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 Skeletons in the Closet [Suicide]

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PostSubject: Skeletons in the Closet [Suicide]   Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:31 am

Yuki was beyond your average shinobi in terms of appearance, due to the combination of lineages that had resulted in her birth. Not only was she born with pure blonde hair, a trait that was rare to shinobi in general and even moreso to the Hyuuga clan, but she was also born with the pure white pupilless eyes of the Hyuuga clan. With that said, there were few, if any, shinobi with the exact hair and eye combination as her due to her lineage and clan. Having a rare appearance was not all good and swell, however, as she was often rejected by other members of the Hyuuga clan whom were too prideful to accept her for who she was. It was not as if she allowed such a thing to phase her, however. Her eyes, being so deep white, were easy to get lost in. After all, it was almost as if one were looking into the sun itself on a bright summer's day when one looked into her eyes directly. It was easy to hone in so much on the whiteness of her eyes that one neglected to pay attention to the surrounding features of her face, leading to them seeing nothing but white for that brief moment that they are lost in her gaze. Her face was cutely shaped and relatively small as far as her forehead, nose, and chin were concerned. Her lips were full yet not too large, with a pinkish hue to them. She often kept them pursed together when deep in thought and would pull out a gentle smile when looking to comfort her allies. Today, she simply kept them pursed together for the most part, having no need to really smile at the moment.

Her hair, being blonde, was pure and clean in many ways. Her bangs extended down to just below her eyebrows, waving to the side so that they did not obstruct her vision. While she also had a bit of hair on either side of her head that extended down to the bottom of her neck. In the back, her hair flowed all the way down to around her waist-area. She often kept it loose and waving in the wind but today was different. Instead, she had decided to tie it up into two pony tails that each extended down evenly to her waist. She often tied them with blue ribbons when she did this but today had chosen to use pink ribbons. She had tied the pony tails so neatly and perfectly, making them look nice and neat. She was actually quite proud of herself as she was not often very good with things such as hair. The fact that she was able to do her ponytails so well was a testament to how good she was at things which she did not even do often. It was not necessarily a magnificent feat and thus served to prove very little. However, the fact alone that she was able to do it meant a lot to she herself. There was nothing else that instilled more pride in her than doing something she despised and actually being good at it. More shinobi should perhaps be like her in that regard. Trying things that they ordinarily would not like and seeing just how good they can become at it. It is an excellent way to train and hone one's abilities.

Although she was not the type to be considered too 'girly', she actually cared a lot about her appearance and wished to give off a good impression to those she interacted with, especially in the training grounds as she wished to attract attention to her so she could meet a nice training partner who could help her grow better and stronger. She felt that if her appearance gave off the impression of a slacker, she would not get very far in life. She was, after all, the type of person who believed how one carried themself was vital to how far they made it in life. One could easily look at a person and draw first impressions based on their appearance and how they dressed themselves. This was a sad truth in the world and one that she did not particularly approve of. However, she had little issues with it as she had a large wardrobe of nice clothing as well as outfits that would put most other shinobi to shame. She was not afraid to pick out even the most ostentatious outfits to wear when leaving her home, even if it meant receiving belittling glares from her fellow clans members. How could she help the fact that she enjoyed giving off a positive vibe? How could she help that she wanted to give off positive impressions to all those that gazed upon her? She could not help it, not in the slightest. It was simply the way she was raised. Her parents instilled a specific set of values in her when they raised her and she would not allow those values to go to waste. Instead, she would utilize those values to instill respect in those around her. It was always a good thing to receive respect for the way one carried themselves. It felt good, at least. Perhaps it was not so good? Regardless, Yuki enjoyed dressing up nicely and looking nice.

Her eyes were full and white, as previously mentioned, with no noticeable pupils. Instead, she simply had pure white irises without any sign of a dot or circular black formation in her eyes. When her byakugan was activated, as it presently was, veins extended from either temple on her head, showing that the blood flow in her head had increased dramatically, and the strenuous activity of her eyes was taking its proper toll. Her eyes were somewhat large compared to most but not too large. After all, they gave off a 'cute' appearance that many would fall in love with. They sat at the top of her face perfectly, though not necessarily perfectly symmetrical as no one's eyes are perfectly symmetrical. However, it would be quite a tedious task for one to find flaws in her beauty. That's not to say that her beauty was flawless, on the contrary, her appearance was slightly flawed but that was what was cute about her. Each component of her face worked together to produce an image that would be quite difficult for one to say no to. Over-all, she appeared to be gorgeous but if one were to focus on each part of her face individually they may have realized the flaws in her looks. It was not as if she was all too flawed, however, it was simply that should one focus on the individual aspects of anyone's appearance they would quickly begin to take note of the small flaws here and there. It was simply human nature to be able to do so. Yuki, over-all may have been beautiful, but still fell victim to such individual flaws that most humans possessed.

