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 Soul Zero

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Elements : Lightning

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PostSubject: Soul Zero   Soul Zero EmptySat Aug 30, 2014 11:40 am

Name: Soul Zero [Zero]
Rank: S
Species: Chakra-infused Spirit
Element: Wind, Fire [Blue], and Lightning [Blue]
Description: Zero was not always a a tame being, nor was he always a summon. Before he had ever met Hisado, he was nothing more than a rogue spirit that traveled the shinobi world feeding off of the chakra and souls of living things. Although he would 'snack' on chakra, what provided him with sustenance was always the souls that he devoured. One day he was particularly enticed by a potent source of chakra. One that smelled quite aromatic yet artificial, while also possessing quite an abundance. He sought after this scent, searching everywhere he possibly could until he came across a young android girl named Hisado. Hisa, without fear, allowed the spirit to feed off of her chakra, as she had more than enough to spare. After ingesting a little over half of her chakra, he became quite bloated. However, when he went to devour her soul he was very disappointed. He discovered that she did not have one. Without a soul to ingest and comprised heavily of Hisa's chakra, it was soon over-whelmed by the chakra it had devoured. It's body adapted to the chakra and the spirit was given a physical presence by the chakra. This also meant that it become bound to Hisa for her chakra. On that day, Hisa dubbed him Soul Zero, or Zero for short, and allowed him to accompany her in life. Although the spirit has chakra of its own, it can not feed off of it and simply feeds off of Hisa's periodically to sustain itself. Although it is not technically an ability, Soul Zero moves about via levitation. He floats in midair and floats to where-ever he wishes to go.
Soul Zero H6zt2HV
Speed: 1500
Strength: 100
Endurance: 100
Chakra: 800
Ninjutsu: 125
Fuuinjutsu: 125
Medical: 50
Chakra Feeding: Major By feeding off of the chakra of a living thing, Soul Zero is able to substantially increase his speed while also acquiring more chakra for his chakra pool. As long as Soul Zero remains within two meters of a living thing, he is able to draw chakra from them. This is at the rate of 100 chakra per post. He can also, as an alternative, bite into the living thing and suck the chakra from their body. This is at the rate of 250 chakra per post. For every 100 chakra consumed by Soul Zero, 100 stat points are added to Speed and 50 are added to his chakra. By these calculations, his speed is increased equal to the amount of chakra he consumes while his chakra is increased by half the amount of chakra he consumes. So if he happens to bite someone to feed off of their chakra, he is granted a speed boost of 250 and a chakra boost of 125. He can feed off of any living thing with a chakra stat. All boosts from chakra feeding go away at the end of the topic. Soul Zero is also able to feed on pure chakra from techniques but is granted no boosts from it. For example, a defensive technique composed of pure chakra is of no concern to Soul Zero because he can simply eat his way through it. Soul Zero is capable of 'sharing' chakra with Hisa and vice-versa. He can provide Hisa with a portion of his chakra and Hisa may do the same. This is essentially instantaneous and any amount of chakra can be shared in that instant. However, chakra can only be transferred between the two once per post. An example of this is if Hisa wants to make Soul Zero faster. She may transfer approximately half her chakra to him to substantially increase both his speed and chakra stat, in a similar manner to Chakra Feeding. This can also work the opposite way. If Hisa is running low on chakra, she may tap into Soul Zero's chakra to acquire more.

Chakra Sense: Medium Being an entity that feeds on chakra, Soul Zero is able to clearly and visibly see chakra in the air, in the body, and even smell it. With this ability, he is able to not only track down specific beings based on their chakra, as he can detect minute differences in chakra signatures, but can also tell if a living thing is drawing near as well as roughly how powerful they are based on their chakra levels. With regards to those who Soul Zero can see, he can tell when a chakra-based attack is being prepared as well as roughly how powerful it will be. So long as chakra is present in something, he can see into that object or person to visibly see the chakra within it.

Replication Splitting: Major Soul Zero is able to 'split' his body into a number of different entities numbering up to four total. By increasing his numbers, he can not only increase the amount of chakra he is able to feed upon but also increase his effectiveness. His chakra is split evenly among each replication. Although it is similar to shadow clone jutsu, it differs greatly as rather than creating 'clones' of Soul Zero, he is literally replicating himself. So, for example, if one is destroyed, even if it is the original, then the only thing lost is his chakra. In order to defeat the replicas, they must all be destroyed down to the last one; for so long as one remains, Soul Zero may live on. Any chakra ingested by one of the replicas is split evenly among all the replicas. So, for example, if one replica ingests 100 chakra, each replica is granted a speed boost of 100 and a chakra boost of 50.

Soul Zero Q4OmucZ
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Soul Zero
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