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 Reishin Hyuuga [Done]

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Reishin Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Reishin Hyuuga [Done]   Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:39 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Reishin Hyuuga
Titles/Other Names: The Heavens, Father Reishin, Kurobane
Age: 25
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Reishin is a twenty-five year old male that weighs in at 195 lbs and stands at a height of 5'11. For one of his age his bodily appearance appears to be that of a twenty-year old male in his peak which gives him a youthful appearance. Contributing to his young looks his hair color is black but in certain lights appears to be a very murky brown and slicked back in the appearance of spikes. Unlike most Hyuuga's, Reishin's eyes have a noticeable pupil and iris which when seen resembles a glowing yellow color, but when under the influence of his clan's doujutsu the eye color and pupil disappear as if they were never there. Moving on to the Hyuuga's clothing, when usually seen in the dojo or training grounds of the hyuuga compound he is or rather would be seen wearing the following clothing. Starting with his upper body he wears a robe fashioned to look like a jacket of sorts with a single missing sleeve (his right arm) and a hood. On the left sleeve is the Hyuuga's unique clan symbol which his wears proudly and the symbol itself sits in the dead center of his sleeve. The specific coloring of the top portion of his clothing is yellow with a single black sleeve. Underneath the jacket sits a yellow and black chest plate which covers the middle portion of his chest leaving a small portion of his chest exposed (for clarification it only shows the portion above the belt line. Finishing off his training or non-business attire, Reishin wears a simple yellow pair of training pants and black open sandals.

While Reishin keeps his training clothing simple, his official robes as a clan leader pale in comparison of his outing clothing. When in the midst of his fellow clansmen whether it is a clan meeting or simply meeting one on one with one of his advisors, his attire is that of a true leader. His official robes are of an egg shell white or rather a pear white that stops just above the beginning of his pants. His robe itself is comprised of two different sets instead of being one full robe, the pants portion being of the same color. On the back of the robe however sits the Hyuuga clan symbol which can also be seen on the side of the right pant leg. Other noticeable features about his appearance lie underneath his clothing or sometimes visible depending on which set of clothing he is seen in. On his left arm is the brand for the first trigram, Heaven which symbolizes his position as the head of the clan and also the successor of the previous leader. Like most markings, this unique symbol is grazed in black ink and bold strikes across the top of his left forearm.

Personality: Although Reishin is the clan leader and figure head of the Hyuuga clan, his personality not only reflects that of a leader but also of one in the clan as well. While most leaders are overly strict in their ways as a political figure, Reishin’s own personal attitude outweighs those that preceded him and also shows his leader like qualities. While in the position of the leader, Reishin exhibits a stern presence and understanding attitude, taking in each problem and discussion and going over each scenario that might cross his way while in deliberation of the council or even in a position where the clan goes into battle. While being the leader to go over and understand each problem before giving a sound decision on the matter there are times where his pride will get in the way of his decisions and lead him into a rash mistake which could potentially cost him something in the end. As many leaders would rather abandon their people in times of need, Reishin will stand by his people in times of dire need giving his undivided attention and strength to complete the task or obstacle so that his people may continue to thrive not only as a clan, but as a family.  Like the leaders before him, Reishin holds the rules and balance of the Hyuuga clan and their teachings as one of the most important things that govern the clan, keeping their traditions and rituals in high standard while making sure that no one breaks or disrupts their long standing order.

As a young man however, Reishin also displays a similar personality like other men his age despite being a beacon to his clan. He is a brave and strong fighter, a genius, both on the battle field and off which shows in the diligence he portrays in his training. He seems to both be unrealistically transparent whilst also being incredibly varied. He is quite difficult to describe in just a few words as he tends to be a genius at one moment and in the next be one that lets his current emotion drive him do to something, he can be kind and cold, observant and oblivious, he is difficult to describe with merely one of these terms. His entire personality seems to most to be one constant flux, ever varying, constantly changing, it can only be said that he contains multitudes. He possesses several personality aspects which seem to be a relative constant and yet there are some times when they may be missing all together.

The easiest part of his personality to pin down is his tendency to be exceedingly and almost sometime unnecessarily brave. He does not back down from any situation in which he can protect someone or something especially those within his family and clan, such situations seeming to light a fire within him when they occur. And due to his stubborn nature, he cannot back down from them even if they grow out of hand, thus his bravery closely borders stupidity. It is times like these he turns to his brother or council to calm him down in these moments to prevent from causing an incident that will heavily effect his clan.

At times he is simply too prideful to back down, it would after all, be an insult to his name and pride if he were to do such a thing. One of the few things he absolutely cannot stand is an insult, be it to himself or to someone he cares for or his clan and often he will answer such an insult with a challenge to battle or some other ridiculous type of challenge, even if there is very little of a chance that he can win, which is highly likely to get him into a great deal of trouble or personal injury. He is not malicious with these acts though, he has good intentions, it is just that often these aspects of his personality conflict with his rationale.


