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 Hideaki Shudan

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PostSubject: Hideaki Shudan   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:52 am

Character Registration Template

Character Name: Hideaki Shudan
Titles/Other Names: Kuroi Kyouran (The Black Fury)
Age: 29
Species: Human
Gender: Male


Shudan is a dark-skinned male with dreadlocks and a small goatee. He has brown eyes and is considered quite handsome, with a heart-shaped face and smooth, unscarred facial skin. He is of average height, with the athletic build one would expect from a shinobi with his experience. While his face might be unscarred, his lower body contains several scars. His torso has a cut running from his waist to his chest, the results of an attack that nearly killed him. His right upper arm has been burned a while ago judging by the scars on it, indicating third degree burns in the past.

Personality: Shudan, despite being mature to the point of already having exceeded the average life expectancy of a shinobi, is nevertheless characterized by several personality traits that are more often found in younger men. Cocky, headstrong, confident and short-tempered, it is the qualities that make him a charismatic leader that at the same time can lead him to make mistakes. As an important member of the Hatsukaze, he considers the group’s advancement in power and status to be his biggest concern and responsibility and works to improve these factors with every bit of ruthlessness and determination one would come to expect from a shinobi.

Shudan is generally laid-back, an air of confidence surrounding him. He appears easy-going, friendly and talkative when dealing with people both within and outside of his group. A good public speaker, his charisma can’t be denied. A cunning strategist and tactician, he possesses a natural talent for leadership. A typical alpha male, he takes a great deal of pride in both his abilities as a shinobi and his leadership skills, and doesn’t take kindly to either being challenged. He believes that he is the only one qualified to lead the Hatsukaze into greatness. Considering himself to be a great leader, he does not tolerate people who he considers below him challenging his authority or opinion. Somewhat of a narcissist, Shudan cannot truly appreciate others, nor can he appreciate power that is not his, only seeing such individuals as obstacles to overcome.

Shudan is merciless and pragmatic. Trickery, murder, assassination, diplomacy, torture, all of them are but methods to an end, and tools he will gladly use to his advantage it will help him and his clan reach greater heights.  This extends to the way he fights: he isn’t above fighting dirty and considers anyone who lets himself be held back by some moral code an idiot. He is the type of man who will gladly soil his hands to get what he wants, not caring about who gets caught in between. He firmly believes that a person’s value is determined by what they are capable of, and sees life as a way of figuring out where he stands.

Shudan is a proud individual, and most dangerous when that pride is injured. He is a person who easily keeps a grudge. Against his enemies he possesses a large amount of ruthlessness and sadism, gladly going out of his way to make  the lives of his enemies more miserable if he can afford to do so. Never really having been able to live down being born in echelons way lower than he thinks his genius deserves, Shudan sees his enemies, allies and even his own organization as an extension of himself in his goal to satisfy his own ego. He believes that he is capable of reaching far greater heights, even if he must go over corpses to do so.

Likes: Being ahead, fishing, smoking the pipe, sake, horror novels, forests
Dislikes: Humiliation, the Uchiha, rabbits, snowy climates

Favorite Food: Smoked salmon
Least Favorite Food: Red beets


Humble Beginnings

Shadow of Fear

Short-lived Glory


Second Breath


Taking Tanzaku Village

The Present

Clan: Clanless
Rank: Ambassador, soldier
Tier: A-3
KKG: Godai Myoo: The Godai Myoo isn’t as much a Kekkei Genkai as it is a Hiden Jutsu, one that can be taught to other clansmen but is kept a strict secret by its few users. The Godai Myoo manifests itself in the use of tattoo’s made of special ink that react to chakra and is specifically designed to react to the chakra of the user. These tattoo’s, once activated, spread to cover a specific part of the body (or extend the body) with a black, hard ink that is light to use yet powerful as steel. This substance is usually designed to create a specific pattern that becomes an extension of the user’s body.  Each tattoo is dubbed a “path” and is considered a Ninjutsu technique. An example would be the following:


A paths force and duration are always equal.

Additionally, each path can have jutsu that revolve around it, manipulating it. Each path can only have up to five jutsu, and no jutsu must be of a higher rank than the path itself. For example:


C-4 to C-1 rank shinobi can only have one path, B-4 to B-2 can train up to two paths. B-1 and A-4 can have three, A-3 and A-2 can have four. Anyone higher can have five. Five paths is the maximum amount any user can achieve, and those who do are greatly respected and exalted, and are generally very powerful shinobi. Shinobi can have one path that is one rank higher than their letter rank. The rest needs to be equal or lower to their own rank. Shinobi of any rank can only have one S-rank path and 2 A-rank paths. Paths can later be “upgraded” to a higher rank in order to increase their deadliness. This requires one to pay half the price of a new technique of the rank the old technique is being upgraded to.

Users can automatically repair damaged paths without hand seals, which costs a third of the paths chakra.

Kekkei Genkai Techniques:

Due to the nature of this technique, many of its users develop their own paths and work on their own techniques and fighting styles based on those paths. As such, there are only a few general techniques that are taught to all users.


Items: N/A


Knowledgeable: Shudan has spent a large amount of time studying types of jutsu, clans and the history of the shinobi world at large. He is very knowledgeable about clans and ninjutsu and can easily recognize common ninjutsu.

Kekkei Genkai Prodigy: When it comes to using the Godai Myoo, Shudan has always been considered a prodigy among his now destroyed clan. Using the Godai Myoo comes naturally to him, and he seems to wield it much more easily than the rest of his clan. Godai Myoo techniques cost 50% less chakra for Shudan.

Senses: Having lived most of his life in the shadows, afraid of being hunted by stronger clans, Shudan has developed keen senses for locating danger. His hearing, smell and vision are all twice as strong as normal. This allows him to anticipate attacks better as well as discover genjutsu easier than other shinobi.
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WebMaster Account

Elements : Water

PostSubject: Re: Hideaki Shudan   Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:48 am


TIER - A-3

As for your KKG/Hiden: It is approved. However from now on look at our Scales of Force to figure out how to make them more specifically according to it. From what I read your one tech has a hardness of 50 on our scale. Hardness=the endurance of weapons. These look good though.
From what I am understanding, the tatoos spread like ink into a certain form; and that form hardens and becomes usable for battle?

How many turns do you get to use the path and is there chakra cost for having it out?
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PostSubject: Re: Hideaki Shudan   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:42 pm

Quote :
From what I am understanding, the tatoos spread like ink into a certain form; and that form hardens and becomes usable for battle?

Pretty much. The form it hardens into is determined by the path.
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PostSubject: Re: Hideaki Shudan   

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Hideaki Shudan
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