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 Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]

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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]   Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:14 pm

The life of an Android was often one of loneliness; that is, in the sense that they were alone. The state of feeling lonely was quite foreign to most Androids. No matter how alone in the world they became, a firm grasp of that loneliness could never be acquired without obtaining human feelings and emotions first. It was not as if Hisa longed for such trivial thoughts and feelings. After all, she had been Android for almost two centuries now. Her human emotions had long since been forgotten and discarded; replaced with data and calculations to predetermine her sense of logic and morality. If you could even call it morality. The only real core programming that she had was to defend the clans known as the Hyuuga and the Senju. The clans that her two creators reigned from. It was not like she was unwilling to protect others without good reason. However, it had become hard-coded inside of her brain since the day of her creation as an Android to repay her debt to her creators. The only way she could think to do that was to protect the two clans with her existence. Despite this, she was trekking through the Western Mountains of the Lightning Country, attempting to search for new allies, perhaps. Maybe trade information, learn new things, the list could go on.

Hisado made her way through the mountainous terrain quite gradually, taking her time stepping around the juts in the ground and occasionally leaping to a new point along the mountain range. Hisado, also known as Hisa, was an android girl who reached approximately five feet and three inches in height. Although it was relatively short compared to your typical shinobi, it was considered somewhat average compared to the majority of kunoichi in the world. Despite the fact that she was an android, she had consistently retained an appearance that was similar to what she looked like as a human. The only difference being her pure white hair and radiant blue eyes, which were starkly contrasting to her brown hair and brown eyes that she possessed when she was a human. Other than these two colors, however, she was remarkably similar to her former human self. She was quite proud of her humanoid appearance, after all. Despite the fact that one could easily tell there was something off about her. Perhaps it was the way she was covered up so intricately? Perhaps it was the way her eyes practically exuded chakra? Maybe it was her posture? It was all irrelevant. All that was important was that she find someone soon. She was getting quite lonely and bored out all alone in the western lightning mountains. She proceeded to walk forward, leaping every now and then through the terrain, reaching great heights at some points. Each time she walked, her body swayed from side to side almost rhythmically.

The young Android kunoichi made her way through the mountainous terrain of the Western Lightning Mountains. They were located, as you can probably guess, in the western portion of the Lightning Country. Interestingly enough, Hisado had never visited the Lightning Country in all her two-hundred-seven years of life, neither human nor android. So it was certainly a new experience for the android. Her reason for being in the Lightning Country? It was rather simple. She wished to meet new types of shinobi and exchange ideas, concepts, and tactics with them. After all, she was a melting pot of ideas that had merged together over the course of her life as an android, through living with two clans and involving herself with multiple others, whether it be out of hostility or peace. She had spent her entire life learning and acquiring new experiences. She was, after all, the type of person who believed wisdom and experience brought about much more success in battle than raw power. What was raw power without the intelligence to make use of it, after all? It was borderline useless. Perhaps it was simply hard-coded into her as an Android to value intellect above all else, but she could not help but do so either way.

The sun shone brilliantly over the horizon, resulting in all sorts of combinations of colors throughout the sky as it set. It was beginning to grow dark out. Since she was an android, she did not require sleep or sustenance. So she would be perfectly fine to continue her journey throughout the area over night. However, it would likely prove futile as she'd be very unlikely to find anyone out at such a time. This was why she had decided that she would simply stop and set up camp at some point, so she could shut down for the night instead. Shutting down for the night would hardly serve any purpose to her, other than to waste some time throughout the night so that she could start once more the next day, however she had already resolved to do so if she did not encounter anyone soon. Her glowing blue eyes began to analyze the area around here, seeking out the presence of anyone else whom she could engage in conversation with. As previously stated, she wished to engage in intelligent conversation with the shinobi who resided within the Lightning Country, or around it at the least. Perhaps have a friendly spar with someone around the area. Her motives were simple and genuine, after all. Despite this, she remained on high alert. She realized she may be crossing borders or boundaries and thus took great care in treading the land, being sure to take into account her surroundings; both sight and sound.

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]   Thu Aug 28, 2014 9:58 am

The moon's light graced a small area of these mountains, a plateau of which housed a young man of whom stood at five feet and eleven inches, his teal eyes were glancing at an obviously nervous younger clan member, whom seemed to be in trouble. The older of the two stared down at him, his white hair framing his face while these teal eyes held the soul of a warrior and scholar. "...Do you know why I have brought you here, Tsuna?" the man asked him, adjusting a red coat, which hid his oddest part. An arm covered in hardened blood from the finger tip and all the way up to the shoulder. "N-no, Kenjiro-sama." the age difference between the boys wasn't much, three years at the most but the power level difference was noticeable in the way they carried themselves. Tsuna, the younger boy was slouched his head kept down and nervous in movement, as where Kenjiro was much more confident. With a sigh Kenjiro grabbed Tsuna by his hair and forced him to look up "What have I said about being so damn shy? Show confidence or you'll never improve...Now as for the reason as to why you're here..." Kenjiro threw the boy into the air and grabbed his ankle, stopping the child from hitting his head.