Reishin was born during the summer’s eve of Aug the 24th to the son of the leader of the Hyuuga Clan and his Mother of the Main Branch. Being the first born of the Main family, his birth was celebrated and praised by those of the Main and Branch families. During the beginnings of his childhood the young Reishin was taught by the main branches own tutor on the basics of the clan in terms of the clan’s taijutsu as well as his academic studies. At a young age, Reishin had grasped the idealism behind the eight trigrams and each of their meanings by studying their significance in the application of the Gentle Fist style. At the age of five Reishin began his difficult and rigorous training of the Gentle Fist style under the tutelage of his grandfather and the current leader of the clan.

The months passed as Reishin continued to train under his Grandfather from the time the sun kissed the sky to the time that the sun had left the sky, each mistake bringing a new result and teach teaching instilling a new principal in his mind. At the age of nine, merely four years after his beginnings of the Gentle Fist training he had mastered not only the Eight Trigrams 32 Palm, but also the Eight Trigrams 64 Palms. Impressed with how well he had been learning and demonstrating the key skills of the Gentle Fist, his grandfather furthered his training and took it to the next level. Within the time of a year the young Reishin had begun to gain the right to fight alongside the men and women of his clan as a force that would protect and watch over the clan under the visage of the Clan Leader whom he would do everything in his power to please. Starting in the ranks as a guard, Reishin took his job with the utmost seriousness, spending day and night watching over the encampment and home of the Hyuuga Clan while also continuing his training with his Grandfather who had been impressed with his growth.

At the age of thirteen however, Reishin had lost his mentor and Grandfather due to not only old age but also an illness that the old man had been combating for quite some time. After the funeral of the great leader, his father was now placed in charge of the clan succeeding his father and continuing on the great name of the Hyuuga. At this time, Reishin had become further in the clan by becoming one of the few leaders in the field, taking on recon missions and the occasional skirmishes that had popped up when a rival clan had trekked to far into their territory. The time that Reishin had spent serving his clan had only furthered him for his future position, one which even his father had been planning for him. After two years of training not only in the field but also in the advanced arts of the Gentle Fist, Reishin had now became one of his father’s very own guards. During this time however, his mother gave birth to a new member of the clan and his younger brother.

Marked with not only a new life to protect but a brother, Reishin continued to train hard in hopes that his training would better benefit the clan. During the next five years, the heir to the Hyuuga had finally become a man while his father watched his growth during these times. It would be shortly after his turning of twenty that the current clan head made the announcement that one would be replacing him as his successor of the clan. Those at first were spectacle of who would lead them until he called Reishin to the front and declared him the new leader due to not only his dedication and hard work in the clan, but because this is what not only his grand father wanted but also his father. Within the coming weeks Reishin had went from being just a solider to becoming the head of his clan.

Within the months, Reishin had been making efforts to improve the clan by not only slowly taking unclaimed land for the developement of the clan's crops and other neccesities, he had also been working on new techniques that the clan could implore through the use of the Byakugan. After the official ceremony marking him as the new leader he was then branded with the Trigram "Heaven" showing not only the position that he was now carrying, but also a new hope that the clan would be taken to new heights. In the following years, Reishin had accomplished most of his tasks that he had laid before him, even taking on the role of teaching the boys and girls of the clan how to use their gifts and bloodlines to the full extent of the clan's power.

Clan: Hyuuga
Rank: Clan Leader
Tier: A-3
KKG: Gentle Fist, Byakugan (Mastered)

Name: Heavens Fist
Rank: A
Density: 80
Forces: Users Str+Spd/2
Type: Gauntlets
Requirements: Be the holder of the Heaven Trigram
Description: The Heaven's Fist are a set or rather pair of gold/black plated gauntlets passed down to the holder of the Heaven Trigram. These gauntlets encase the users hands from the knuckles to the forearm in titanium plated steel. The Gauntlet's themselves aren't very heavy and are instead lightweight, but the force that they emit is something different. In addition to their power, they are also used defensivly as an alternative defense against blades and certain jutsu such as wind. The gauntlets themselves can project chakra through the plated leather above the knuckles allowing the use of Gentle Fist technique's to be implored and if needed creating small blasts of chakra that move at 700 mph.
Drawbacks: The Gauntlets over time the more that they block attacks break away requiring them to constantly be in need of repair. If the gauntlets were to take more damage than the force of the weapon, they will break requiring the user to recreate theme.
Price: -
Abilities/Perks: -

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PostSubject: Re: Reishin Hyuuga [Done]   Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:41 am

At A-3, go make an update sir you are good to go

EDIT: Bossman says A-4, 800 stats

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Reishin Hyuuga [Done]
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