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 Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world

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Leo Halliwell


Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:35 pm

Character Name: Leo Halliwell
Titles/Other Names:
Age: 20
Species: Human
Gender: Male

The Body

Leo Hailliwell stands at a total height of 5"8inches and weighs a rather kind 48.9kg, This makes the young attractive male turn out to be what is known as a plank. Tall and somewhaqt skinnier his nimble body allowing for the most athletic of movements. Movements that a body that was larger would be unable to upll off. His skin as a tinted peach color, not as white as freshly laid snow but with a hint of pink. If he were to stand in nothing but his boxer's, Leo Hailwell would show of a somewhat impressive set of ab's even sporting the V like insignia that a lot of woman would moisten over down near his nether regions. The skin he proudly bears is perfect. There is not a single blemish or spot upon the peach tinted skin, not a mole or scar. This is possibly due to the fact that Leo Haliwell is a medical ninja and blemishes or impefections can be fixed through simple uses. Muscles litter his body in the appropriate places as a male whom utilizes his body instead it is a requirement to keep it perfectly trained. Looking at this cheeky man one would find it hard to gauge how strong he truely is just by his body type. Having touched down on his body type before this explains his face type, he holds an average face type more than anything with a somewhat more chiselled jaw than your average joe and a more prominent chin. His nose widens and points outwards slightly though is nothing to be worried about.

When examining this shinobi's arms the most prominent feature other than the subtle muscles are the slightly larger and slightly more recongnizable veins that protude a little more than the average, This is intesified when the male clenches his fists which shows off the veins even more. His arms and legs are proportional to his body giving him ample reach and movement. The legs are slightly more beefy showing that perhaps he does use his legs in a more rough way than his arms. Over all his body is one to be idolized in many ways while pushed away in many more. The nails upon his toes are perfectly cut thus showing he uses an appliance for it while he has a tendancy to bite his finger nails.

The Face

Leo Halliwell's face has a lot going on, or so it would seem, that is why to begin with we shall start from the top. The hair of Leo Halliwell is unusual for it takes on a different shade depending on the weather or the lighting within a room. Originally his hair takes on a vibrant crimson red that can occasionally shine in light wether natural or artificial, leaving a glowing neon red tint. In a vacinity with mild light or barely any his hair takes on a rather drastic change to a light orange perhaps even ginger color, Without the use of the sweatband normally seen upon his forehead the multi color capabiliyt known as his hair can fall down in a naturally straight way. A naturally straight way that many female and males would be jealous off. When his hair is like this the crimson or ginger strands flow in a side fringe like motion most commonly covering his right eye. Through the use of the headband that is almost always a turqoise like brick pattern his hair takes on a much more volume given appearance. Small tufts are generally popping out over his right eye thought this never tends to be a problem while the band pushes the remaining selection of hair upwards. This allows for a more windswept side way appearance that flows heavily towards the left, Of course if this is being done one must give it a little help by runing the hands through the hair pushing it in the direction they wish it to go. More than naught this is the way Leo Halliwell has his hair. A downside to the fact he wears it up more than down is that it shows of his slightly larger than average ears. A genetic flaw he is yet unable to fix.

Upon his face the most prominent color is the emerald green singular eye that sits at home within is left socket, Leo Halliwell only bearing a single visible eye upon him. This emerald green eye sparkles if the sun catches it correctly as if it were a transplant from a real emerald itself. His second eye or the right eye is one that is constantly covered by an eye patch, This eye patch is most commonly black in color though can be purchased and worn in a variety of different shapes and appearances. Having different patches for different occassions or celebrations. The patch is not a requirement due to the fully funcional eye behind it. Behind the patch is the Hyuuga Kekki Genkai known as the Byakugan the white eye. It is especially in times like these a plausible idea to hide transplanted eyes whether gained peacefully or violently just in case. Upon activation the pure white eye distorts the eye in a vein like way that is also covered by the eye patch hence why the patches are generally a much larger size and as an added precaution the tuffts of hair that had been mentioned before serves to hide any other give away signs.