The boy showed fear, begging Kenjiro to take it easy on him for whatever he did. Kenjiro's eyes seemed to glow bright white as he shouted out the child's crime. "WHAT YOU'VE DONE IS UNFORGIVEABLE, YOU ARE TO BE PUNISHED FOR THE CRIME OF...LOLLYGAGGING!" and with that Kenjiro dropped the boy and kicked him in the back, sending him sailing into the stone of the mountain. The young man peeled comically off the side of the mountain and laid on the ground, Kenjiro picked him up and dusted him off "Now get home and get training, you don't want me to volunteer you for one of Kurokon-sama's experiments do you?" and like that Tsuna was gone. Letting out a chuckle Kenjiro sat on a rock, pulling out some alcoholic beverage.

Though he had a cup Kenjiro had instead opted to drink from the bottle he kept it in, wiping his mouth Kenjiro leaned back. He contemplated his life up until this point. Child slavery, mastering a B rank jutsu at a young age, Kuro slaughtering his owners and doing work for Kuro, a sigh escaped his lips. "What a life." the young man said before drinking from the bottle once again.
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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]   Thu Aug 28, 2014 10:48 am


The words that Hisado overheard evoked a mild curiosity from her as she found herself probing her brain for any traces of having heard the voice before in her life. After coming up empty handed, she settled on the idea of approaching him when he had finished his disciplinary enforcement. Her Android body quickly yet silently approached the general area which the source of the sound seemed to have spawned from, its origins appearing to be a man who was punishing, what appeared to a subordinate, for slacking off. She approached the scene with gentle strides and clearly showed no signs of interrupting the current situation until it had come to an end. She propped her body needlessly up against a nearby rock, which had a total height of approximately eight feet while it's width was five feet and its depth was two feet. It was bit awkwardly shaped but was relatively round at the top.

As soon as she had rounded the corner of the large rock, she caught sight of what appeared to be a boy peeling himself off of a mountain; for lack of better terminology to describe the situation. At this point it was extremely likely that the man known as Kenjiro had come to take notice of her presence. Whether or not he responded immediately to her or waited to finish his business first was entirely up to him, however. Then again, that was implying that he had not been so invested in the situation at hand that he did not take heed of her approaching. "Now get home and get training, you don't want me to volunteer you for one of Kurokon-sama's experiments do you?" the words seemed deeply effective as just like that the boy was gone in no time. Hisa watched the man retrieve a bottle from his person. The contents of the bottle were unknown to Hisado but she could only guess what was inside.

The man muttered something that Hisa paid little attention to, the three words proceeding a sigh. She slowly approached the man from nearby the rock, her presence closing the gap between the android and the shinobi rather quickly up until a sudden halt approximately five meters away from the man. Her feet were planted firmly on the ground as they often were and her face was vague and apathetic, showing no outward emotions at the present. Her lips parted themselves as she opened her mouth to speak. "Greetings. I am known as Hisado." she spoke, her voice monotonous and lacking in feeling. She forced a mechanical smile that was obviously fake, though despite this its purpose was clear. She simply wished to put the man at ease with regards to her being a potential threat. After all, she had come to the Lightning Country with peaceful intentions. "What is your alias?" she asked the man, her words genuine and out of curiosity.

(Going to cut it short right there~)

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Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]   Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:24 pm

Kenjiro took another swig from the bottle, wiping his mouth once more Kenjiro noticed something. A woman had approached him, he took notice of the shift in air pressure previously. One ordinary people can feel when someone with power comes along, something like Kurokon or another clan leader would have. He however opted to ignore it at the time, but now the owner of this power was approaching him. A short woman with a well off body and some odd thing with teeth on her head, Kenjiro didn't show it but he was mentally preparing for a fight and as such his muscles tightened in preparation to attack if attacked, then she spoke to him.

"Greetings. I am known as Hisado." she spoke, her voice was monotone and lacked feeling. To Kenjiro this was off putting, having never dealt with an android before Kenjiro was off put by the lack of emotions. He had met some of the most harmed and tormented humans and known they still showed emotion in their words. A smile was forced onto the woman's face, a fake one no doubt but to Kenjiro, this woman was trying to put him at ease. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea but he dropped his guard. She then asked him for his Alias, when most people asked for this it was a title you gained from a job or something you have done, to which Kenjiro replied with his title in the Shikyo clan. "I am the Shikyo Guard Dog, Kenjiro Nakamura."
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PostSubject: Re: Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]   

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Chance Encounters with Another Clan [Open]
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