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 Hisa's Basic Weaponry

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PostSubject: Hisa's Basic Weaponry   Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:58 pm

Name: Hisa's Kunai
Rank: B
Density: 3
Hardness: 100 (+1/4 chakra stat with chakra)
Basic Use: Speed + Strength/2 | 300 cutting power
Chakra Basic: (Speed) + (Strength) | (Chakra/2) + 300 cutting power
Projectile: Speed + Strength/2 | 200 cutting power
Chakra Projectile: (Speed + Strength)/2 | (Chakra/2) + 200 cutting power
Type: Dagger/Projectile
Requirements: Bukijutsu 85 or higher.
Description: Although they mostly appear to be your typical kunai, they are slightly different. Despite being shinier, sharper, and generally more well-made than most kunai, it also has a red ribbon tied around it that is usually tied as tightly as it can for optimal wind resistance. The kunai themselves are able to store chakra within them to enhance their cutting power even over distances. By channeling chakra into one prior to throwing it, the user can increase its effectiveness dramatically. Even without chakra, however, they are quite sharp being made of the highly refined material of diamond. However, they are coated in your typical iron-colored paint to hide this fact and even if the iron paint is degraded, the diamond will remain as sharp as ever. It will simply deteriorate the appearance of the kunai. Thrown by an accurate hand, they can be extremely lethal. Due to their relatively light weight, the user is able to use them, including as projectiles, with a speed boost of +10%.
Drawbacks: -
Price: 150,000 each

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Hisa's Basic Weaponry
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