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 Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]

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PostSubject: Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]   Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:44 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Choku Shoshinku
Titles/Other Names: The Crimson Cloud
Rain Man
Age: 40
Species: Human
Gender: Male


Choku's body build can be very deceptive. Upon first glance, this pale samurai may appear thin, some might even think him frail. But those onlookers would be sadly mistaken, as Choku is actually quite muscular. His arms are thick with muscle and quite long, at the end of which are large hands with long slender fingers and wide palms. Despite the huge hands Choku doesn't have completely manly hands, as they are mostly barren of hair. His wrists are quite thin and his forearms thick, exaggerating the size of his hands by contrast even further than they are. The man's thick neck is one of the only muscular parts of him visible at a glance, with thick veins sticking slightly out on each side and the muscle clearly pronounced, as though he is always stiffening his neck. His shoulders aren't very broad and slope downwards at an angle, unlike most men's straight, broad, thick shoulders.

As far as facial features go, Choku's leave him appearing as a very ragged, run-down man. He has a thin face, with complexion of an aged but not ancient man. His brow is quite small and has slight wrinkles, and mostly covered up by his hair. Choku's chin is sharp and slightly jutting, giving him the appearance of one with a slight under bite problem. His lips are quite thin and usually appear colorless, only slightly pink at best of times. This man's eyes are small and sharp, as if always accusing or examining. His lower eyelids are dragged slightly down by the slight bags under his eyes and wrinkles, and his upper eyelids are always hanging over his eye, as though he is stuck in a permanent state of boredom. Choku's nose is thin, long, and quite pointed, the tip tilting slightly upward and the bridge thin, leaving barely any semblance of a change in depth of flesh between his eyes.

Choku takes great pride in his samurai training, which is very evident in the way he dresses. Under all of his clothes, he wears basic fundoshi undergarments, black in color and very rarely seen by others, and even rarer seen not on him. On his legs he wears a dark blue color of kyahan, cloth leggings that cover his shins, and black tabi over his feet. As leggings, Choku wears an undivided style of hakama, light grey colored, and a thick, dark blue uwa-obi sash around his waist. Choku's hakama are designed with a light pattern of light blue rain drops at seemingly random positions all along and all down his hakama. Under his hakama, a hakamashita is worn, a variant of a kimono. The color of his hakamashita is a dark blue, and a pattern is designed near the waistline of dark clouds, going well with the design of raindrops on his hakama. Above the clouds are light waves, rolling high and appearing to rise from the clouds themselves. Choku wears his hakamashita loosely, allowing visibility of the white undershirt he wears and his clavicle. Most commonly Choku will be seen wearing a conical bamboo hat on his head, tipped down to the point of leaving only half his face visible. This accessory is quite a beneficial necessity for him, as being in a land ever drenched by rain, it helps keep the water out of his face. When going outside Choku dons thick wooden sandals, with two bars on each raising them evenly three inches off the ground. These are useful for stepping in the puddles that constantly form around Amegakure, instead of having to get his feet all wet wading around in them.

Choku styles his hair in a minimalist manner, barely putting forth any effort to the task at all. His hair is pitch black, as is a hereditary trait in the Shoshinku clan with all blood members having black hair with only the rare exception. It is quite long and brushed back with a silk tie wrapped around forming a ponytail in the back, one that reaches down to between his shoulders. Choku's hair is quite ragged and stringy, but kept in quite good condition for the most part. The man's beard is also black and goes from one side of his jaw all the way to the other, like any beard should, and a thin mustache bridging over his mouth. His beard is thick on his chin, but extends off of his chin into a couple wispy strands. In all of his hair can be seen light gray streaks at random areas, a product of the man's age.


Choku is above all, a man of honor. He grew up teaching himself the principles of honor, and training himself in the way of the samurai. He studied the concept of Bushido, the samurai way of life, and concepts and principles such as that of frugality in the use of resources, loyalty to one's masters and one's self, martial arts mastery, devoting time and effort to the martial arts and the way of the sword, and honor unto death, holding one's self high with respect and defending that respect for the remainder of one's life. These principles were very well exemplified in Choku, as he held his honor, dignity, and virtue above all else.

Choku defines honor mostly as self-respect, and although Choku holds himself highly and has the utmost respect for himself, he is a man of quite the degree of humility, never bragging about his own skills or showing overt amounts of confidence in the face of the enemy. In fact, when faced with combat he usually downplays his own skill, claiming that he "probably won't win" or "This is my last battle I guess", despite the fact that this is rarely a true statement. When he wins a battle, he simply expresses surprise with a soft tone, stating that he's genuinely shocked he made it through the battle. This can often lead to very frustrated enemies having been defeated by such a humble man.

On the subject of combat, upon entering battle Choku becomes a very serious man, giving off a somewhat intimidating feel in his facial expressions and sudden change in attitude from wise, honorable old man to fierce, merciless samurai. Though he may start by playing his own skill down, in a potentially life and death situation he puts all of his skill and countless battle experience into the fight, and will not spare the enemy. No pittance will come from Choku to enemies who originally planned on killing him.

