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 An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]

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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:51 pm

[[No Killing. Nothing that will lead to the death of anyone involved in the topic. All subsequent topics that stem from this topic will inherit the same rules and [NK] tag unless agreed otherwise by all members present in the subsequent topic.]]

The young Android kunoichi made her way through the mountainous terrain of the Southern Lightning Mountains. They were located, as you can probably guess, in the southern portion of the Lightning Country. Interestingly enough, Hisado had never visited the Lightning Country in all her two-hundred-seven years of life, neither human nor android. So it was certainly a new experience for the android. Her reason for being in the Lightning Country? It was rather simple. She wished to meet new types of shinobi and exchange ideas, concepts, and tactics with them. After all, she was a melting pot of ideas that had merged together over the course of her life as an android, through living with two clans and involving herself with multiple others, whether it be out of hostility or peace. She had spent her entire life learning and acquiring new experiences. She was, after all, the type of person who believed wisdom and experience brought about much more success in battle than raw power. What was raw power without the intelligence to make use of it, after all? It was borderline useless. Perhaps it was simply hard-coded into her as an Android to value intellect above all else, but she could not help but do so either way.

Hisado, also known as Hisa, was an android girl who reached approximately five feet and three inches in height. Although it was relatively short compared to your typical shinobi, it was considered somewhat average compared to the majority of kunoichi in the world. Despite the fact that she was an android, she had consistently retained an appearance that was similar to what she looked like as a human. The only difference being her pure white hair and radiant blue eyes, which were starkly contrasting to her brown hair and brown eyes that she possessed when she was a human. Other than these two colors, however, she was remarkably similar to her former human self. She was quite proud of her humanoid appearance, after all. Despite the fact that one could easily tell there was something off about her. Perhaps it was the way she was covered up so intricately? Perhaps it was the way her eyes practically exuded chakra? Maybe it was her posture? It was all irrelevant. All that was important was that she find someone soon. She was getting quite lonely and bored out all alone in the southern lightning mountains. She proceeded to walk forward, leaping every now and then through the terrain, reaching great heights at some points. Each time she walked, her body swayed from side to side almost rhythmically.

The sun shone brilliantly over the horizon, resulting in all sorts of combinations of colors throughout the sky as it set. It was beginning to grow dark out. Since she was an android, she did not require sleep or sustenance. So she would be perfectly fine to continue her journey throughout the area over night. However, it would likely prove futile as she'd be very unlikely to find anyone out at such a time. This was why she had decided that she would simply stop and set up camp at some point, so she could shut down for the night instead. Shutting down for the night would hardly serve any purpose to her, other than to waste some time throughout the night so that she could start once more the next day, however she had already resolved to do so if she did not encounter anyone soon. Her glowing blue eyes began to analyze the area around here, seeking out the presence of anyone else whom she could engage in conversation with. As previously stated, she wished to engage in intelligent conversation with the shinobi who resided within the Lightning Country, or around it at the least. Perhaps have a friendly spar with someone around the area. Her motives were simple and genuine, after all. Despite this, she remained on high alert. She realized she may be crossing borders or boundaries and thus took great care in treading the land, being sure to take into account her surroundings; both sight and sound.

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Elements : wind

PostSubject: Re: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:33 pm

Goon was walking around the mountains, aimlessly, he didn't know what to do. Sitting around was not something for him to do, so he wanted to see what he could into, or find. He ran into a few of the Shikyo guards who surveyed the area for suspicious activities, the only thing they told him was that there were a few dead camps around. Meaning there was people around here somewheres, migrants from the war, or bandits usually. All he knew was that people did not stay in this area long, for there was legend that people would disappear in the southern mountains, to not be seen again. Funny thing was that, Ukage had caused the legends to spring about, now that he was dead it didn't happen so often anymore. Yeah there was of course people, who try to act like the demon, or cause of the legend, but it was usually all a hoax, and someone would be sent to deal with them one way or another.

