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 Mission Creation Template

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Mission Creation Template Empty
PostSubject: Mission Creation Template   Mission Creation Template EmptyFri Aug 01, 2014 3:52 pm

The following is the template for mission creation, so that clan leaders can create and assign missions. The template goes as follows:

Mission Name: (Self explanatory)
Rank: (The difficulty of the mission by rank, D-S)
Mission Description: (Describe the task of this mission)
Reward: (What is the reward for completing this mission?)

[b]Mission Name:[/b] (Self explanatory)
[b]Rank:[/b] (The difficulty of the mission by rank, D-S)
[b]Mission Description:[/b] (Describe the task of this mission)
[b]Reward:[/b] (What is the reward for completing this mission?)

Mission Rewards:

For every mission you complete, you get two basic rewards. Ryo, some of that cash money, and EXP, valuable experience to improve your skills. The ranges of these rewards are based on the rank of the mission completed. For EXP, it will always be a range, with the minimum number being a fourth of the maximum number. Exemplified below (Also includes the ryo values):

D rank - 100 exp/50,000 ryo
C rank - 200 exp/100,000 ryo
B rank - 400 exp/200,000 ryo
A rank - 800 exp/400,000 ryo
S rank - 1,600 exp/800,000 ryo
SS rank - 3,500 exp/2,000,000 ryo

The actual reward values of individual missions is pretty much always up to the creator of the missions and, unless your leader is feeling particularly spiteful, the minimum number will rarely be used. This is offered as a guideline for leaders to create missions by.

Now, regarding ryo rewards. Every mission you complete, as you might expect, will earn you a bit of cold hard cash for you to spend in whatever exploits you wish, such as the purchase of equipment, weapons, puppets, houses, so on and so forth. For higher rank missions, the ryo is usually going to be payed out of the leader's pockets, as these missions, A-SS rank, are usually missions that affect other characters in game, and aren't just word count spamming missions of socializing with random NPC's and half-assed, minimalist task completion. These missions have to do with things such as assassinations, raids, body guard protection of characters, stealing, and so on and so forth. If a staff sees a mission sufficiently affects other people in game, they may request that, due to the importance of the mission, the reward be payed out of the creator's pockets. This is to avoid the spamming of murdering and slaughtering innocent characters of other clans only to farm ridiculous amounts of EXP and ryo for free.

In addition, some missions may have special rewards, such as weapons, items, or, rarely, maybe even jutsu. Most of the time, unless they are unique items, these  rewards do not have to be paid for by the leader.

Mission Requirements:

In a FURTHER attempt to prevent half-assed work or exploitation of missions and their rewards, we have developed a rule of requirements for missions. There are a couple, very few, but still existent, requirements you must meet before you can consider your mission complete and able to be approved by a staff. First, and most obvious, you must complete the missions objective. The staff reviewing will read and determine if you actually completed the objective detailed in the mission you are performing. If not, well, no rewards from you and if you can't even complete simple missions' objectives you're probably going to have to start all over.

The second requirement is word count. We can't very well have two people do a skimpy little 500 word post each and say they completed an A Rank assassination mission. Missions are meant to have difficulty, and thus the completion thereof should be detailed and have effort put into it. That reason is why we have created a minimum WC for each mission, based on its rank. Now, you may or may not exceed these WC, for maybe complications occurred during high rank missions, like someone infiltrating and interfering with your mission. Sadly, no, you cannot ask for extra rewards for doing stellar levels of WC. If you don't understand why, then you probably don't understand the word minimum, nor the lack of the word "extra", which is even sadder than the lack of extra rewards. The minimum word count requirements are as follows:

Minimum WC:
D: 500

Also, unless stated otherwise, generic missions are repeatable, as some may intend for them to be things that would be somewhat common in this setting and don't anticipate being able to make 10+ missions a week. More will trickle in here and there, however.

Theme Song:

Battle Theme:

Straight outta Amegakure nigga
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Mission Creation Template
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