Though, this situation is often occurring to Choku, due to how infuriating he can be to anyone who doesn't know him. First off, Choku has that smart ass old man attitude, always correcting people in an intelligent manner and being annoyed by any verbal statement expressed around him that he believes to be false. He is a very straightforward man, always expressing his opinion directly to those around him, and not really caring for the criticism of others. However, Choku doesn't really argue his opinions much, just states them and lets them linger, and if someone tries to start an argument he just ignores the attempt and goes on to discuss other things in small talk.

Despite being the leader of an entire clan, Choku prefers to live life in a solitary manner, allowing him to be in a state of relaxation and calm at all times. This is likely due to the large part of his life he spent traveling the world alone, his only companions the strangers he sometimes happened to meet. These adventures across the world have left him wise and experienced, and willing to share that wisdom with the members of his clan in a hope to better their lives. In addition, Choku is very knowledgeable on several aspects of the world, knowing lots about foreign clans, their KKG, former leaders, way of life, etc. He dispenses this knowledge to others when prompted to, always happy to tell stories of his youth, which is understandable, as he had quite the amazing youth.

While at home, Choku often performs intensely long sessions of meditation, with the only sound the occasional crackle of the wicks of the scented candles he burns in his room. In addition, although he mastered the concepts at a young age, he still today revisits his studies of the ways of samurai and the Bushido code. He also runs a dojo at the Shoshinku clan's compound, teaching young members of the clan the principles of honor and such, as the one thing Choku does for sure have confidence in is his beliefs. He believes the way of the samurai to be the proper way to live, and wishes this lifestyle for young or new members of the clan.

In battle Choku prefers direct combat commonly, believing the way of the sword to be the most honorable form of combat. He is arguably a master swordsman, but despite preferring the sword over other styles, he also, in homage to the traditional techniques used by his clan, uses Ninjutsu, having studied the history of his clan and the Shoshinku's Hiden Technique at 20 years old. Choku however, believes the history of his clan to be dishonorable and atrocious, a blemish on the Shoshinku name. This is his motivation as a clan leader, to lead his clan to glory and redemption, though some might disagree that either of those are even necessary. This just goes to show that Choku believes strongly in himself and wishes the best for those around him.



Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:


Clan: Shoshinku
Rank: Blood Chief (Clan Leader)
KKG: Shoshinku Clan Hiden Technique (Not KKG)

Choku, being the current Blood Chief of the Shoshinku clan, has possession of the very first scroll to document a Shoshinku Hiden Technique. With each generation, the amount of techniques developed through practice of the Shoshinku Hiden Technique increases, as more chiefs and clan elders add upon the list over time, though usually these are kept in personal records and often lost when the creator passes. Choku carries a tiny, thick scroll detailing the Shoshinku's generic Hiden Technique in a hollowed bar of one of his sandals.

Also, being a criminal sometimes requires some degree of stealth, and for such situations Choku is prepared. He has several armaments highly capable for distractions, the more complex of which will be detailed as weapons below. The list goes as follows:

-A large coin, made from bronze, engraved upon it on both sides the face of Youkou, founder of the Shoshinku clan, clad in a cowl. This coin is used for a small distraction, thrown to get the attention of guards drawn elsewhere when necessary.
-Four miniature smoke bombs, in individual size fitted pouches sewn into the inside of Choku's left sleeve.
-A katana, sheathed in a scabbard hung from his left hip
-The legendary blade of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, Nuibari, with a long length of wire-mirroring thread attached at the "needle" found at the hilt. Is found strapped to lower back in a horizontal position, similar to way a tanto is carried
-An implanted Byakugan, one of the famous Three Great Dojutsu, implanted in Choku's left eye socket


-Master Samurai's Instinct

  • Due to a huge amount of combat experience and his samurai style training, Choku can dodge attacks with 1.5x increased max reaction speed, and block/cut attacks with up to 1.5x his Strength in force, but only while wielding a blade.

-A Man at Peace With Rain

  • Choku has lived long within the ruins of Amegakure, and is very experienced in Water Release specialization. As such, he is able to use water of rain and mist in his techniques, able to manipulate and gather water from both, solidifying mist into water when necessary, and use those sources for his technique, giving him an adaptable and versatile source of water in combat for jutsu use. Along with this, he can change the state of the water from water to mist and back again.

-Iaido Mastery

  • Choku has mastered the samurai fighting style of iaido. Iaido is associated with the smooth, controlled movements of drawing the sword from its scabbard or saya, striking or cutting an opponent, removing blood from the blade, and then replacing the sword in the scabbard. When striking with this style, Choku's Strength is increased by +75, and he may cut fully through techniques or weapons whose Force is half or less than the force of Choku's own attacks.

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Elements : Water/Blood Release

PostSubject: Re: Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]   Wed Aug 06, 2014 11:34 am

Bump, finished (I can't believe I reached 7760 words)

Theme Song:

Battle Theme:

Straight outta Amegakure nigga

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PostSubject: Re: Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]   Wed Aug 06, 2014 5:42 pm

Approved, A-1
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PostSubject: Re: Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]   Sun Aug 17, 2014 3:53 pm


Tier - S-4.
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PostSubject: Re: Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]   

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Choku Shoshinku [FMLDONE]
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