As Goon was. walking though a group of people, that looked normal for the most part came about, only one spoke. "Are you a fool? Don't you know the legend of these mountains? If not how about I show you first hand, or you can give up all you have and leave with your dignity." Goon rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, "You gotta be shitting me, I'm shaking in my boots." he pretended to be shaking, as he said it. "Now get outta my way. I really Don't wanna hurt you, but I will if you don't comply." The guys all looked at Goon and laughed, maybe because they had outnumbered him they thought they had a chance. "Do you know who I am? I'm the demon of these mountains, and you are now a dead man. Get him!" They charged him and all began to strike, Goon slightly moved out the way, to him he was moving kinda slow, but to them he moved in a blur, they were fools all lined up perfect for him. He stomped, and a piece of hard earth came flying up from the ground, Goon met the flying earth with the back of his fist and pushed it to hit the "demon's" temple, causing the blood vessel there to explode and the whites of his eye to go red from blood. As he collapsed down, dead from the blow, Goon politely said, "Now you can all share the same fate, or run away this is your only chance, so choose wisely." They were all stunned and before Goon could even finish what he was they took off. He laughed and sat down for a moment.
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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   Tue Aug 26, 2014 6:01 pm

The sea of blood flowed at its own pace. Sometimes it was present, sometimes it abstained from making its appearance. However, it was the only consistency in the world of shinobi. Pools of blood, that is. One could only wonder when it would once more flow and just who's blood it would contain. Even though Hisa herself did not bleed, most Shinobi bled just like any other animal. Which led to Hisado coming to the subtle conclusion that perhaps shinobi were not worthy of their dignified position in the world. Not a whole lot separated them from the bugs beneath Hisa's feet. At least, besides their size. A big bug is still a bug, however. It was not as if she had encountered many shinobi before who were worth ranking above the beetles she stepped on. She mused as she walked through the southern mountains slowly, said bugs cracking as their shells were penetrated and destroyed beneath the weight of Hisa's android feet.

An android... For over a century she felt inferior to real humans. She despaired in the fact that she was no longer able to feel the same way humans did. Her emotions had abandoned her and she no longer saw the world the way she once had. Everything appeared as nothing more than calculations, data, and information. How could she live in a world without feeling? One would probably ask that if they had never lived a day as an android. It was not so simple as having a meaningless life and wanting to end it. It was different once you were in. Once you were in... You lacked the feelings to even realize the insignificance of your own life by human standards. As far as most were concerned they would rather die than live without emotions. No happiness. No joy. Even despair would be missed. Hisa could not relate. After all, it had all happened so suddenly. Being made into an android. At this point she still struggled to remember what it was like to be human.

The eternal puppet, they called her... It made sense. How she was so hallow. Easily manipulated by the most logical party to sway her. She lacked any pride or bias. Her decisions were based on who was right and who was wrong. Even her own sense of self preservation was quickly diminishing. After living over two centuries, it was only natural to begin to lose your sense of purpose. Her eyes, though they glowed radiantly, were dull in nature; as one would expect from an Android without feelings. Even when she heard a slew of words nearby, it was not as if her excitement picked up. It's true, it was good that she found someone, but it was not as if she felt anything of it. She had simply happened upon someone. Whether that was positive or negative was a human distinction to be made; not to be made by an Android such as herself until she knew him to be friends or foe.

"Now you can all share the same fate, or run away this is your only chance, so choose wisely."

She heard those words and noticed a group of men, more than likely a group of bandits, running away from the orator of the statement. 'Cowards.' the word flashed through her mind and before she knew it, she was in the midst of the men. "Initialize combat mode." the words were spoken from her mouth as she fell into what appeared to be a unique body stance, her legs placed firmly on the ground and her left hand extended forward with her palm outward. Her right hand was pulled back, clenched into a fist. It was a stance that she had come to create from piecing together numerous other stances created by shinobi throughout the generations. She had lived a long life and seen many different forms and stances. By piecing together different parts of each fighting style, she was able to create an optimal style of combat. It proved it's efficiency, as within less then a second it was done. Blood spewed everywhere, the crimson fluid streaking across the Android's clothing. The bodies of the men now lay slumped on the ground, most of their limbs detached while a handful were missing their heads. Said heads could be found a foot or two away from their carcass, however.

She looked over at the man who had scared them away, her blood smeared face apathetic to his presence. Her eyes honed in on his face, saving it to her memory immediately, before scanning the surrounding area for any more bandits. "Absence of bandits confirmed. Reverting to casual mode." she turned her gaze back to the man who stood before her, having saved every microscopic detail of his face right down to the exact imagery of his irises. She opened her mouth to speak, her voice sounding somewhat human, despite being immensely apathetic and emotionless. "Bandits mustn't be allowed to live. If one lacks the strength to acquire proper sustenance and wealth on their own, they are unfit to live among those who can." she spoke quite audibly, despite having such a monotonous tone of voice. Her eyes locked on to the man's. "Do you not agree, human?" What proceeded these words was a smile, though mechanical and fake in nature. She was hoping to comfort the man and had decided that smile would be optimal for conveying her peace with him.

