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 Kurokon Shikyo

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PostSubject: Kurokon Shikyo   Sun Aug 03, 2014 10:55 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Kurokon Uzumaki Shikyo
Titles/Other Names: Psychosis - The story behind this name is an amusing tale, involving a sandwich, religion, ninja, and various civilians. Look to the history for more information.
Age: 19
Species: Humanish - As human as a science experiment can be.
Gender: Male

Appearance: Kurokon has a thin body, but not even a little feminine. His arms and legs are long, his chest and abdomen seem to fit the archetype that a masculine body would be, being almost triangular in shape. His shoulders are broader than his abdomen, but not overly so. He is of above average height for adults, at 6'2"

Kurokon has an aristocratic face, with sharp features. He usually has his hair swept back in spikes, but when it is flat, he looks almost exactly like his brother. When he speaks, his mouth moves very little. His eyes are a gray-blue color, often changing between the two depending on the light. His hair is thick and white, exactly like his brother's.

Kurokon often wears dark clothing, usually black or blue. Sometimes he may even choose a darker red, but usually refrains because it is how most people distinguish him and his brother from each other. Kuro's posture is calm yet stiff. He often stuffs his hands in his pockets or simply holds his sword while supporting his other hand by placing it on his pants. Kuro's clothing is most commonly a black pair of pants, with a dark blue sleeveless vest, and an overcoat of a middle blue color. The coat is decorative and elegant, used for both formality and fighting. He wears fingerless gloves, a shade of brown much brighter than his brother's.

Personality: One of Kurokon's main features is his incredible intelligence. Kuro is known for his fast paced logic, and instant strategizing. He is known to be an incredible genius, able to understand and formulate various scientific theories in record time. When he learned by tutors, he was usually the one correcting them. In many circles, he would be considered a true genius, one who uses logic to think rather than memory. Kuro, while intelligent, does not boast it about, preferring to sit and watch quietly, attempting to understand those he observes. He is noted for his near perfect understanding of human emotions, which allows him to mediate arguments and fights. However, he loves to confuse people by making contradicting statements. Even if they are not confused with the statement, Kuro will be happy to find someone who can at least amuse him. Kuro, unfortunately, overestimates other people's intelligence, meaning he assumes, incorrectly, that they hold the same logic and knowledge that he does. This causes problems for him when trying to predict people and their reactions. Kuro is the type of genius who sees solutions rather than problems. In other words, he doesnt see a problem as a true problem, but as a new game, a new challenge.

His memory, without a doubt, is the single most conflicting thing about him. He can often recall things from years ago with startling accuracy, but forgets things that happened just the day before. Kuro calls it a data memory, while he says most normal people have picture memories. He can recall important things that happened, and picture them in his head, but in exchange, he forgets mundane and uninteresting things rather easily. He calls this a data memory due to the fact that he knows what happened, but cannot always recall smaller details, comparing himself to machines. He often jokes about how bad his memory is, since he cannot remember mundane things easily.

One of Kuro's more astounding attributes is his emotional control. While most who say they control their emotions suppress, or destroy them, Kuro truly changes what emotions he feels at a specific moment with little trouble. He can smile at a friend's death, or weep at his enemy's. He is usually smiling and jovial due to this. This particularly makes emotional attacks against Kuro nearly useless, unless they target his anger. Kuro explains his emotional control as a willpower based control. He creates emotions from willpower, in layman's terms, he feels what he wants by wanting to feel it. When asked why he is able to control his emotions, he will usually remark with a sarcastic "I'm me, thats why"

In truth, Anger is the single emotion Kuro does not have complete control over. While he is not able to control his anger, he is able to control his actions when angry, to a degree. If something absolutely enrages him, he will probably not stop himself from murdering someone, on the other hand, if someone annoys him slightly, he could turn the anger at the person into amusement of their stupidity. His family has all had anger issues, and when angry, they do not lose focus of anything, instead, they focus their anger onto something and target the subject of their anger with all their powers, mental and, sometimes, physical.

Kuro believes in an eye for an eye, but doesnt do it. He believes that everything has a good side, and anything is justifiable, given the right reasons. He finds little wrong with killing, even in cold blood, but is against imprisonment. His morals are conflicting and confusing to others, but he sticks by them. He understands that not everyone is the same in this manner. He believes that everyone is a different version of him, meaning he uses their consciousness as a connection. Kuro could torture a child with little moral consequences, if the child was truly evil, but he does not believe in killing someone defenseless unless they truly deserve it. Although conflicting, and somewhat pacifistic, Kuro is willing to get the job done by any means necessary. He will kill anyone who stands in his way without mercy. While he doesnt kill innocents, usually at least, he will not care if they get caught in the crossfire.

Kuro believes loyalty is one of the most admirable characteristics there are. While he doesnt care for national loyalty, he does admire friendship, partnership, or any kind of loyal relationship. He absolutely loathes any form of betrayal that is directed at a friend or someone close. To him, disloyalty is a reason to die. It does not count if a pirate wishes to leave his captain, but if a friend sells him out, he will not show any mercy. Regardless of his love for loyalty, Kuro doesnt look down on mercenaries. He believes that respect, and loyalty, are earned, not given, which is why he doesnt like many soldiers.

