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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Activity   Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:24 am


Inactivity is understandable. Life gets busy, your interest may drop for a period, things happen etc. But of course, given the constant activity of the site, and the continual movement of plot, we will have to make sure there is no "dead weight". We want to be lenient as possible, and give you the option of communicating to us about certain abscenses etc. But if we do not hear from you for a certain period of time, your character will be stripped of weapons etc. and placed in special storage for our use. He will no longer be accessible though. Here are a few guidelines we go by:

  • A character is deemed inactive if they have not posted in any IC related topic in 14 days.
  • Sometimes things happen, in an invasion, a battle or a fight topic. If you are involved in any kind of thread and do not post within 48 hours you are considered a free target. So don't go inactive in the middle of a topic.
    When a person goes inactive, they are literally just standing in the same place, like in a video game where no one moves the controller. This means giant bombs, attacks can and do at times hit people, as they are standing around static in a dynamic environment.
  • Holding a position of power can be more pressure. As a clan head, or an important member in a plot etc. you are counted on to be somewhat active.
    People in a position of power, holding a legendary item, bijuu etc. When going inactive such an item and/or position is removed from them. This prevents people from doddering them to get there unique things.
  • Sometimes, people come back from being inactive and nothing has happened. Or maybe something has happened to there character but death may not have been the outcome. Say your village was invaded and flooded. Your character wasn't killed directly, but until you return we can assume he was, just like in real life.
    If a character hasn't died, or specifically been killed, and you return from being inactive, you may use your character permission from staff.
  • There are times when things can get heated on a site, or a member is trying to avoid a confrontation. Maybe they go out into the wilderness and hide themselves in an underground bunker of nigh impentrial invisibility. We believe this is acceptable in all fairness
  • When killing someone who is inactive, there are no rewards given, either through missions, killing, obtaining legendary equipment. You do not get their special canon items, and please keep in mind their bodies may be removed from any given place by staff or their character controlled.
  • Contact staff ahead of time if you know you will be absent. Post in the forum for such and contact us so we can work things out with you; we would hate for you to lose out on your work.

We welcome you here, and hope you enjoy your stay!

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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Activity   Tue Jul 22, 2014 1:38 am


Quitting means you are done. For good or for bad, you are finished with our site permanently or until further notice. You do not like our rules, us, both, or maybe you just have other things to do (who doesn't). We get it. However we here are big on preserving things.
Several of our important area's have been put into a sort of "safe mode" for work and decisions and posts. We do this to prevent people from deleting there custom clans, jutsu's, and other important information in the event that they do not wish to return.
We also make it a practice to not delete accounts or too let members/staff delete accounts. This is to ensure that a proper moral ground is established, especially if someone tries to say we stole or copied something when they chose to delete there account. Furthermore, this is for future enrichment of the site. We want everyone's work to be remembered, and it helps us facilitate historical events in the series of our plot, as well as use things for future reasons.

On our site, there is no "void" and no "purgatory" where characters go when no one longer role plays with them; they become staff property.
We have a storage bank that can hold a character and his items in a safe OOC place. But when quitting, this bank is no longer available to you the user, only to the staff. The character and all work belongs to the site.
The following are some policies we have on Quitting:

1. If you choose to quit, and you have a character in storage, the character is removed from storage placed in some minor land to be determined by staff, or used for plot, or kept in our safe; usually all three.

Some times members get quite upset over issues and in their anger they hastily declare that they quit the site. We as staff tend to try and smooth over such concerns, but tempers flair and rise and hot-hotheadedness happens. We have a way to deal with such a situation.

2. If you quit our site our of hastiness, and wish to return, your character loses 1/4 of their stats, and all of their canon items/jutsu. Quitting is a serious thing, and we do not have time for emotional bouts. Other characters are always waiting to take your spot; so hesitate before giving it up.

At times, life gets in the way, or maybe you prefer another site, or you might even just hate a staff member.

3. When a member quits, and they hold a significant item, power, technique or object. Staff removes this from there possession before putting them in our Staff Storage place.

Lastly, please understand thoroughly our policy on keeping your work:

4. If a member of the site chooses to quit, we as staff will respect that. But have rights to keep and use your work, your custom creations and items. And we shall do so. You are a member of our site, and our community, you are giving your work freely for others to enjoy and use. Sorry, we won't remove your things because your leaving.
Again sorry for any inconveniences, but Forumotion TOS allows us to do so. (If your wondering if this is legal, it is. Forumotion TOS allows any founder/administrator to set if members are allowed to delete posts/topic's or accounts. The sole decision is in the hands of the founder/administrator. Posting and creating topic's on a forumotion site are to be given in a free manner. By posting and creating topic's you are freely giving up the right to have your work removed if/when you choose to no longer be a member of the site. This is in the TOS, and it does respect creative control. It does not give a member the right to have his work taken down because he no longer wishes to remain on the site. End of story).
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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Activity   Tue Jul 22, 2014 2:05 am


Lets be clear for a moment. You had to do something pretty bad to get banned. I mean, something flat out against our rules and ethics for this site. We will not apologize for punishments; ever. In fact, it is you that owes the apology. We do not always ban entirely, completely, and permanently. But any kind of ban, regardless for how long, is a serious deal.
Here are our main rules:

  • If you were banned on a time limit, you lose 1/3 of your stats from each stat.
  • If you were banned for causing obscene damage to our site and its reputation, you will be permanently banned or lose 1/2 of all stats and have all items removed from you. You will have abilities and special things removed from you.
  • When you are banned, your account will be added to a special group/list, you can no longer offer suggestions, comments, complaints or participate in the character bank system.
  • If you were banned, plot items and legendary things will be removed from your character. This includes jutsu and rewards.
  • You are no longer allowed to participate in contests or claim Holiday rewards and site bonuses.
  • If staff feels you are a continued threat to the site and decides you are banned permanently -  you may wish to appeal.     Appealing to the founder/owner usually means one of 2 things.
    1.You apologize for your wrong doings and do your best to make amends.
    2.Make a promise to us for continued good behavior and being a upstanding character attitude.

If you were banned, you can appeal to the founder/owner. I will personally look at the appeal, and make a decision. Generally a time limit ban will be carried out, but a permanent ban, or several week ban will be re-evaluated. There might be a more personalized punishment as I see fit. If your banned, don't be discouraged, if your willing to abide by all those rules and you really wish to come back, we can work something out. I want people on my site, and I don't want to see a banned list longer all get up.

I will do my best to forgive people who were banned, to ensure that they are not bothered further, and to reconcile broken relationships that might have occurred through said member behavior. If you have done anyone wrong, you will be forced, right off the bat, to make sincere supplication. And this needs to be done in a private, personal way.

What I need to not see is the following: Members who return to our site, with false promises, then turn around in a bitter attitude and start killing members and amassing power just to make some sort of political statement. If you were banned, and you want to appeal. The best way to get it approved is too make sure your killing, maiming and general psychopath character behavior is left at the door. The second I get note of it, your back on the banned list.
Your best bet when you get in this deep of trouble is to lay low, stay active, and in general stay out of conflict and causing issues for the site or staff. You are not trusted, possibly respected, and tolerance of further misconduct will be minimal if at all existent. Don't push it. You better be our best behaved member from that point on.

We sincerely hope no one is ever on our Banned list for any period of time. This should never happen. We have a healthy enough community with plenty of methods to handle issues. Please understand this forum has taken a lot of time and effort to create - and respect it as such. There should be no issues past that.

Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Activity   

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