest in her. What she seeks at this point in her life is someone that she feels she can truly be close to.

Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Field Soldier
Tier: C-4
KKG: Byakugan
Items: N/A
Abilities/Perks: Chakra Absorption (Minor): Ko has had the ability to absorb chakra from an early age though she has never realized it. In order for her to steal chakra, she must make direct contact with her target though the contact can be through clothing. At this level of skill, she can only absorb a miniscule amount of chakra (mechanically 0) on contact though she can consume a noticeable amount of chakra if she remains in contact with her target by grasping or grappling him (10). Because she has no knowledge of this ability, she cannot control it and it is always active except when she is unconscious. She cannot absorb and externalize chakra at the same time.This means that she cannot use most Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Ijutsu, Kugutsu or Fuinjutsu while absorbing chakra. This ability can be combined with her Byakugan and her Taijustu however. She can also use this ability alongside basic Ninjutsu such as water walking and she can wield weapons while using this ability. As she gains more control of this ability, the amount of chakra she can absorb will increase. She cannot absorb chakra types she is unable to use such as Senjutsu chakra or Dense chakra. She can absorb chakra even if she has not used any chakra but she can only have 1.5 her chakra stat at any time before she can no longer absorb chakra. 

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PostSubject: Re: Ko Hyuga   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:34 pm

Approved, C4 tier, go make your update

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Ko Hyuga
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