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 Hisado's Arsenal

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Elements : Lightning

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PostSubject: Hisado's Arsenal   Hisado's Arsenal EmptyFri Aug 22, 2014 5:33 pm

Name: Ōkibona Shinkū Sesshu - Massive Vacuum Ingestion
Rank: SS
Chakra Cost: 250
Force: The over-all force and strength of the vacuum is equivalent to Hisado's chakra stat multiplied by 2.5
Element: -
Hand Signs: Boar - Ox - Dragon
Range: Hisado's head-piece, Youkai, is able to consume everything not planted to the ground within a 90 degree radius in front of Hisado. This is often specifically targeted at a specific object or individual, at times even a technique. The furthest it can reach is approximately twenty meters.
Requirements: Youkai
Description: By channeling her chakra into the Youkai on her head, Hisado grants him enough power to perform this technique. He will then proceed to open his mouth, sucking in everything not rooted to the ground with enough force within a 90 degree radius in front of him, for up to twenty meters. However, this technique can be honed in and focused on an individual being, object, or even attack. Due to Youkai's mouth linking to another dimension, one devoid of life, all beings who are sucked into it are transported to this dimension as are any other things sucked in. Although demonic entities, such as bijuu or Youkai himself, are able to live in this dimension, it is mainly due to the fact that Youkai himself reigns from this dimension. Living things, unable to live in this dimension, die once they've entered it. This technique can be used for a wide variety of purposes including, but not limited to: sucking in and nullifying powerful techniques, even changing their trajectory should they be coming at Hisado in mid-air. Should the object be launched or thrown with greater force than the vacuum, it will be pulled slightly off course but not sucked into Youkai.

Furthermore, Youkai can unlock its jaw to allow it to consume objects much larger than its standard mouth would ordinarily allow. Not only that, but it can also bite whatever it is consuming into smaller pieces should it be too large to fit in its mouth. This technique was developed by Hisa as a method of countering more powerful techniques that were both difficult to dodge while also being nearly impossible to block against. Simply having Youkai consume said attack was, at times, the most effective response. Furthermore, it can be a rather quick way to end a battle due to the fact that few shinobi possess the strength, weight, or otherwise to resist the vacuum.
Drawbacks: Once the technique is initiated, Hisado can not move at all and must maintain a dragon hand-seal until she wishes to end the technique. There are, however, times where she will need to stop the technique and dodge an attack from behind. At this point, she will simply release the handseal and the vacuum will close, and she will once again be able to move and maneuver. However, in order to reuse the technique the chakra cost will be applied a second time. This technique may only be used a maximum of twice per topic. A third attempt will be successful, however, it will cause the user to lose consciousness from exhaustion.
Combination with other techs: By using Mokusei Shūyō no Jutsu prior to this technique, Hisado can restrict her opponent's movements as to make the over-all process of consuming them with Youkai easier. It keeps them from moving out of the way of the technique and also from reacting to the vacuum as they are being sucked in.

Hisado's Arsenal Q4OmucZ

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Elements : Fire

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PostSubject: Re: Hisado's Arsenal   Hisado's Arsenal EmptySat Aug 23, 2014 5:14 am

Change that range. It's gonna need to be decreased by a bit do to the fact thats basically a battle field that you're more than easily reaching from. And no 180 reach. There has to be some way of getting around it other than being lucky. And add how strong it sucks something in. I'm assuming that it is like a vortex so how strong is said vortex?
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Elements : Lightning

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PostSubject: Re: Hisado's Arsenal   Hisado's Arsenal EmptySat Aug 23, 2014 5:48 am

Halved the range. Halved the radius. Added "strength" to the force since I suppose force might have been a bit confusing.

Hisado's Arsenal Q4OmucZ
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PostSubject: Re: Hisado's Arsenal   Hisado's Arsenal Empty

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Hisado's Arsenal
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