The feature most used in terms of a non battle scenario are his lips, Lips that many would deem worthy to kiss upon sight and would possibly become heavily attatched under the influence they hold. They are somewhat larger than your average lips as well as the mouth that they hide. This is possibly due to the singing abilities and the myth that a bigger mouth equals a better singer. The white pearl teeth thatare free of any diseases or discolouring reveal a pearly white smile when he does so. His redish tounge flawless and free from any illness shows that his health is a strong point.

The Clothing

Like many real people clothing does not fully signify who and what this person is, Though for the sake of this young man he does have an outfit that he seemingly prefers over any other, This outfit makes him seem like some random renegade. So let us start with the basic garments, This being the socks and the underwear. To be perfectly honest these are the most interchanable pieces of clothing for the young males outfit as the underwear and socks are both hidden but for the sake of listing them they are generally black and slightly tight. His trousers which are cream or beige in color are only seen at the tops of his thighs though the coloring will most likely have faded upon them. The reason these beige or cream trousers are unable to be fully seen is due to the duel material which from the thighs convert into a grey/black that comes to the knees, the indian style knee boots with a flare at the top are brown in color and support his feet perfectly.

A black t-shirt covers him to begin with that covers his abs though what he prefers is the jacket that is incredibly comfortable. It is brown in color with black sleeves though the seams are sewn in a black and red pattern in its wrists. He adores his headband whcih if not on is kept in his pocket while of course the scarlet scarf is covered around him and trails behind him. The smart medic knows full well to remove it during battle though.

Be true to who you are!!

Though a rather comedic like character and rarely serious he does not seem to have that annoying or shut your mouth tendency, Having an incredibly optimistic out look on life Leo see's the brighter things in the usually dark world, Though this does not mean he is ignorant to the darkness, As all humans he is capable of having his incredibly dark moments or outbursts of rage or tears. Having a large scale of emotions is the thing that makes us human. Wisdom in the terms of street smarts allows Leo to be ready for any situation. Leo is slightly independant but does prefer the company of anything or anyone else. Though in the world ofa shinobi  that no longer means simply human like contact, He finds it an almost impossible task to try to mask his true feelings, Sadly who would never be an actor nor a show business like man, Though due to this his medical ability and medical persona people  always seem to think of him as genuine and real due to the truthful nature of the red haird boy.  He is one of the few people who detests this war and constant battling and pushes himself to become better known in this chaotic world.  Leo is an incredibly honorable and kind hearted man. With his love of preserving inoocnet life and saving those dear toh im pushing him on, his dedication to his dream knows no limits nor boundaries. Being a renown medical ninja had always been the only dream that this boy had ever dreamed. Having at an early age read  many historical texts and adventures of strong medical shinobi.  He being the type of medical ninja he is will offer his help to try to heal as many people regardless of clan affinity. his jopb as a medical ninja not having a restricted boundary his aim is to heal the world if possible. Though do not get this male mixed up for as much as he would lvoe to save the world he is not fooled by those around him, He is not stupid enough to believe every one can be healed whether wound or mentally. He is not the type of medical ninja to not take a life, He will kill if it is a requirement.

Being a subtle and nice man he is not the one to go around boasting about his abilities or boasting about anything, He can become rather aggitated and annoyed when people boast or are completely arrogant. He does also get incredibly pissed of when poeple believe themselves to be gods gift, They never undersstand that in a world were shinobi are born every second that one day someone within the large world that is this world would or is stronger. He also detests people who suddenly get everything handed to them on a golden playtter, Working towards a goal is the only way to fully appreciate ones true power or so Leo believes while just randomly getting some biased ability whether genetic or just handed to them does his nut in. he adores the light within people seeing the best in those whom have failed to see it in themselves. Leo Halliwell is a man of trust and honour, A man you can believe in. He knows too well what it is like to lose those you love or even worse he knows what it is like to lose those you had only realzied you loved. Losing his first lvoe just as he had found it he truely knows the pain of heartbreak. Perhaps this keeps him grounded or is the reason for his determination? Power is everything to some shinobi but to him the ability to heal far out weighs power....the ability to love though is somethign that is out of this world. If you have the power to love then you have the ultimate power.

