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 Hana Uchiha (Done)

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PostSubject: Hana Uchiha (Done)   Sat Aug 02, 2014 8:39 am

Character Registration Template
Character Name: Hana Uchiha
Titles/Other Names: Shadow of the rain
Age: 13
Species: Meat bag of awesomeness (human)
Gender: Female
Appearance: Hana Uchiha is a thirteen year old girl, standing at 5'8 and weighing at 115 pounds. Her skin could be considered the norm for Uchiha, being somewhat pale, unlike her sister's skin which is a bit darker. Her body-built is girly, to say the least. She isn't very built, or muscular, her physique makes it obvious that she isn't much of a hand to hand combatant. Her facial expressions are almost always somewhat serious, or to be more exact, emotionless. This was probably caused by her family pushing her to being the great Uchiha she should be. Her black pupils, surrounded by a normal white in the rest of her eyeballs, compliment those facial expressions, leaving her opponents always wondering what she's thinking behind that emotionless mask she wears. Though that changes quite fast once she activates her birth right ability, the Sharingan. Once it's activated, her black pupils will turn a blood red, with both of her tomoe being black in color like her genes intended. This also makes it obvious what her intentions will be to her opponents. Her silky long hair is colored black from birth, and stayed like that till this day. Normally her hair would hang loose, with the hair on her left side being placed behind her ear as to not get in the way. Though her hair is not as long as her sister's, only going down to her breasts, hanging over her shoulders in the front. She takes good care as to tend to her body's own needs to look good, so her teeth are a nice white, being brushed every morning. While her nails are also cut short, as to not get in the way when performing hand seals. Her lips are shaded a natural light pink. Hana's normal attire, consists of the following things. A black undershirt, with a strap over the bottom of her neck, which is also black with a silver iron square in the front. Over the shirt she would wear a black cloak of sorts, though the cloak only covers half of her body from the waist up. The cloak is made up of a nice loose material, so it's quite comfortable for the girl. Accompanying her upper black wear is a black skirt which covers her butt of course, going down to about halfway towards her knees. The next and last part of her fully black attire and normal wear would be her open-toed black shinobi boots which would go up towards about halfway to her knees. She wears this attire everyday except for special attires that she would wear on certain missions to fit the circumstances. The next attire on the list would have to be her training attire. Since her favorite colors are black and pink, it consists of both of those colors. First her top, which is a normal black T-shirt. It's sleeves go down only a little bit from her shoulders, and the shirt is quite comfortable too being made of a light, or loose material. Which allows for great mobility too, like her normal attire. The shirt has a pink version of the Uchiha Clan Symbol on the back, which she made herself to symbolize her being exiled. While she is wearing this attire, she would tighten her hair so it wouldn't get in the way as she trains. The bottom half of this attire consists of her black short pants, which go down towards just above her knees. Again the pink Uchiha Clan Symbol is on the pants, being on the left side of the left sleeve. Her boots are shorter than her normal attire's, but not by much. Also being black and open-toed, though it has pink laces with the aglet (tip of the shoelace) being black. The final attire that I'll be mentioning will be the attire she wears to "blend in", which is mainly used on missions that require her to be undercover. This attire has a shocking pink top, the top being much looser than her other attires. The pants are lime green shorts, which go down only a little past her butt. Yes, it is one of her slutty outfits. Her shoes are a shiny clean white, with normal white shoelaces and are short only going up to her ankles. She wears secret socks with the shoes which are shocking pink as well. Attire her hair is worn loose, and placed over the front of her shoulders.
Personality: Hana, unlike her sister, isn't one to really boast about her abilities. She cares a lot for her sister, which is mainly why she doesn't boast since she believe it hurts her sister when she shoves it in her face. Though she does know that she has some exceptional skills, and a small part of her likes the power, but she wouldn't abuse her natural advantage she has for such a young age. She dislikes her family due to them treating her sister like she's useless. But the dislike spread from her family to her clan as a whole the day she was exiled, as everyone thought of her sister in that fashion. She would probably never return to her clan to live with them, since she likes the way things are currently with the Shoshinku clan they live with. Even though she and her sister differ in many ways, she loves Orchid to death and would do anything for her sister and to keep her sister safe, which is why she was exiled in the first place. Though she doesn't care about being exiled, since she lost all respect she had left for her clan the day she was exiled. She also cares for the man who took them in, Choku. Even though his thugs attacked them, it's mainly because of that event that both of them have Sharingan and her Sharingan has reached tomoe two. So in a way, she's thankful for that day, their both stronger because of it. And if it weren't for Choku, she wouldn't have Ice Release. Hana has a deep need to train and become stronger to protect her sister. Improving on her abilities is a must for her, no matter how strong she would someday be, she'd never stop trying to better herself. That's probably the only thing she's thankful for towards her parents, because they pushed her to be like that. Some might think she's addicted to the training, but in fact she's just a little bit obsessed with protecting her sister. This is due to her sister being treated the way she was for such a long time, more than half of their lives. Her goal is probably to just become one of the strongest shinobi in the Land of Water, and achieve the full evolution of her Sharingan. She has grown some respect for the Shoshinku clan which they live with now. She would help them alongside her sister with their missions, and prevent anyone from infiltrating the clan as well as stop invaders trying to invade the clan. If she finds anyone on their territory, she'd take them in for questioning and wouldn't take chances. She doesn't want to screw this opportunity they have with this clan, it's like a second chance in her eyes. Hana sometimes still thinks about what life would be if her parents weren't such assholes towards her sister and forced them to train so much, maybe they would have been normal kids for once. Though she wouldn't change a thing, the way things are now both of them are pretty safe with each other and Choku. When she has some concerns about the clan, she would normally talk to Choku about it, he's grown to be like a father figure to them, or at least to Hana. She also talks to her sister about other concerns of course, they're like best friends even though neither of them has admitted anything in those lines before. In general, Hana is a protective sister, but can have fun even though it doesn't seem like it. But in a battle situation, she's very focused and doesn't give a thing away about her next move to the opponents. She loves to use Ninjutsu, which is why she's only trained in the art of Ninjutsu all her life thus far.

