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 Character Application Tips

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PostSubject: Character Application Tips   Character Application Tips EmptyWed Jul 30, 2014 12:44 am

Hey there.
I am going to try and give everyone some tips on how to make the best out of their character. We want everyone to have some insight into what we are looking for so that they can make the best character possible, and make our jobs easier. So here are some things you may want to know beforehand.

Notice: Sharingan tomoe and all kkg implants are no longer allowed to be started with.

1.The time period. We are in a war-torn battlefield of an age. We are at least two centuries in the future (maybe more) from the events of the present naruto series. We are far away enough to almost call this forum an AU (alternate universe). That being said, your character histories will need to be compatible with that. It is a lot like going back in time really. To a time where there were no villages, no large few true governments, and where bloodline and culture was everything. Be sure your history is compatible with this.
Understand that this allows for a lot of creative freedom in your story as we are given a lot of open-space raw material to go on. This is an era where gods and slaves exist. Where supersitition, myth, legend, and the fantastic are believed in and followed; and some of the things are indeed true... A time period in which anything is possible because there is little past to tell you otherwise, and no definite future to give anyone comfort.
Use this to your advantage.

2. Go all out. This should be obvious, but it apparently isn't. Let me first by saying a bit of what my goal is for this site. I want this site to be like a series. Like the naruto series but with our characters as the "main" characters of the series. I want it to be so that if I wrote a book on the history of this site it could be made into an anime. I want YOUR character to be the next Minato Namikaze. That being said; do not make second-rate characters. Period. Do not make your second best choice, do not experiment with something you think might be fun -  there are plenty of other sites to do that on. On this site however, everyone is a main character and a large part of the series. That being said, do your best. Do not hold back. Use all your skill, past rp experiences, past characters, and whatever else you need to use to make this character your best character. Your personal stamp on rpng and on the naruto fanon universe. I know that this seems like something people always do -  but it isn't. I understand that when you have rpd for a while, or even are just starting, you want to "play around".

If you want to "play around" somewhere, I suggest you go to Saga. However HERE, it is game time. This needs to be your signature character. Thought needs to be put into the history, the appearance, and the overall plan. It is my committment as the Admin to ensure you have an engaging experience, rules that can allow you to be expansive, and a healthy community. All that I ask of each and every single member and staff is to do your very best. I mean that. Make a boss character. They don't have to be stupid OP, or stupid weak; let them be whatever you want them to be. But make it so that their mark on this series is significant, and worth mentioning. Here, we are building an on-going plot to an incredible series - and we are at the beginning. This is where the future gets decided, in this generation. So bring me gold in your characters. Something that impresses me. Something original, something innovative, and something that is respectable.
I don't care if you are a beginner or an old rper; my expectation is the same.

Lastly. Everyone will not be the same in power level or whatever, and that is fine. No series is like that, and it is not necessary. However my challenge to all members is to, once more, do the best THEY can do. Do that and I will be satisfied. The more you put into your character and the site, the more the we and the site will put into your character.


Good question guys.
After all, that is what all people want to know when submitting.
I realize I am asking you to lay all your cards on the table. And because I trust you to do so, so will I in a sense. I am going to give everyone a peak into our mindset as staff and how we go about this judging process.

We judge just about everything on this site first by quality of the submission; not the least of which is characters. The very first thing we look for is how much thought, originality, and plot-usefullness is in a character. You want to make a god? Cool. It better be deep. I better understand him, be impressed, and see that reasonableness and creativity met with a kiss in regards to your application. In other words, we want quality. If we see that you tried, that will be our first hint that we can take this app seriously. Though we may not approve everything, or ask you to edit some -  we will work with you. We want your character to be powerful, exciting, brilliant, and most of all - interesting, every bit as bad as you do. As a community, we all need to understand that better characters on our site make our site better. They make our characters have to be stronger, deal with different and unique abilities, and overall help us grow as rpers. It also enhances the plot and makes things more and more interesting. So we as staff, and I hope as a community, are with you. We want you to succeed as the rper, and if we see a well thought out idea, we will judge with that in mind and help to make modifications to make the best of every situation. We will negotiate with good ideas.

Secondly, we check for what you are trying to get.  Now here is where it gets a bit trickier, but just hold on. If you are making a custom clan, or a unique KKG, or maybe just a normal character but with extra stuff - we then break out some more standards. You see, here we don't really believe in the word OP. You are going to here me and my colleagues joke about that alot, because it is true. However we do not give out power easily, nor do we allow any and everything boundlessly. If we did so, it would make it less realistic and therefore less exciting and engaging. We want great power, but power that can be respected. And power that is irrational cannot be respected. Irrational does not mean "crazy, stupid strong" -  that is called brilliant. Irrational means ideas and reasons for power that are idiotic, shallow, and simply too random to be made sense of.

But I digress. The second thing we look at is essentially what extra you are wanting, or what powers (kkg, items etc.) you are applying for. to judge that, we go by two main things. Firstly, we go by the overall char application. Again, quality. We do not give out great power to those who do not appear to have the capacity to use the power in a way that helps the plot and gives glory to the abilities. Secondly, we check how much it makes sense. And by "sense", I don't mean that the idea cannot be elaborate or "out there". On the contrary, the more power, the more it will need to be outside the box. We mean that if you want a sharingan, we expect an explanation for how you got it. And one that is not a botched paragraph about how your cat died and you saw it and then your eyes turned red.
That is simply an insult the KKG. You should have stories that carry with your character for the rest of their lives, and often even shape who they are.
In summary, make sure that the power fits your character; make it an appropriate fit for them, their style, and their goals; and make sure your character is worthy. That you have sound reasons for the abilities, and that those abilities (you will impress us) are well organized, elaborated on, and thought out. We leave this largely open for people to apply for anything and try to make their chars all around the best they can; from there we will judge accordingly. Be sure to impress us.

As with everything, the more you put in, the more you get out.

4.Couple of Rules. I may not have formally mentioned this on the app, or maybe I did; but do understand that we will be giving you a tier for your character. Depending on that tier, will you have a certain amount of stat and class points to use to start off with.
Also, do understand that you cannot start off with more than four elements (including a KKG/KKT), and if you have no element you start off with one element. The others must be purchased.
A character may have no more than four normal elements.

That is all.
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Character Application Tips
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