A larger flaw of Kuro, he can get bored if he is not actively doing something, making him learn different things to alleviate the boredom, or fight. He hates stagnation, and always tries to do something to keep from stagnating himself. He will get bored fast, and whenever he is bored, he does random things to entertain himself, these things include embarrassing, confusing, or just fighting other people, eating random but tasty food, or developing new theories and ideas.

Kuro's single fear is the fear of being bored. Not necessarily being bored, but being unable to alleviate boredom. As such, he is always trying to keep from being bored, which allows him to find trivial and usually stupid things fun. The reason he fears boredom is simple, boredom is the lack of doing anything, to him at least. He fears boredom because it is the single thing he cannot beat in any way. He is not deathly afraid of being bored, but hates it. This is the reason he hates imprisonment, because it causes extreme boredom.

In order to further alleviate the constant stagnation he so fears, he often listens to music, loving fast paced and meaningful music more than anything. He believes music is a definite thing in this world, something that always changes, as such, it is the opposite of stagnation, causing him to hold most music in high regards. While he loves most music, any music without meaning, or lyrics, to him, is a disrespectful abomination.

One would think with anger problems, hatred would be a common concept, but for Kuro, hatred is a foreign idea. He can only say he hates boredom, which is an idea rather than anything physical. He cannot hate someone for who they are, or what they believe. He is incapable of truly hating anything other than boredom. This is what allows him to forgive his friends for simple problems. Since he is incapable of hatred, he is often remarked as a innocent soul, at least until he eats the child next door because fuck it.

Love, to Kuro, is complicated. It is both confusing and simple to him, meaning he can love people, but will not understand it. He often gets embarrassed or confused by someone showing him such emotions. This embarrassment could be eliminated with his control, but in non-battle situations he finds it useful in his attempts to understand what love truly is.

Although he has perfect control over his emotions, he does not have that level of control over his thoughts. In truth he has very little control over what he thinks or pictures in his mind. His mind often wanders because of this, allowing him to become distracted by simple things that he finds amusing. His lack of control over his thoughts results in random incredibly insane ideas coming forth. This furthers his intelligence by allowing him to think of indirect connections from one theory to another. He gets entertained from other people's madness as well, and often strikes friendships with those who have similar insanity.

Kuro is able to predict people who he knows well enough. He often tests people he doesnt know by asking them seemingly mundane questions to test both intelligence, and personality. He can tell what to do when someone is in an emotional breakdown, usually. Although he has flawed understanding of love, control of anger, and lack of hate, he is able to understand other people's feelings rather easily.

Kuro is able to smoothly lie with a straight face and perfect tone, as if he was telling the truth. Unfortunately for him, this eliminates his credibility with those who know him, but do not fully trust him. He often lies about mundane things to protect either himself or others from embarrassment or other trouble. With this great skill at lying, comes the ability to see through lies others tell. He can often tell if someone is lying, but doesnt usually remark on it unless he deems it important. When he lies to his friends, it is often small mundane things. He uses these lies to test their lie reading ability.

Lab Rats:

The Part Where I Got Lazy:



Clan: Shikyo
Rank: Clan Leader
Tier: S-3
KKG: Elemental Manipulation(Final level, Lightning), Magnetism, Sharingan 
Elements: Lightning, Wind, Mangetism
Abilities/Perks: Uchiha Blood Implants - While blood implantation allows the user to switch between on and off stages of Sharingan, the other drawbacks remain the same.

Incredible Life Force - Kuro has 225 life force, due to being born as an Uzumaki, with 150, and gaining 75, due to senju implants, which created the Shikyo bloodline. The following is caused by this.

  • Passive Sharingan - Instead of losing chakra constantly when sharingan is active, Kuro doesnt lose chakra unless he is actively using a jutsu with his sharingan. Further with this, sharingan techniques cost 75% of what they normally would.
  • Blindness Lessening - Kuro, though not yet possessing the Mangekyou, will not go blind nearly as fast as normal people would, due to the resilience of his body. It takes him twice as long to develop blindness.
  • Duration Extension - When using a jutsu that has a specific limit on how long it can be used, Kuro can use the jutsu 1.5x as much as a normal person. If the jutsu says 2 posts, he can use it for 3. 

Fuinjutsu Knowledge - Kuro can recognize the affects of any fuinjutsu that he can see the array of. This is due to seals being written with chakra or in certain ways.
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokon Shikyo   Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:35 am

You do not get 75% of the cost for sharingan as it is still an implant, and even your life force is not enough to lessen the chakra usage of an implant like that.


APPROVED. Tier - A-1
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokon Shikyo   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:11 am

S-4 Tier 1750 stats
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PostSubject: Re: Kurokon Shikyo   

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Kurokon Shikyo
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