Background/History: Hana was born within the Uchiha clan compound on February 24th along with her twin sister, Orchid. Though they're twins, they're not identical twins. Her family was always expecting the both of them to train hard, and made her (as well as her sister) train from a very early age. They trained well together, and Hana enjoyed the time with her twin very much, it made them grow close from such an early age, which is probably why they're so close today. Though her sister was growing at an average rate with the training, Hana was progressing quite aggressively for her age. She pushed herself, if she didn't then her parents would. It seemed for quite a while that her sister hated her, though Hana knew that it was because of her parents favoring her over her sister. She hated that, she dubbed it unfair and unneeded. Since then, Hana didn't train to become better than the other Uchiha her age or to impress her parents. No, she started to care less and less for her parents by then. Instead, she pushed herself to train harder so she would be the one to protect her sister, they would stick together until death, or that was her plans. She continued to train everyday until she was about seven years of age. It was noticeable by most of the Uchiha that she was quite strong and skilled for her age, though that still mattered little to Hana as she only wanted to protect her sister from the ever growing hatred her parents had towards Orchid. This growing dislike took an unexpected turn for the worse once they were seven years old, when Orchid changed drastically. It angered Hana everyday, and made her realize that the Uchiha were all the same, only caring about power and being the best. If you're not in our league then you don't deserve to be here, that's basically what she saw the Uchiha's motto as. While this was messing up her trust for her parents and the clan, she would try and focus on her missions to take her mind off of it. They were already going on missions by the age of 7. The whole training obsession her parents had for the both of them and the missions, left for no space for her to be a child. She outgrew her childish behaviors long ago. Which ultimately helped them survive when she was exiled, though we'll get to that now.