Orphans Diary


A child is found:

An orphan grows:

You shall see the world though me:

Determination to save the worldl:

Clan: Uzumaki
Rank: N/A [no one knows about his heritage]
Tier: A-1-2?
Byakugan Transplant [Master] - Explained in History
Sensory [Intermdeiate] - Chakra Sensory skill [40 meters]
Creation Rebirth+Variation  [includes seal] [Master] - Explained in history
[Wind and lightning basic elements]
[Side Note: Able to heal the unique structre of the kaguya clan]

Last edited by Leo Halliwell on Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:37 pm; edited 18 times in total
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Leo Halliwell


Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:01 pm

Well..im ready for this to be graded
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Wed Aug 06, 2014 6:39 pm

I have not read this yet, but I just wanted to tell you that I have come to a ruling on your special dilemma.

The Life Force of Senju is genetic. However the PERK is not. It is something you get from being IN the clan. This is tribute to the clans canon specialty; which was fame for having a wide range of "class abilities". IT is something we do for canon clans; give them usually a perk that gives them extra cp points in the class they are famed for being strong in. Senju got +75 for anything because they are known for being well rounded; and were the strongest clan so they got a bit more.

Anyways, if you want to be a rogue Senju who is not in the clan; and does not even KNOW he is a Senju - you are not getting the class points. You get the Life Force from genetics, but no class points. Sorry.

If you would like to join the clan and be a part of it, you may get them. However if not, you must only stay with the life force. This is for all chars. If you are a rogue clan member, you do not get perks. Unless you leave IC after having been apart of the clan. However I cannot promise that will be... a simple process. Do whichever you think is best, and let me know if you have questions.

Thank you.
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Leo Halliwell


Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:21 pm

Its already fully explained in his history, He knows of his heritage [Caus sacred senju bullshit stops character development ftw] But now knows of the senju customs abilities and has trained under a senju, He is currently in the clan though due to the randomness so yeah hes now in the clan fully and is known as a senju [Thankfully though no one knows of his byakugan]
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Thu Aug 07, 2014 12:28 am

Hmmm..... Explain the Sensory ability. Until you do, that is denied because I do not know what it does.

I am denying Creation Rebirth for now. I am sorry, but I am not seeing how he randomly has such a strong technique. It will be available to learn though; it will be restricted, but you can learn it. And its variation.

Otherwise - APPROVED

Tier - A-4/800 stats. Just FYI, because most people forget, 1/4 of your chakra is added to your stamina. I.E. (+50) next to your stamina at all times.

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Leo Halliwell


Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Fri Aug 08, 2014 3:15 pm

After pming the edits have been made ^^ i hope this clarifies a lot more
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:52 pm

I have to ask... How does he randomly start helping the clan that killed his... Hyuuga crush?
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Leo Halliwell


Elements : Wind and Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:06 pm

Quote :
rouge factions of the Kaguya and Hyuga clan,

His personality helps enhance this story as he is not one to hold a grudge, He also knew at that point that it was not the full clan and was rouge factions, He originally held the rouge faction to account not the entire clan as well as the kaguya being somewhat medical marvels the opportunity was to much to pass up. He does not hold the full clan accountable at that point for the actions of rouges. thus he helped them only to be betrayed thus finding out the true colors of said clan.
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:25 pm

Ah ok. Thank you for the explanation.

The app was pretty good. I am not giving you Creation Rebirth, but you will have a chance for it. And no it is not because I am being biased towards you, and no, no one else randomly got  restricted technique other than staff who got it because of reward. You can have Chakra Enhanced Strength, and I will make a page that tells the boost techs like that give you. However know that it is a S ranked Tai technique. Not medical. No, it is not Ijutsu - it is tai. It does not matter that it reqeuiers "focused chakra" or chakra control; it is tai. The Wikia even agrees.

If you have questions/issues pm me. Nice app, good improvement; I think this suits you well for starting off.

Good Job!

Tier - A-3
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PostSubject: Re: Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world    

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Leo Halliwell: The medic to save the world
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