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 Reiz Kaguya

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Reiz Kaguya

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PostSubject: Reiz Kaguya   Reiz Kaguya EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 11:44 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Reiz Kaguya
Titles/Other Names: Tranquilizer of the Kaguya
Age: 21
Species: Human
Gender: Male



Reiz has medium-length, sandy blonde hair that goes over his ears and slightly nips at his shoulders as he moves. It's messy and rugged, but kept away from obstructing his vision. He has ocean blue eyes and a black, wave-patterned tattoo around his left eye.

He stands at a height of 6'1", and is 158 lbs. Average in build, he is fit for a good balance of speed and stalwart defenses.

He dresses in leather armor built to last and designed for combat. Jet black with purple highlights, it gives off a sense of danger to Reiz's opponents. The boy is rarely seen without this suit adorned with spikes and scarves.

On the occasion he is forced to remove it, such as for an assassination mission, he will pick up the most ragged clothing he can find to give off the illusion he's less deadly than he actually is. To blend in with the common crowd when in an area foreign to him is his preference.

Personality: Reiz, in some ways, might be described as a living representation of the grim reaper. His killing intent is so strong one can feel it coming off of him. Given his tendency to dress in a way that gives off intimidating vibes, he is often looked at with a cautious gaze even by those in his own clan.

He is humble, believing no one is below him, and that only the leader of his clan is above him. As such, he treats every opponent with similar effort; though he does show some sympathy for those much younger or less skilled.

He comes off as condescending at times due to his quiet and straightforward attitude in social situations. His speech is usually devoid of emotion, saying the most over-the-top things in monotone at times.

Literature is something Reiz is quite fond of. He enjoys reading books of fantasy worlds and far-off lands filled with exciting adventures and happy endings. To him, these books allow him to escape into the world he dreams will one day become reality. He can often be found quoting poems and old scripts in his daily speech, which some think make him sound lame or awkward. He begs to differ.

In combat, he is very analytical and perceptive of his opponent. He will thoroughly observe his opponent's abilities before making his own move. Once this is done, however, he is relentless in his pursuit. He won't hesitate to go for the kill should it be his desired result.

Background/History: Growing up, Reiz had always been loyal to the Kaguya clan. From an early age he practiced the Kekkei Genkai they were famous for. It hurt and surprised him at first, but the more often it saw use, the less of an effect this otherworldly power had on him. He had a dream of becoming one of the strongest in the clan, and practiced desperately in hopes of achieving this. Others saw it as childish naiveté.

His superiors in the clan eventually saw his rapid growth, and picked him out for tasks that they believed him to succeed in. Simple assassinations and the like when no one else could afford to accept.

Reiz did better than expected at these missions, finishing them in utmost secrecy and with no witnesses. He began to gain a circle of interest around him. His superiors would begin to mold his personality to one desirable for a killer. They treated him merely as a weapon which needed food and water to continue to move, and Reiz in return acted as one under the delusion it was a debt that needed to be paid back for their generosity and praise.

As he went through his late teens, he was seen as a prime candidate for all sorts of missions that needed doing. Because he was strong enough that he showed potential, but not strong enough that the clan would suffer a heavy blow without him, they saw him as the perfect choice for risky missions.

Despite their doubts, he came back alive every time. Not always in perfect condition, but always with motivation. He began to hunger for the tasks they would throw at him. He reveled in slaughtering the opposing forces, and getting hurt in return as proof of his efforts.

To this day he has failed very few missions, and has always made it back safely. Albeit not always in perfect condition, but very much alive. He's become a capable fighter among the Kaguya clan's ranks, and represents what the younger generation of Kaguya can achieve with effort.

Clan: Kaguya
Rank: Soldier - Stealth
KKG: Dead Bone Pulse
Items: Two straight daggers made from obsidian with gold plating around the handles.
Abilities/Perks: -
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Han Solo (Meme Edition)

Han Solo (Meme Edition)

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PostSubject: Re: Reiz Kaguya   Reiz Kaguya EmptyFri Aug 01, 2014 10:26 am

Please register any custom weapons (such as two obsidian daggers) onto this app with the weapon/item template which can be found here:


Thank you!

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Battle Theme:

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Reiz Kaguya
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