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 Hiromasa Jishaku

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PostSubject: Hiromasa Jishaku   Sat Aug 02, 2014 1:57 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Hiromasa Jishaku
Titles/Other Names: The Black Ocean
Age: 26
Species: Human
Gender: Male

Appearance: Hiromasa is a white-haired, violet-eyed man 5 feet, ten inches tall. He can typically be found wearing a simple, hooded grey robe that allows freedom of movement while still covering himself, with a silver sash that, on close inspection, is made of numerous threads of flexible, light metal. Oddly, the only time he wears anything in the way of defensive gear is during his offtimes when he doesn't expect a fight, though this is simply throwing a dark grey flak jacket over his robed.

The purpose of this is seen in combat, as when he decides to start using his magnet release, he slips out of the top end of his robe, leaving it draped over his sash and allowing his tattoos to become visible when he uses them, creating a pattern much like rose thorns around the area the metal or item/s are coming out of.

Personality: When it comes to business, Hiromasa is a calm and collected individual. Knowing his limits, he has declined as many jobs as he has taken, but the ones he does take are always done professionally and courteously. He also has his own sense of honor, refusing for instance to kill civilian children, though those trained in war are fair game as he considers them to be combatants, and he kills as painlessly as he can without jeopardizing his odds.

Outside of work, he is considered something of a jokester, always smiling and rarely taking anything very seriously. In one particular instance, he came home after a mission to find his house on fire and simply walked in, grabbed a few of his favorite things, made himself lunch as the walls came down around him, and walked out to the carpenter to inform him that he would need a new house before going on another mission to pay for the repairs and departing again. Despite this, he does his best to help those around him as long as he doesn't feel used and is generally a somewhat liked person. As a result, many feel comfortable coming to talk to him about their issues, whether they intend to take his dubious advice or simply need to vent, as he

In combat, his demeanor doesn't change much from his everyday. He'll often hold friendly conversations as he and his opponents try to kill each other, and when victorious tends to spare his opponents unless they've been what he considers rude at the time or is required to kill them for a mission, though he'll often apologize as he does so and genuinely inform them that it's nothing personal, not that it helps them feel any better. If he finds himself outmatched or even close-matched enough to his opponent that death is realistically possible, he tends to apologize as well before attempting to depart from the battle or find an alternate way to accomplish his tasks, feeling no qualms about fighting "dirty" as those who are slaves to honor might call it.

As far as loyalty goes, he feels none to any particular entity, such as a clan or nation, seeing such patriotism as an emotion to be enslaved by, allowing one to be abused in the name of a cause. He instead gives loyalty to individuals, people he believes value him and his life and he does so in return, helping and being helped as needed, renouncing said loyalties if the relationship becomes unacceptable. When he is treated as he sees is fair, he is a stalwart ally and willing to risk death so long as the risk isn't needless or suicidal.


Hiromasa was born in the deserts of the Wind Country to the Jishaku family of jewelers and artisans, unrivalled due to a family lineage of Magnet Release power. The ability to directly manipulate the metals they work with gave their creations a beautiful level of quality and purity that many of their competitors simply lack, with many trying and failing to discern the secret behind their techniques. The family protected themselves from jealous enemies and warlords who would seek to impress them into service by living in lavish quarters beneath the rolling sands of the deep desert, impossible for any to find but the family members themselves via their ability to  sense metal, with markers buried for many miles around the complex allowing them to find their way home.

The clan hierarchy was one of grunt work, apprenticeship, and eventual mastery of their craftsmanship, and each member worked their way up through the ranks, with the young working as miners(not nearly as brutal as one would think when you can sense metal and rip it from the stone) to develop their base abilities, and, once they are a little older, as couriers, delivering shipments to buyers as they begin to develop their crafting abilities, the idea being that they are smart enough to handle sales but not valuable enough to damage the family should they be killed.  All members are also given a seal on the back of their neck at this stage that permanently paralyzes them if they try to reveal the location of the home base. As they get older they become full-time apprentices, before becoming journeyman, with the rare, talented and inevitably old being considered the true masters who make the truly incredible items.

It was at the courier stage that the important things in Hiromasa's life began. While all the others in his family seemed either content or bound enough by social custom to remain with their comfortable lives and the family, Hiromasa become more and more fascinated and curious the more he explored the world delivering items, wanting to see more and explore without the timelines of his duties. When the time neared for his apprenticeship stage, he delayed, staying for years beyond the norm as a courier under the pretense of familiarity with customers and thus better relations and money. His father, the head of the family, eventually forced him into apprenticeship, but the cut off from the outside world only further intrigued him as he set about creating simple items that would see more of the world than himself. Eventually, he secretly developed a seal that would allow him to see and hear through his creations, assuming correctly that most people wouldn't think to scan their purchases of mass-produced tools like shuriken and kunai. For a short time, Hiro was able to get his fix of the outside world and even see a number of battles, if not from the best of angles.