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Elements : wind

PostSubject: Re: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   Thu Aug 28, 2014 2:32 pm

As quickly as they ran, was about as quickly as their deaths. As a mysterious figure with glowing eyes, and a weird hat came into the area, and slaughtered them. Goon laughed, sometimes even when you think you have escaped death it pulls you back in. This person, no thing, might of had a human-like appearance, but it was a little obvious that she wasn't. She seemed to have been studying him, then spoke to Goon, and asked a question "Do you not agree, human?" followed by a fake smile with no real feeling behind it. The thought had crossed his mind a few times, but it wouldn't be right everyone deserved a chance, but to him her logic seemed flawed.

Goon stayed on guard, this was an unknown face he had not seen before, and obviously didn't belong to the Shikyo, or Uchiha that resided in this area. He give the decency to reply to her question though, "That logic is flawed, so I can't agree to it, if that was the case, children, babies, or anything would be able to live in this world and it would eventually die out, no life, nothing." Logic like that is always hard to convey, because it would mean the end. Goon didn't know if this thing was a friend or for, so the easiest way to find out was to ask. "Now that I answered your question I have three more for you. One, who are you?, Two, Why are you here?, And finally, Are you a friend or foe? I prefer the former, but that's not my decision to make." Goon always hated meeting new people, some were hard to read, others were pretty blunt, and some were just dumb, like those bandits.

(It's short, I know. Next one will be better)
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Elements : Lightning

PostSubject: Re: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   Thu Aug 28, 2014 3:59 pm

"That logic is flawed, so I can't agree to it, if that was the case, children, babies, or anything would be able to live in this world and it would eventually die out, no life, nothing."

Hisa would have sighed at this statement if she were still human. Not only had he misunderstood her statement or perhaps simply misinterpreted the words, at the least, but he had also clearly extended her statement beyond the context in which it was made. The context of a statement was, after all, sometimes more vital to the meaning of a statement than even the words themselves that were used. Bandits who had to steal from and prey on others were not the equivalent to babies, after all. Though it was all the same even if she had intended for her logic to extend to babies and children. What was their purpose in the world other than one day becoming an adult and choosing a life of their own? Humans themselves, for the most part, fell into one of two categories. Useless or counter-productive. There were naturally exceptions to this statement as there were to any statement, but was mostly true for the majority of the human race. When did humanity as a whole act in the best interest of anything other than their own sect in the human race? What was their use to the world?

"That's unfortunate human. That your sense of logic is easily swayed by whether or not the human race can exist or not." she turned to face away from him. "Not to mention you made it sound as if I said they can not exist. I said they can not be allowed to exist. And I spoke in reference to adults. Children and babies were below my range of assessment." she turned to face the man once more, tilting her head. "While it's true I could have simply provided you with these details of my statement outright, attention to context is important if you wish to truly understand others." She began to gently stroke one of the tendrils that extended down from her Youkai, looking at it gently. The questions that had followed his response to her did not fall upon deaf ears, rather she was still assessing the amount of information to disclose as well as what to disclose. In that split second she was also assessing whether or not he could be a foe.

"An android." she spoke, responding to his first question, though the brief silence between his questions and her answers, in pair with the fact that she had no disclosed what she was answering might have been confusing. "Hisa Senju. The old one is dead. However, that would be my alias, if you're looking for a name." she closed her eyes briefly before reopening them to glance at the man. "I'm here for no reason in particular. Sight seeing. Maybe. she proceeded to giggle in a fake manner before tilting her head once more. "78% chance of friend. 19% chance of foe. 3% chance for other potential status." she gave him her rough calculations, rounded to the nearest whole percentage. Although 78% chance of friendship would sound odd to a human, hopefully he would understand that the fact alone that this number far exceeded the others was a testament to her lack of ill intentions. The 19% chance of foe was accommodating for his potential to turn himself into her foe.

"I would be interested in the same answers from you.

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PostSubject: Re: An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]   

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An Inhumane Presence - [Open to 2 - NK]
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