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Big Bug


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PostSubject: Raoh    Thu Jul 31, 2014 8:40 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Aburame, Raoh
Titles/Other Names: Big Bug(Only by close Friends and Family), Super Bug, La Cucaracha
Species: Human/ Self proclaimed Insect
Gender: Male


Standing at 175cm and weighing 200kg Raoh is of lean build at times and has a bug-like appearance complete with cockroach-like wings, also he has a well-built frame. He sports a bob cut hairstyle with a pink pigment. Raoh has large compact eyes with black pupils, an almost no visible nose, but can be seen if at the right angel. For no real reason Raoh likes to sport  red lipstick, sometimes blue or grey, the nail polish he wears is always the same as the lipstick he has on. His large lips conceal a retractable set of deadly razor sharp fangs, but he keeps them retracted in order for his large insects to get out of his mouth without dying. He wears a navy blue polka dotted shirt dotted punk, a light purple veil around his waist, and pink pants. Raoh also wears a numbers of rings around his arms and legs which bind the size of his muscles. When he removes them, his muscles swelled up to their true size. Most of the time Raoh wears his rings, but will take them off depending on how he feels. Sometimes he can be spotted wearing, but only when he is about to sleep or discuss things with important people, in a long white kimono adorned with a small emblem of a fly on the back, and a pair of black pants underneath, with an white sash. The sash as two strings wrapped, tied, around ti that lets two gourds hang by his sides. One of the gourds containing Sake and the other one containing, or will contain, those with tasty blood. Raoh sleeps in his birthday suit, but sometimes wears a pair of white shorts. Raoh also carries a bag with him with a change of clothes in them, as he doesn't like to wear clothes if they are torn or gets something spilled on it. Within the bag he also has a jar that contains some hair.  

When he was younger he used to be a somewhat quiet and kind individual who put others before himself, as he wanted everyone to feel good about themselves instead. No bad bone was within his body at that time and some thought he wasn't suit to be a shinobi due to that, but that all changed as his personality took a complete turn from a tragic event. From how he acted then many people shake their head in disappointment at how he is now, and want him to one day go back to that.

But after after undergoing an inhumane surgery to become a insect he now comes off as a cruel and violent person who doesn't know what overkill means, from his actions toward others and everything he deems unimportant. Raoh is also know by all he has come across and also fellow clansmen as a an extremely disturbed and narcissistic person who loves to be entertained by by different things, many things that deal with him though. Making him not one to respect or show mercy to those lower then him, or have shown weakness in battle, and only listens to those with more power then him but is still haughty towards them. At times though he does joke a lot around with those of equal or greater power then him, so he can get a rise out of them or just to joke around. He also does recognize those who can prove to be very strong in the near future; so he won't kill but take something to remember them by be some hair or even a body part. So basically he shows no compassion to those as he can those interest in many things very quickly, only one person being an exception to this.

Since he has cockroach wings many people stare at him so even asking him if they are real or not. When someone does that his first thought is that he should kill them and finish doing whatever he was doing, but something else comes into his head. A twisted smile of joy may come over his face at the thought of him being able to boast about himself. But he does that all the time anyway especially in battle. So what he basically says is that he is proud of his insect like abilities and appearance.He would also go on to speak about him not considering himself  in a mere clan, or posses a special ability, but views himself superior to all other forms of life and feels no concern for those who die around him, calling himself a Super bug a lot when speaking about those things. And as he talk more and more about himself he starts to get pumped and laugh uncontrollable at how strong he is, this causing him to go on a rampage to showcase his power. He stops this only once he believes his power has been shown to its fullest. Or when a certain person is with him and tells him not to something they wouldn't like, but that is only if that person if with him.

He has a tendency to usually place bugs on others for many creepy reasons, one being to see how they react to a strange bug, since they usually will be the size of palm, being on them. His other reasons are either to spy on someone he finds interesting or plan an attack on them in the future. But to be truthfully he doesn't be around many people as he just thinks they are food for him and his insects, as he thinks every living thing is. And concerning the person mentioned earlier she is the only one who can be treated as an equal to Raoh that he only treats with respect and showers with love.  She also can be seen as his weakness if anyone finds out about her as Raoh thinks he cannot live without the child, as he will kill himself if she is killed. Also she is the only person he doesn't conduct violence around and is currently the only person that can stop him from doing such things.  

A Devil is born:

The Devil's Training:

Life of a Devil?:

Clan: Aburame
Rank: Rogue-A3
KKG: Hiden- Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique
Items: N/A

Insect Mutations :

Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique :

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Big Bug


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PostSubject: Re: Raoh    Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:20 pm

Hmmm I think I am done........

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WebMaster Account

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PostSubject: Re: Raoh    Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:42 am

1. Explain your KKG/Hiden Clan tech
2. Your "Other Mutations" is denied until I see a legit description.
3. Decide which rank to apply for.
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Big Bug


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PostSubject: Re: Raoh    Mon Aug 04, 2014 1:43 pm

1.Put the current insects I have.
2. Changed "Other Mutations" to "Retractable Fangs"
3.Picked desired Tier...But you can give me an higher one if ya want. Jiraiya 

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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Raoh    Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:42 pm

ALL insects must be registered.

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PostSubject: Re: Raoh    

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