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 Orchid Uchiha (Finished)

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PostSubject: Orchid Uchiha (Finished)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:58 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Orchid Uchiha
Titles/Other Names: None, she's 13.
Age: 13
Species: Human
Gender: Female

Appearance: Orchid is 5'9, weighing 145 pounds. The Uchiha's skin tone is slightly darker then most of her light skinned brethren. Her build is somewhat muscular for a female, but still manages to have all of the curves a girl has. Her eyes are brown, but when she activates her sharingan, her eyes of course, turn red. The Uchiha has long, silky red hair that goes down a little past her waist, but sometimes this hair is tied up during missions so it isn't grabbed, or doesn't get snagged up. While she isn't on a mission and just walking around and exploring, Orchid wears a simple white shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back of it, along with a pair of blue pants and wooden sandals. On her back is a massive tattoo of the Uchiha clan symbol. On her right arm, is a snake that starts from her shoulder and ends right before it reaches her middle finger. Orchid wears other forms of casual wear, as well. The one she is most often seen in is a beige furcoat jacket with a pink undershirt. Her pants are a simple black, along with blue sandals. Since Orchid has a fascination with jewerly, she is also seen with all types of assortments. The Jacket outfit is what she most commonly wears on missions, except she ties her hair up in a knot to avoid it from being messed with. During training, she either wears a black gi or a black t-shirt and some shorts of any color. Orchid's posture is alright. Sometimes, she walks like you're supposed to. But, there are the times where she walks with a slight slouch. Orchid isn't usually seen with a smile on her face, but she doesn't carry the blank, robotic face that other Uchihas usually do. She just looks cranky, and looks like she might be plotting some type of nefarious deed.
Personality: Unfortunately, Orchid is not immune to the disease of Uchiha being enormous pricks. She's pretty arrogant about her abilities, and has a ton of pride about her clan. But to her, money is above everything, even her own family. Sometimes the greed blinds her, which makes her do even stupider stuff then what she usually does. She has a strong temper, and gets mad even over the slightest of things. If you accidentally bump into her, she'll probably curse you out. Unlike most of her clansman, Orchid has a sense of humor and is a bit sarcastic at times. She'll often poke fun at a person just to make herself or her sister laugh. Orchid is also a massive pervert, creeping on people of any sexuality, and even animals. Orchid doesn't know why she's like this, but it has something to do with a copy of a certain book that was lying around which changed her life, permanently.

Orchid also loves to fight, engaging in the activity whenever she can. She's absolutely in love with the adrenaline she gets from doing it. Plus, it gives her a chance to prove to the world the might of the Uchihas. Orchid is extremely jealous when it comes to her sister, noting that it seems like she got dealt the better hand in life. Even though Hana motivates her to become stronger and surpass her, Orchid is still protective of her even though she may be weaker. Although she would never admit it, she considers them best friends. The Uchiha is an incredibly strong willed person who will do whatever it takes to finally surpass her sister.

Orchid likes many things. For example, she likes money and jewelry over everything, except perhaps her sister. Besides those things, Orchid has an immense love for food, especially ramen, and can taste minor details in food that the normal pleb wouldn't even begin to register on his fodder piece of meat he dares to call a tongue. Orchid is sort of an addict when it comes to training, as it gives her the sweet feeling of becoming closer and closer to Hana.

In battle, she carries a more serious tone, although she is smart enough to her insulting nature to her advantage, throwing the opponent's balance off and creating an opening, since usually when you're angry, you become sloppy. Orchid also uses her beauty to try and sway the odds of her survival to her favor. She prefers to fight at mid to long range distanve, but isn't totally against fighting in close range. She isn't against torture at all when her opponent is incapacitated. In fact, she quite enjoys it, whether its sexual, physical, or mental torture.
Background/History: Orchid was born inside the Uchiha compound thirteen years ago, on February 24th. At an early age, she began her training since tthe Uchiha were really strict about that thing. But, unfortunately she seemed to be growing at an average rate for a shinobi, which caused her parents to be far more invested in her sister. This led to her despising her sister Hana, and trying to make her life miserable as possible. But really, she didn't have any hate for her sister. She despised her parents, and was only slightly jealous of her sister's abilities, although she would never admit this jealously. Instead, it forced her to push herself far harder then she had, every day. It didn't matter if she risked hurting herself, in her eyes, all that mattered was becoming better then Hana and showing her parents that she wasn't worthless. At the age of 7 is when she started to get sent on field missions, and read a very weird book she found while venturing the area outside of the Uchiha Compound.

