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PostSubject: WIP Hakai Hozuki   WIP Hakai Hozuki EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 3:27 pm

Character Registration Template

Character Name: (Their main name/birth name.)
Titles/Other Names: (What the world calls them, what their close friends call them, what their enemies call them, etc. )
Age: (Self-explanatory.)
Species: (Human, Alien, puppet, android, animal whatever etc.)
Gender: (self-explanatory [I think])

Appearance: (The only visuals of your character are what you tell us… So be descriptive so we know what we are looking at, and can appreciate the image you have so brilliantly created. Tell us their normal outfit, their alternative outfits, casual wear, etc.
Personality: (Paint this. Tell us deeply who they are. Their needs, desires, goals, and wishes. Tell us their motives and the things they think about. What are they like? What are they like in certain situations? Again, be descriptive; the more descriptive you are, the more real your character becomes.)
Background/History: (Give us something that deserves a standing ovation. Their parents don’t have to be dead, they don’t have to be freaks of nature as children etc. Normal is the new unique. At the same time, be purposeful and give a good, realistic story given the background you are working with. Tell us their experiences and whatever else that we need to know that happened to them.)

Clan: (Which clan do they belong to?)
Rank: (What is their rank/standing in the village? This does not mean power level necessarily; but simply where they are in the social ladder.)
KKG: (List them, and tell us the level etc.)
Items: (Anything you gained in your history? A KKG upgrade, implant, Jutsu etc. Explain your abilities with each as well.) If you have an implant - explain the implant, abilities, drawbacks if any, etc. If a weapon, which and what does it do? If weapon(s) list them. Be specific and lay out your information neatly.
Abilities/Perks:(Special abilities that your char has. This can be anything. Explain thoroughly, and add the level of ability it is; minor, intermediate, major etc.)
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