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 Uzumaki Clan

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Camael Uzumaki

Camael Uzumaki

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Clan    Uzumaki Clan  EmptyThu Jul 31, 2014 9:18 pm

Clan Name: Uzumaki clan
Clan Background: The Uzumaki were the guardians of the bijuu for centuries before releasing them during the World War. They were closely allied with the Senju and grew to great numbers during the Golden Age of shinobi. Along with the Senju, they led the world in peace, even during the revolt of the Kaguya and Uchiha. They, however, failed in maintaining order all together and eventaully all clans split up. They and their cousins the Senju were blamed for this colossal world failure, and for refusing to destroy the Uchiha. They would eventually tag along with the Senju and be attacked endlessly by other clans out of spite until they eventually moved to Sunagakure. They knew there they could hide and would be putting everyone else in less danger by not being around them. They were shunned greatly.

During this time the Uzumaki would follow the Senju in adopting their most ancient religious practices. Eventually, through a long string of events, a "god" of sorts would come among the Senju/Uzuamki clan in the wilderness. The one that the Senju had thought were promised to them had somehow manifested through very mysterious circumstances. He would lead them from Sunagakure, where they had been for around four centuries, and back into Konohagakure through a series of incredible events. Once there, he would begin an age of prosperity for the Senju that had never been seen. In the span of a year, they would move from Suna to Konoha and begin to set up this minor "kingdom", and begin to thrive. Around this time, their cousins, the Uzumaki, were forced to make a religious choice. They chose to return to a quite risque and taboo faith their fathers had - regarding the Shinigami. They were thus separated from the Senju, for the leader of the Senju found this to be an abomination. This created some tension between cousin clans, but they stayed near one another.

Clan Description: The Uzumaki clan share similarities with the senju clan, though what separates them from their relieves is their prodigious talent and skill in fuinjustu. Children begin being taught to use fuinjustu and defend themselves at the age of 10, and two years after that, a council of elders and senior Uzumaki clan members reflect on the child's skill and decide which profession they will go in to whether it be warrior, or any other career. Once there career is chosen the child has no choice but to continue in that path. The only way an Uzumaki clan member is allowed to change their career is if the clan leader decides against the council's decision, as the clan leader is designated as the wisest in the clan. Unlike most clans where the clan leader is chosen by strength or brutality, the Uzumaki are a people of philosophy and knowledge and the leader is usually someone that reflects those properties in the clan, though once the leader is chosen they will lead until there death, and for Uzumaki that is a very long time, the only other way for a new leader to be chosen if for the old leader to be convicted of a crime, or shown to be not faithful to Uzumaki beliefs. There is a darker side to the Uzumaki however stemming from there relation and worship of the Shinigami.

The Uzumaki have always shared a special relationship with the being known as the Shinigami, creating seals that could call upon its power in times of need. The leader of the Uzumaki is known to share the closest bond with the being, and  performs the tasks as an oracle of sorts for the clan on top of leader ship duties. The leader of the Uzumaki leader is gifted with a priceless heirloom known as the shinigami mask. The mask allows the one wearing it to become possessed by the shinigami and have it speak through them or talk to it, the mask wearer could perform techniques such as the reaper death seal with no risk of ill effects happening to them, or call upon the shinigami to assist in striking down other threats to the clan. This mask is the most precious thing to the clan as it allows them to speak with the Shinigami and ask it for guidance, allowing the clan members to create and experiment with new types of seals, but it comes at a price. On the sixth day of every mouth a sacrifice must be given to the shinigami. The clan head must behead a human sacrifice using the sacred Shinigami tantō. The shinigami tantō will seal the soul of the sacrifice within the blade upon making contact and transfer it to the shinigami in order to sustain it. The sacrifice must be an uzumaki or relation to the uzumaki such as a senju (this can be an npc for convenience sake). The sacrifice is usually young and must be gifted in some way to appease the shinigami. If no proper sacrifice is found than the clan leader must appease the shinigami with their own soul and stab themselves with the tantō  and pass on the position to someone the shinigami chooses as worthy, usually someone intelligent and strong in faith. On this date it is traditional for all Uzumaki clan members to wear white in reverence to the shinigami. The uzumaki live be a very strict code, both in religion and in everyday life.

  • Never expose the way of the shinigami to outsiders
    The shinigami's will is absolute
    A human's life is sometimes a necessary sacrifice in the obtainment of knowledge
    Death over dishonor
    Never teach clan techniques to outsides
    On Mondays Uzumaki clan members must go pray to the shinigami whether at a public temple/shrine, or in their own home if unable to find one.
    The uzumaki bloodline must stay pure, inter clan relationships are prohibited,this is punishable by death via the Shinigami tantō  not only to the offenders but any offspring they have.

Clan Characteristics: Most Uzumaki have healthy bodies and red hair. They tend to live well into there hundreds naturally.
Village/Territory:  The uzumaki clan shares its settlements with their close relatives known as  the senju, though they live on opposite sides of the settlement for privacy reasons.  
Clan Leader: Unknown
Kekkei Genkai Description: The Uzuamki have the following bloodline inheritanes:

1. The have 150 Life Force. They get +38 added to their endurance, strength and chakra at all times.

2. They have a Special Chakra that can surpress bijuu better than most. It takes them 1/2 of what it takes normal Jinchurikit to master them, and it takes 1.5 more chakra lost for them to lose control of it. (Bijuu information will be made soon.)

1. They receive +50 Class point stats to Fuuinjutsu; it comes very naturally to them, though to get this they must actually be in the clan.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:
Uzumaki clan techniques (note that only 4 people my have chakra chains at a given time and you must get the approval of the clan leader to have them, if you claim chakra chains you will get the tech for free)
0/4 people have chakra chains right now)
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Uzumaki Clan
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