Before she read this book, Orchid was pretty similar to most Uchiha. Stoic, a loner..but the book changed her mentally, and sexually. The book was an extremely detailed and develop erotica that the Uchiha found in a tree, and unlocked her inner passion. Her parents, however, didn't exactly have a positive reaction to the changed Orchid. Somehow, they began to neglect her even more, which forced the Uchiha to start training more by herself. She was out for almost the whole day, every day, simply training. But it never seemed to be enough, because Hana was always one step ahead of him. She just needed that one extra push to allow her to break her limits..it seemed like she had hit her plateau. So, one day, at the age of ten, Orchid wandered much father from the compound then she ever did. The Uchiha just wanted to get away from the hatred that her parents harbored towards her. It wasn't like anyone would care...but, strangely, while heading to exit out of the compound, she came across her sister. She didn't believe her exile was real, but it seemed like it was about to happen right in front of her eyes. So, she would go with her sister, since they had both been burned by the Uchiha clan(get it because fire hahahaha). For a little over a year, the two of them bonded together, although Orchid was stubborn and tried not to admit it.

At the age of twelve, while the duo was doing the usual wandering around and exploring, they came across bandits. These bandits weren't ordinary ones that would have been easily dispatched of, no. They were highly skilled criminals from the Shoshinku clan, a group of criminals. Despite how talented the both of them were, the two sisters were no match..but at least Hana seemed to be able to handle herself, since she had the Sharingan. Orchid just got her ass handed to her, but never stopped getting back up. The situation frustrated her extremely, however, and each time she got thrown down, it made her want to stay down. No matter how hard she tried, Hana always seemed to be one step ahead of her, just like she was now, even if they were losing. Orchid would die without ever achieving her goal of surpassing her sister, and practically no one would care about her passing. The next time she was thrown down, she felt all her willpower was sapped away, as she was slowly bleeding out. About to be finished off, she almost accepted her fate completely...until, something awoken in her. She got some sort of second wind. The boost she needed to get on Hana's level was finally here...the Sharingan. The attacks of the bandits became slower..it was like she could see his attacks before he even made them. With one slash of her kunai, he was dead.

It seemed like Hana had a burst of energy as well, but she mostly ignored that. However, just then, the fighting stopped. A man, who Orchid guessed was the leader, just ordered his bandits to stand down. It was true that they probably weren't gonna win anyways. While Orchid's stamina was restored, it didn't repair the damage. And just like that, she fell to the ground, exhausted and from her wounds..however, it seemed that fate shined a light on her today. The man was impressed by the abilities of the two Uchiha, and took them in under his wing, patching up there wounds. Both Orchid and Hana now live with the man known as Choku Shoshinku.

Clan: Uchiha
Rank: Solider-On Field Operative
Tier: C-1
Tomoe 1
Items: No special items.
Abilities/Perks: Cook(Minor)- She's good at cooking things.

Painter(minor)- She's good at painting things.

Writer(minor)- The quality that she was imbued from when she read the erotica so many years ago gave her the spirit of a writer.
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PostSubject: Re: Orchid Uchiha (Finished)   Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:33 pm

The app is good other than the fact you neglect to mention the reason for exile, which is a pretty big hole in your background.

EDIT: Woops ok nvm about that.

You will start as tier C-3, please refer to the Tier System and Class System for your starting stat points and CP. Thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Orchid Uchiha (Finished)   Fri Aug 08, 2014 5:51 pm

No Scorch Release; that part is denied. Everything else is fine; he gave you a fair grading for this app.
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PostSubject: Re: Orchid Uchiha (Finished)   

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Orchid Uchiha (Finished)
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