Eventually however, one of his seals was discovered by a particularly paranoid warlord. Instead of being enraged, however, he was extremely pleased, demanding more items with the seal to be used as spy devices. Easily figuring out who was the source of these, Hiromasa's father was furious and began personally inspecting every single item he crafted, bumping him up journeyman years even before his peers so he would craft fewer, more easily checked items. A few months after this appointment, however, he was summoned by his father, who explained that after much discussion, it had been decided that he was to be allowed to depart the compound. Baffled by this, Hiromasa was then informed that the choice had been a political bargain that had required his father to step down from his leadership position, but he did not regret it for his son to have freedom. Furthermore, Hiromasa was required to receive a unique boon, an experimental seal that some of the elders had wanted to try out for some time without a willing subject as it was projected to be tremendously painful. With no hesitation, Hiromasa accepted.

Immediately after, his father lead him deep into the compound, into an area only accessed by the masters, and further down into a light less chamber. Lightless, at least, until a number of glowing red points appeared, heated pokers wielded by the masters, their dimly-lit faces showing a mixture of excitement and inappropriate joy at the pain they were about to inflict. As his father departed, the boy was chained in place against a wall and the pokers were dipped in a specialized ink. Over a number of days, Hiromasa could not tell just how long in that isolated place, the seals were burned into his flesh, his screams muted by the vast earth all around them. Halfway through, he was released so he could turn around, and experienced one of the greatest periods of dread in his life as the masters took a respite, seemingly leaving the path to escape open should he desire it. When they woke however, he was still there, determination and more than a little fear in his shivering eyes. With a few chuckles and the odd word of encouragement or respect, the work began again, and at some point the pain and dehydration became so bad he blacked out.

Several days later, he awoke in his bed, his skin throbbing, but with no visible injury, none of the horrific burn marks he had expected. Once he was awake and walking around, he found the masters waiting for him outside his chambers. Excitedly, they explained the procedure had been a success, and that, while tremendously expensive and thus unfit for general use, would prove rather valuable to Hiromasa in his travels. They then went on to explain that they had sealed a massive quantity of iron sand within him, hoping it would be of use to him in the outside world and, more importantly, just to see if they could without killing him, which Hiro smirked at before shrugging. After some small ceremony among the elders, he departed with little fanfare as those in charge wanted to keep his departure somewhat on the down low so as not to encourage a mass exodus, saying they would make some excuse for his lack of appearance, not that it mattered much to the would-be adventurer. As a final favor, he was given a shipment of weapons to deliver, the money to be kept by him to get a head start. Imagining this to be by the influence of his father, who simply smiled through the whole process, rather than any generosity of the elders, he nonetheless thanked them and departed the only home he had ever known, with the knowledge that he could return any time to simply resume his life as a craftsman, one last plea by his father.

After delivering the weapons and collecting his pay, he stayed in the town he'd sold to for a time, gathering information and eventually coming across a bounty board, the first of many he would scour over the coming years. A simple job cleaning out a library was an exciting proposition and he took to it with gusto, immediately after taking up a job moving crates and then filling in as a dishwasher at a restaurant, flying from one menial task to the next with a joy that baffled his employers, though they were nonetheless appreciative of the enthusiasm he put into his work. Over time, he took on the more difficult jobs, working his way up the ranks the same way a fledgling shinobi would, but without anyone to guide him, he inevitably bit off more than he could chew.

Completing a number of mildly dangerous jobs with ease, Hiromasa took one with a big red "A" stamped on it where previously he'd done only Ds and a few Cs, feeling wild confidence flowing through him after his wild success thus far. The job was exciting, dangerous and paid much, much better than any he'd had so far, though he still had plenty of money saved. His task? To assassinate a nearby bandit leader who had been terrorizing the town.
Waiting for cover of darkness, he pushed his new-found abilities with the iron sand to his early limits, creating ropes for climbing quietly over the walls of the bandit camp and covering his body in the dark stuff for stealth. Getting to his target with surprising ease, he experimented, creating a short lance with his sand, and drove it through the bandit leader's head. However, this did not produce the instant death he had imagined, and the bandit king screamed and thrashed, and by the time Hiro stepped out of the tent he was surrounded.