She often wore a clean, pure-white button-up shirt that she would change without thought should it get dirty. She wore such a shirt on this day, as she did not feel like changing up that detail of her appearance even if she had decided to switch things up with her. After all, it was not necessarily her nicest shirt but it was not a bad shirt either. It was perfect training attire as far as her wardrobe went. She wanted to look nice while not risking ruining her better clothing, after all. She wore the shirt quite well, feeling it fit snugly to her skin while also not being so tight as to restrict her. It was perfectly fit to her body and thus good for training. Much better than her tighter or looser clothing which would have hindered her in some shape or form. She could not have hindrances when training. She had to be of best model and form if she was to train properly and efficiently. She wore it completely buttoned up except for the topmost button which she had left, as she typically did, unbuttoned to give her some breathing room, especially considering she would be doing intensive training today. She could not have her shirt choking her or restricting her, after all. She would be breathing heavily throughout the training session and to have the top button buttoned up would have forced it to cling to her neck. Something she was not particularly fond of. Training was of the utmost importance to her lately and it was difficult to train if she had a collar of a shirt digging into her neck. After all, it would not only restrict her respiratory system but also be a nuisance to feel constantly. Instead, she kept it unbuttoned just enough as to not restrict her windpipe while also giving enough button room so that it hid most of her upper chest.

The collar of this shirt extended half-way up her neck and was folded neatly outward and buttoned up at the innermost portion. It was certainly professional in appearance, clearly designed for those who had the money to afford it. The material was nothing to scoff at and neither was the design. Though it appeared plain, the over all appearance of the shirt was something one did not find often in the shinobi world. Her breasts protruded subtly from the upper-portion of the shirt, being relatively large in size but not too large. They were well-rounded and she wore a light-duty bra that did its jobs while not restricting her too much movement-wise. It wrapped around underneath her arms but had no actual straps. However, the way it was designed prevented it from sliding down or coming off too easily. It was almost like a miniature tube-top that she wore underneath her clothing. This bra was black in color and curved to cling snugly against her upper body, looping around her like a snake would and snapping on the back. It concealed her breasts relatively well, though they were still clearly visible, the bra held them firmly in place and kept them from being too much of a hindrance. It was not too tight but not necessarily too loose. It was perfect as far as Yuki was concerned.

On the outside of this white, buttoned up shirt was her brown over-coat which extended halfway down her upper body, but not all the way to her waist. This was so that it did not inhibit her movement. After all, the shorter a jacket was the less it would impede a kunoichi's movement. It was, in fact, so short that it did not even reach her belly button. Though this was simply off by a few inches, it was still helpful to her agility and swiftness. It was not as if she would wear it training but still. It had been somewhat cold on the way to the training grounds and it helped her stay warm, regardless of how short it was. Even though the forested areas of the Fire Country, particularly in the northern area, was normally extremely hot, she was always one to get cold quite easily. It could have been one hundred degrees out and she would still feel a little breezy and cold. The coat had long sleeves with furrowed cuffs at the end of each arm.

Yuki brandished her head-band on her right shoulder, tied prominently around her arm on the outside of jacket. It bore the symbol of the noble Hyuuga Clan, as most headbands of the clan did, and was made from a meager silver material that shone brilliantly but was not all too durable. The material it was embedded in was a brown cloth-like material that wrapped around her arm, a bit darker tinted than her coat. On the front of her coat, on the left side, was the Hyuuga clan's clan emblem which was embedded and laced in a flimsy silver-type material, making it durable, professional looking, and prominent. Underneath her jacket were two straps that extended around either one of her shoulders, in place in order to hold her entire appearance together when undergoing transformations. After all, her clothing was over-all designed to expand and change in size when she transformed into something awkwardly shaped or larger than her initial size. With that said, the straps did the same and also acted to hold her lower garments to her upper garments while transforming, i.e. her pants to her shirt.

Above her coat she often wore a small, short green cloak-like garment that buttoned up to the right of her neck. It was a sign of her lineage, as it was often what members of her lineage wore to designate who was of pure blood and who was not. Those with green capes were often those who were of the purest blood while those with blue capes had a grandparent or two who were not of the pure blooded lineage that Yuki was, while those with a red cape had a parent who was not of the proper lineage. With that said, Yuki's was pure green due to her purity and bloodline. Both of her parents as well as all of her grandparents were pure-blooded Hyuuga clan members meaning that she was considered of the utmost purity with regards to her clan blood. It was no wonder that she possessed the clan's kekkei genkai. However, due to her specific lineage she was far from appearing like your typical Hyuuga clan member. Even more so, most of the clan did not abide by such traditions that this specific lineage did.

Yuki was approximately five feet and four inches in height, her slim and slender body swaying gently as she made her way into a clearing in the northern forests of the Fire Country. Although she was ordinarily as happy and joyous as could be, today she was quite depressed. She was uncertain of what to do with her life. Her past felt as if it was closing in on her. The many deaths and memories that comprised her history was slowly consuming her. It was only a matter of time before she lost her mind, after all. She would not allow such a thing to happen. She was far from willing to lose her mind. That was actually why she had come to this forest at this time. It was night and the darkening sky loomed over her like the shadows of her past closing in on her. She was no longer willing to live. No longer willing to put up this facade of being happy. She was far from happy, in truth. She was slowly degrading mentally and it was only a matter of time before she went completely insane. Yuki walked to the center of the clearing, stopping dead center with the trees all around her in almost a perfect circular formation. She drew a kunai from her pouch and raised it to her own throat, closing her eyes as she slowly slid it across her throat, blood pouring down her neck and spurting from her throat. She fell to the ground, dropping the kunai as her body went limp, slowly losing consciousness. "Good bye... Everyone..." she whispered.

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PostSubject: Re: Skeletons in the Closet [Suicide]   Fri Aug 22, 2014 12:14 pm

Angel strode into the clearing early in the morning as was her custom and found her only friend lying on the ground in a pool of blood. Tears rolled down her face as she picked her friend up and walked slowly back to the village

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Angel's update

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Skeletons in the Closet [Suicide]
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