They were now ten years old, and the day had come where Hana had unlocked her first tomoe. She decided that enough was enough, no longer would they - her parents and the clan - treat her sister in such a disrespectful way and make her feel useless. She attended one of the clan meetings with her parents, and spoke out about how she felt and what she thought was right and wrong. First thing she did wrong was to speak at the meeting, children were not allowed to have an input in what was being discussed. The second thing was her not holding back towards her parents. They all viewed it as disrespect, which was not taken lightly. They ordered her to stop, though she wouldn't, she had had enough. Her parents then ordered the guards to stop her, they took her away to be put into holding for a few days. Though she wouldn't be caught for long, as they placed her in the cell she unleashed her years of training on the guards. She basically snapped when she realized they would never change their views of her sister. She killed the guard, but more came. It was a tough battle for the girl, one girl versus trained guards. She was held down and beaten repeatedly eventually, she felt so helpless. Not only for herself, but for her sister as well. The battle was gonna be lost and her sister would forever be seen as a useless nobody compared to Hana. But just when everything seemed hopeless, something changed about her. Her eyes were a blood red, with one black spot within the red pupils. It was of course her first tomoe awakening. With the newfound ability, she would escape the grasp of the guards and win the fight as she knocked out the guards with her elite ninjutsu skills and Sharingan. Once the council arrived at the scene, she was gone. She knew that since she killed one of the guards she'd be exiled. She headed over towards her house to find her sister and ask her to go with her, though she wasn't there. She decided that she couldn't stay in the compound much longer, so she had to leave and return for her sister at another time. But it was fate, fate brought the two together again as their paths crossed at the compound's exit. It seemed her sister has had enough of her parent's views over her as well, as she wanted to leave the clan. Her Sharingan was still active, the adrenaline surging through her body made her not even notice that she still had it active, she had much more important things to focus. So her sister saw it, the look on her face.. It wasn't a surprised look, but more in the lines of "why". It was shown once again that Hana had the upper hand over her sister, but Hana never believed her sister was useless. In fact, she envied her sister somewhat. She was always pushed to do her best, while her sister could somewhat have a life.

Now that they were exiled, they would simply move from place to place everyday to avoid someone spotting them and try to end them. It was a dangerous land out there. The Uchiha didn't care for Hana or Orchid as they didn't even know that Hana had unlocked the Sharingan at such an age, so they just disregarded them as shinobi who would get picked off within a few days by the opposing territories in the land of fire. They were probably going to be right, if Hana didn't possess the Sharingan. They stayed alive and safe for a year, until one day a group of thugs or "criminals" had come across the two girls. Obviously they were attacked, and attempted to be taken in. They were little girls after all and could be used as sex slaves or some shit like that. Though the two wouldn't give up without a fight. Hana had taught a few things to Orchid during their year of travel and being alone, so Orchid was also much stronger by now. But it seemed to be a useless attempt for the two to fight all these bandits at first. Hana could protect herself for a while, but Orchid took a beating. Hana gave it her all as she saw her sister taking such a beating. She wanted to save them both, as all she ever wanted to do was protect her sister. She pushed herself to the limit, taking out as many of the criminals as she could. Her Sharingan helped along with her ninjutsu skills. After a few minutes of constant fighting and pushing herself, her Sharingan had changed. The immense fighting position they were in had unlocked her second tomoe. When at the same time, after being near death Orchid had unlocked her first tomoe Sharingan. Hana noticed it, her red eyes made it obvious as well as the boost she got and advantage she suddenly acquired over the criminals. While Orchid was doing her best, Hana was too. Taking out more men, but eventually it became too much for the two of them to handle. Orchid had fainted and Hana was exhausted, the men overwhelmed them even with the two Sharingan in their possession. Both of them fainted, the last thing Hana saw was a man appearing near her and ordering the men to stop. He was impressed by both of their skills, so he took them in. Hana enjoyed the new lifestyle they had, living with the man proved to be much better than living alone and defenseless. If it wasn't for him, they'd both be dead. They now live in the Land of Rain. When Hana reached the age of twelve, the man whom took them in named Chuko had sent Hana on a mission. There she was to infiltrate a clan which was mostly unknown and secretive, which she successfully did. Her objective was to gain an advantage for his clan, since she and her sister basically were apart of the clan she could do it. She did indeed gain an advantage for the clan, as she stayed there for about a month. During her time there, she did immense training with them and she eventually gained the elemental affinity which they possessed, Scorch Release. Once she obtained the affinity, there was no need for her to continue the mission so she returned to the clan, and showed them what she obtained from that clan. This made her and her sister very important within the clan. Choku knows that if anything happens to her sister, she would take vengeance upon the one or ones who harmed her. So he protects both of them equally and cares for them too. She's quite happy about the fact that someone else finally cares for her sister too, which made the bond between her and the elderly man stronger as well. He is like a father figure to them.

Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Soldier - field operative.
Tier: B-2
KKG: Sharingan tomoe 2
Abilities/Perks: Scorch Release + the two making it up being wind and fire.

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PostSubject: Re: Hana Uchiha (Done)   Sat Aug 02, 2014 2:47 pm

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Hana Uchiha (Done)
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