Believing it to be the end, he brandished a kunai, but was instead shocked when those around him bowed, declaring him their leader for having bested the old one. He began to refuse, but impulse took him and he accepted. Returning to town quickly to claim his money, he took his new band away, having grown somewhat attached to the villagers and thus wanting to rob strangers instead. It was during this time that he first began truly exploring his basic nature releases, Earth and Lightning, as a way to disguise his advanced element, his ace in the hole. Many a caravan guard was defeated, though not usually killed, by his prowess with these techniques, and after nearly a year as a bandit lord, he truly felt worthy of the title, having single-handedly repulsed several lesser attack groups sent by nearby towns, defeating the militiamen with little effort. The true test of his abilities came later, however.

Thinking himself secure and his crew happy, he was surprised to feel a number of unsheathed blades enter his sensory radius, and woke up just in time to evade a massive attack by nearly a dozen mutineers. Jumping out of his tent, he saw nearly his whole crew armed and ready to kill him, the few loyal to him bleeding out in the dirt. asking the reason for the rebellion, he was informed that they felt it his fault that the authorities had found them in the first place as he'd instituted a no kill policy and thus left witnesses. Feeling betrayed, Hiromasa became furious as he had never before and descended on his former comrades in a rage, bright flashes of lightning chakra providing nearly the only light in the deep night, the sound of thunder provided by the earth that shifted and roared beneath the bandits' feet. Unhindered by the darkness as he could sense the blades all around him, Hiromasa mercilessly slaughtered the soon panicked bandits, ignoring their pleas for mercy as they realized their horrible mistake. Within the space of a few minutes, more than a score of corpses lay scattered around the once bustling camp and the former leader quivered with unspent fury.

Calming himself down, he buried the ones he knew had tried to intervene on his behalf and left the rest to rot, gathering up as much loot as he could carry and storing the rest in his tattoos, a moderately wealthy man. Pondering his next move overnight, he chose to hire himself out to one of the villages he had not too long ago been plundering, those who recognized him saying nothing out of a combination of fear and gratitude for his sparing their lives, a rare courtesy among bandits. In time his skill at repelling aggressors become locally famous and skilled warriors from some distance around came to spar with him. He delivered defeat with grace and accepted the rare loss the same way, complimenting his opponents and making enough friends this way to continue testing and growing his abilities, even training under some of those he had defeated, shoring up his weaknesses as best he could, not too proud to learn from any source. In time, however, the township was boringly safe, and he joined the clan of one of his best friends, becoming fully engaged in the age of endless warfare.

The following few years went by in a blur and his surroundings changed many times, with his clan absorbing others, occasionally being defeated and absorbed into others, and on one occasion his entire clan was wiped out in a massive battle leaving him battling a small army alone before eventually collapsing, only to find himself offered a position in the clan due to a combination of impressing his enemies and killing enough of them that they really needed his strength. They attempted to work him like a dog, however, and when they refused to let him leave, he finished the work he had started before he first joined them and killed all who tried to stop him, reducing the once-proud clan to a large camp before leaving setting off on his own.

That is where Hiromasa stands today, a wandering shinobi of moderate renown taking on jobs too difficult for generic soldiers but knowing the extent of his abilities after long practice with them and denying those that would put him at serious risk. Occasionally a band will attempt to force him to join, wanting to add his name to their power, but his strength is such that he has thus far managed to either defeat or escape from his aggressors, simply traveling as he will and doing as he pleases, enjoying life such as he wills.

Clan: None
Rank: Soldier:Stealth
Tier: A-3
The moderately powerful among elites, not quite the strongest, not quite the weakest. This class is often the battle-changer, capable of amazing and unique things that can easily turn the field of battle. Such shinobi are ones like Shikamaru Nara, and Neji Hyuuga. These shinobi are used for major parts of the villages offense and defense quarters; or other. They are used frequently and play a noticeable part in wars.
930 Stats

KKG: Magnet Release

Iron Sand: A black, grainy substance that is exactly as it is named. Can be manipulated by magnetic chakra and is the bread and butter of Hiromasa's Magnet Release techniques. An effectively limitless quantity of the stuff is sealed into him.


Black Ocean Seals:
Description: As a child, Hiromasa's family inscribed all of his skin with an intricate set of seals before using them to store a seemingly endless quantity of iron sand within him, giving him free access to produce it from anywhere on his body for use in magnet release jutsu. He can also use these seals to store just about anything else he wants in himself, giving him an element of surprise when enemies discover he is not unarmed.

Pain Tolerance:
Description:After the nightmarish process of receiving his tattoos, very little by way of pain holds any fear for Hiromasa. It's not that he doesn't feel it, simply that even high amounts don't phase him much, as the vivid memory of his branding always seems to be greater.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiromasa Jishaku   Sat Aug 02, 2014 7:18 pm

Hmmmmmmm I suppoooooooooooossssseeeee.

A-4 though

Please create an update page containing your stats and class points and such. Refer to Attribute System and Class System for the starting values and rules of each. Thank you!

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Hiromasa Jishaku
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